Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza Gluten-Free Menu is a pretty standard offering from pizzerias, including their whole selection of pizza menu items on a gluten-free crust. This means that when you dine at Anthony’s you’re going to have a whole lot of choices appropriate for your gluten-free dining needs. Even better the options aren’t limited to just their pizzas; they also offer a variety of other options to ensure that you’re able to indulge in a full meal that will leave you contented.

Their full gluten-free menu can be found below:



Gluten Free Pizza$8.95


Pizza Sauce$1.00
Canadian Bacon$1.00
Extra Cheese$1.00
Feta Cheese$1.00
Artichoke Hearts$1.00
Green Olives$1.00
Kalamata Olives$1.00
Red Onions$1.00
Green Peppers$1.00
Green Chilis$1.00

Pasta Sides

Grilled Chicken$2.95


Italian Salad$3.95
Italian Salad$5.95
Farmer Salad$3.95
Farmer Salad$6.95
Greek Salad$3.95
Greek Salad$5.95
Caprese Salad$3.95
Caprese Salad$5.95
Italian Dressing$0.65
Ranch Dressing$0.65
Blue Cheese Dressing$0.65
Low-Fat Italian$0.65
Caesar Dressing$0.65


Buffalo Wings6 pc$4.95
Buffalo Wings12 pc$8.95
Wings w/ Spicy Sauce1 pc$0.95
Wings w/ Chipotle Sauce1 pc$1.05


Ranch Dressing$0.65
Blue Cheese Dressing$0.65

Popular Gluten Free Items at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

When you’re eating Anthony’s, you’re enjoying some of the finest pizzas on the market today, as well as some of the most distinctive. There aren’t a whole lot of locations that use a coal-fired oven in the world, and they’re even rarer than your traditional wood-fired ovens, so there’s a special treat to the unique flavor coal-firing brings to the meal. You can order up one of their classic pizza offerings or choose to try a Broccoli Rabe and Sausage entree to fill yourself up, or their coal oven roasted chicken wings.

Check out their most popular items below:

Coal Oven Roasted Chicken Wings

This is one of the classic items that come out of their coal-fired oven and keeps customers coming back for more. While you have to ask them not to bring out the focaccia bread that typically comes with this dish, you can revel in the flavors of the roasted chicken wings and the caramelized onions they come served with. You won’t regret enjoying this unique flavor.

Prices start at $9.95 run to 17.95

Roasted Cauliflower Pizza

When you order up one of these iconic pizzas, you’re getting a special combination, a vegetarian pizza that combined with the gluten-free crust to create a meal that leaves with you a full stomach and a clear conscience. The perfectly seasoned and baked crust is topped with their red sauce, a blend of Romano and Mozzarella cheese. Do ask for it without the bread crumbs, however.

Prices start at $16.95 and run to $19.95

Paul and Young Ron Pie

The Paul and Young Ron Pie may have an unusual name, but it’s one of the favorites of the two people with whom it shares a name. Delicious sausage mixed with hot peppers, meatballs, and a layer of Ricotta cheese creates the perfect pizza experience. Mention you want the gluten-free crust when you order to make it a refreshing meal.

Prices range from $16.95 to $19.95

White Pizza

We included this one as it’s one of the more unusual pizzas that we’ve heard of, at least in theme. Everything on the pizza is white in color, outside of the red sauce. Three kinds of cheese are used to make it, Romano, Ricotta, and Mozzarella cheese come together to create the perfect flavor blend and thickness of texture.

Your white pizza will run $16.95 to $19.95

Enjoy Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza’s Gluten Free Offering

When you stop in at Anthony’s, you’re going to be enjoying the taste of decades of tradition served up on the rarest of all pizza ovens, the coal-fired oven. Years of experience come together with a series of family secrets to create a unique pizza experience that will leave you completely sated and raving about the great points of your dining experience. Don’t let another day go by without tasting this one of a kind pizza preparation method.