California Pizza Kitchen Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find California Pizza Kitchen Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

If you love California Pizza Kitchen, the California Pizza Kitchen gluten free menu might come in handy if you’re gluten intolerant. This popular restaurant chain has locations around the nation — they’re one of the most recognizable pizza chains in the country.

California pizza kitchen has hundreds of locations in over 30 states throughout the nation. They’re well-known for providing tasty and affordable pizza options for their customers.

As national trends suggest, more people are turning away from gluten-packed food — as many believe their digestive health is at risk due to high gluten content. Fortunately, California Pizza Kitchen has noticed this trend and offers a number of menu items for those who are looking to avoid gluten.

If you’ve had trouble finding their gluten free menu in the past, we have the whole thing right here for you to look at!



The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza$15.99
The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza with Nueskes Applewood Smoked Bacon$17.74
The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza with Fresh Pineapple$16.49
Pepperoni Pizza$15.69
Pepperoni Pizza with White Truffle Oil$17.19
Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage$16.29

Popular Gluten Free Items at California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen has a very extensive menu, and many areas of their offerings have gluten free options for those who prefer them. Their menu items are perfect for both lunch and dinner.

While their name focuses on pizza, California Pizza Kitchen also offers a variety of different starters, sides, entrees, and salads for those who prefer something a bit different. There’s something for everybody at California Pizza Kitchen.

Below we will take an in-depth look at their most popular gluten free menu items, so you can have a better idea of what to order!

Charred Shishito Peppers

If you’re looking for something small to start your meal, the Charred Shishito Peppers is a great option for those who want something gluten free and packed with flavor. This dish comes with Asian Shishito peppers sautéed in Tamari soy, red chili, and garlic.

It’s also vegetarian if you’re looking to avoid meat! This menu item costs just $7.49.

Waldorf Chicken Salad

If you’re looking for a gluten free menu item that is both tasty and filling, the Waldorf Chicken Salad is always a good option. It comes loaded with chicken, green apples, candied walnuts, grapes, celery, greens, and Gorgonzola.

All of this is smothered in a house Dijon balsamic vinaigrette. A full Waldorf Chicken Salad will cost you $16.29, a half is just $12.29.

Cedar Plank Salmon

Looking for an entree that has plenty of flavor without any included gluten? The Cedar Plank Salmon is a great way to get exactly what you’re looking for — it comes with North Atlantic salmon, paprika and lime, all roasted on a cedar plank.

This meal is also served with white corn, spinach succotash and feta. A Cedar Plank Salmon entree costs $20.99.

Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza

It’s hard not to go to California Pizza Kitchen without ordering a pizza, but most pizzas around the world have too much gluten in them for someone who is gluten intolerant. Fortunately, California Pizza Kitchen has a range of different gluten free pizzas for you to choose from.

The Gluten Free Pepperoni is a fan favorite and will cost you just $16.49.

Enjoy California Pizza Kitchen’s Gluten Free Offering

In the past, gluten free menu items were extremely hard to find. Fortunately, times are changing and you now have a variety of different options to choose from if you do decide to go gluten free.

California Pizza Kitchen is more committed than ever to helping you get the gluten free menu items you’re looking for. The chain has 200 locations and has been a fan favorite with customers around the nation for over 30 years!

If you’re looking to order food from an establishment that has a longstanding track record for success, you couldn’t find a better option in the United States. Make sure to check back constantly, they may have more gluten free menu items in the future.

At present, California Pizza Kitchen is held privately by Golden Gate Capital — the company still has its primary headquarters in California.