Ben & Jerry's Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Ben & Jerry's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Welcome one and all to Ben and Jerry’s gluten-free menu. There are many different ways to enjoy their gluten-free menu, even for those of us who must have ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s have an assortment of options for you, but what if it’s not just ice cream that you are looking for? There are selections for everyone in their range of yogurt, sorbet, and even sugar-free options. For a sweet treat that will liven up your taste buds, see what will suit your fancy from Ben and Jerry’s full gluten-free menu.

Their complete gluten-free menu can be found below:


Ice Cream

Butter Pecan$5.19
Cherry Garcia$5.19
Chocolate Fair Trade-Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl$5.99
Chocolate Macadamia$6.49
Chunky Monkey$6.49
Coconut Almond Fudge Chip$6.49
Coffee Fair Trade$5.19
Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz$5.99
Crme Brulee$5.19
Mint Chocolate Chunk$5.99
New York Super Fudge Chunk$6.49
Orange and Cream$5.19
Phish Food$6.49
Triple Caramel Chunk$5.99
Vanilla Fair Trade$5.19
Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch$6.49


Black Raspberry Swirl LF Yogurt$6.49
Vanilla LF Yogurt$6.49


Berry Berry Extraordinary$6.19
Jamaican Me Crazy$6.19
Mango Mango$6.19
Strawberry Kiwi$6.19

No Sugar Added

NSA Vanilla Fudge Chip$6.49

Popular Gluten Free Items at Ben & Jerry’s

Being Gluten free is not easy and can be very limiting when you are going out to eat or buying for the family. Having to choose between tasting great and keeping your budget down is tough as it is, but Ben and Jerry’s gives us the ability to choose delicious food without hitting your wallet too hard. As many people nowadays are both Health conscious and thrifty, it’s no surprise they take a look at the selections from Ben and Jerry’s.

These are but a few items from their popular gluten-free menu to choose from:

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Butter Pecan; this all-time American favorite is just the thing you are looking for on that hot summer evening. The buttery flavor melts in your mouth and the crunch of pecan adds the right amount of nuttiness.You can find this available at not only your local ice cream shop but also your local grocery store.

Get a pint for $5.49, a quart for $9.49

Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

This delectable monkey is packed full of bite-sized squares of chocolate. Then we have the creamy banana flavor that hits us right in the face, which is perfect if you love bananas and chocolate. Add walnuts on top of that wonderful concoction, and you’re asking for a melt in your mouth crunch that has you going bonkers over it.

You can grab a pint for $5.49 or better yet a Quart for $9.49

Black Raspberry Swirl LowFat Yogurt

What a delicious combination of berries and cream. The zesty tang of the berry as it swirls its way across your palette, combines with the sugary goodness of cream that brings your taste buds to life as it glides down your gullet. There’s even a low-fat option for those of us who are watching our figures yet have the choice of an epic treat.

Grab a pint for $5.49 or a Quart for $9.49

No Sugar Added Vanilla Fudge Chip

So, you love fudge and Vanilla? Why not have both? The surprise of little cubes of fudge tightly packed into a bed of vanilla is an ice cream lovers delight. Then top it all off there’s no sugar, yet a great flavor in every bite. It’s not what you would expect from a product intended for not only for those who are gluten-free but diabetics.

Grab a pint at $5.49 or a quart for $9.49

Enjoy Ben & Jerry’s Gluten Free Offering

Ben and Jerry’s provides an easy selection for those of us who have to spend time carefully looking over their choices due to our limited ability to eat certain foods. With B&J we don’t have to decide between great tasting food that can hurt us or none at all.They make it easy with a wide selection of frozen yogurt, ice cream, and sorbets to fill our needs with their gluten-free menu. Take a gander at what they have in store for you.