California Tortilla Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find California Tortilla's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

The California Tortilla gluten free menu has become a crowd favorite amongst those with a gluten intolerance. It’s rare that you’re able to find a gluten free Mexican menu, but California Tortilla has done a great job to do just that.

This popular Mexican chain has an extremely diverse menu — you can find almost any type of Mexican food on their offerings. They have developed a large and loyal customer base in the regions that they’re present.

The best thing about California Tortilla is simply the amount of options they have for those who are gluten free. They have an entire gluten free menu that you can choose from if you know that you’re gluten intolerant.

It’s rare that a Mexican restaurant has a gluten free menu that you can browse separately from their main menu. If you’ve been looking for it, don’t stress — we have it here!



Southwestern SaladSmall$4.59
Southwestern SaladLarge$8.39


Crunchy BBQ Ranch BurritoSmall$6.59
Crunchy BBQ Ranch BurritoLarge$7.39
Bacon Chicken Club BurritoSmall$6.59
Bacon Chicken Club BurritoLarge$7.39
Carnitas Verde BurritoSmall$6.59
Carnitas Verde BurritoLarge$7.39
Blackened Chicken Caesar BurritoSmall$6.59
Blackened Chicken Caesar BurritoLarge$7.39
No-Meato BurritoSmall$6.59
No-Meato BurritoLarge$7.39
Honey Lime BurritoSmall$6.59
Honey Lime BurritoLarge$7.39
Fajita BurritoSmall$7.19
Fajita BurritoLarge$7.99
California Screaming BurritoSmall$6.59
California Screaming BurritoLarge$7.39

Popular Gluten Free Items at California Tortilla

At California Tortilla, you never have to worry about restricting yourself because you’re gluten intolerant. They have a wide range of different menu options available for both lunch and dinner — you’ll find burritos, salads, and more.

As with any gluten free meal, it’s important to tell your server that you’re gluten intolerant before you decide to purchase anything — this way they can ensure your meal is prepared correctly.

California Tortilla has tons of great gluten free options, so it’s important to make sure you’re aware of what the best choices are.

The fan favorites are listed below!

Southwestern Salad

If you’re looking for a great salad to eat at California Tortilla, the Southwestern Salad is the best option for you. It’s gluten free and it comes with grilled chicken, crisp greens, Jack cheese, tomatoes, corn, guacamole, tortilla strips, and cilantro.

Make sure to tell them you want it gluten free. This menu item costs $8.79.

Crunchy BBQ Ranch Burrito

If you’ve missed having burritos because of your gluten intolerance, the Crunchy BBQ Burrito is a great thing to oder on the California Tortilla menu. It comes with grilled mesquite chicken, BBQ sauce, and black beans — all mixed with ranch dressing, tortilla strips, salsa and romaine.

Make sure to request it to be gluten free. This comes priced at just $7.79.

Blackened Chicken Caesar Burrito

If you want something even more tasty, the Blackened Chicken Caesar Burrito is another awesome option. It comes with blackened chicken, black beans, rice, Jack cheese, romaine lettuce, salsa, and Caesar dressing.

Make sure to request that it is gluten free when they prepare it. The price of this menu item comes to $7.79.

No-Meato Burrito

If you want a burrito, but you’re trying to avoid meat, the No-Meato Burrito is another great gluten free option. It comes with sautéed veggies, black beans, rice, guacamole, spicy sauce, salsa, and spinach.

It’s the perfect vegetarian option. Make sure to request it gluten free when you order it.

The cost of this menu item is $7.79.

Enjoy California Tortilla’s Gluten Free Offering

It’s rare that you find a restaurant this committed to help you find gluten free options — especially if it involved Mexican food. This genre of food is well known for containing large amounts of gluten, which can make it hard to find something suitable to eat.

Fortunately, there are a few Mexican restaurants that are committed to helping individuals obtain tasty gluten free food. As preferences change, the modern American restaurant owner has decided to provide more and more gluten free options.

California Tortilla has over 50 different locations spread throughout the United States. The brand first opened its doors over 20 years — they’re known for having extremely large internal spaces at all of their restaurants.

The company remains privately owned by its parent company, California Tortilla Group. Over the past 15 years the company has begun to offer franchise licenses to those who are interested.