Buffalo Wild Wings Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Buffalo Wild Wings' Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Sometimes it’s difficult to cater for friends and family that have Gluten sensitivity or other food allergies. I should know since I’ve hosted many events for my 93 year old grandma who has a Celiac Disease, so we have to be very careful of ingredients and even more so of cross-contamination.

There are other NCGS issues that others face when it comes to eating, so you can never be too cautious.

Buffalo Wild Wings’ gluten free menu is packed with flavor. There’s a total of 20 gluten free sauces you can choose from, so the sky’s the limit for flavor combinations.

I like to mix sauces like mild with parmesan garlic to mix it up a bit, like a flavor ninja. You’re welcome.

Below is BWW’s GF menu:

Prices and availability may vary by location.


Traditional Chicken Wings

5, 10, 15, 20 $8.29, $10.49, $14.99, $18.99


Naked Tenders with or without Grill Seasoning 4, 6$8.29, $9.49

Wing Sauces

Sweet BBQComplimentary with wing order
Mild TeriyakiComplimentary with wing order
MildComplimentary with wing order
Parmesan GarlicComplimentary with wing order
MediumComplimentary with wing order
Honey BBQComplimentary with wing order
Honey MustardComplimentary with wing order
Spicy GarlicComplimentary with wing order
Caribbean JerkComplimentary with wing order
HotComplimentary with wing order
Mango HabaneroComplimentary with wing order
WildComplimentary with wing order
BlazinComplimentary with wing order
CajunComplimentary with wing order
Desert HeatComplimentary with wing order
BuffaloComplimentary with wing order
Salt and VinegarComplimentary with wing order
ChipotleComplimentary with wing order
Lemon PepperComplimentary with wing order
Jammin JalapenoComplimentary with wing order


Ultimate Nachos$7.79
Ultimate Nachos with Chicken$8.99
Chips and Salsa$3.99
Chili Con Queso with Corn Tortilla Chips$6.99


French Fries$3.99
Buffalo Chips$0.50
Veggie Boat with Fat Free Ranch$0.50

Sandwiches without the Bun

Pulled Pork$8.79
Grilled Chicken Breast$9.29
Burger Patty$8.99


Honey BBQ Chicken Salad with Cheese$9.49

Dressings and Sauces

Bleu Cheese DressingComplimentary with order
Ranch DressingComplimentary with order
SW Ranch DressingComplimentary with order
BBQ Ranch DressingComplimentary with order
Fat Free RanchComplimentary with order
Light BalsamicComplimentary with order
Light FrenchComplimentary with order
Marinara SauceComplimentary with order
Queso Cheese SauceComplimentary with order
ChiliComplimentary with order
Salsa RedComplimentary with order
Pico De GalloComplimentary with order
Light Caesar DressingComplimentary with order
Tartar SauceComplimentary with order
Spicy Brown MustardComplimentary with order
Cocktail SauceComplimentary with order


Ice Cream with chocolate or caramel sauce$1.99

Kid's Meal

Kid's Naked Tenders with Grilled Seasoning$4.79
Kid's Traditional Wings$4.59
French FriesComplimentary with meal

Popular Gluten Free Items at Buffalo Wild Wings

With Buffalo Wild Wing’s Gluten Free menu, you will not go home hungry – believe you me.

You can load down with fries and wings just like everyone else in the building, so don’t feel left out – BWW cares about you, gluten-intolerant person.

Some of the favorite gluten free menu items are traditional wings, chips and queso, and salads, but really, “wings” is in the title.

Traditional Wings, starts at $8.29

Choose your sauce and you’re good to go. Or if you’re extra picky, specify flappers or drumettes, and state extra crispy, because there’s just not other way to order wings.

Naked Tenders, starts at $8.29

Just like the wings, but in tender form. These are non-breaded chicken tenders smothered in BWW’s delicious sauce of your choice.

Ultimate Nachos, $7.79

This baby is loaded down with all the goodies. It comes with chili, pico de gallo, shredded lettuce, jalapenos, queso and salsa.

I’m sure they’ll add extras for you for a nominal fee.

Enjoy Buffalo Wild Wings’ Gluten Free Offerings

Ah, BWW – you have a special place in my heart. I watched my Tigers win their National Championship here when I was in college.

I heart you, BWW.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a great place to go watch sports and eat wings, wings, WANGS!.