Costa Vida Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Costa Vida Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

As a Tex-Mex restaurant, Costa Vida’s gluten-free menu is sparse, however, there should be a few side items or entrees you can alter to piece together a meal. It can be hard to find options for food if you have Celiac disease or another non-Celiac gluten sensitivity but if you find yourself at Costa Vida there are a few things you can do.

They have been serving up all the Tex-Mex favorites for years but most of them are filled with gluten and will not fare well as an option for you.

When you visit, make sure you talk to a manager and see if they can help you figure out some items that meet your needs. Read below to find some options that might fit into your dietary restrictions.


Hot Products

Red Enchilada Sauce$1.99
Roasted Green Chile Sauce$1.99
Tomatillo Sauce$1.99
Black Beans$1.39
Pinto Beans$1.39
Refried Beans$1.39
Chile Verde$1.39
Sweet Pork$4.59

Cold Products

Ranch Dressing$0.99
Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette$3.49
Salsa Fresca$2.99
Mango Salsa$2.99
Honey Habanero$2.19
Chipotle Cream Sauce$0.50





Popular Gluten Free Items at Costa Vida

As long as you stay away from flour tortillas, you will be able to find a few items that suit your gluten-free needs. Their chips are made with corn tortillas and are therefore perfect for you to eat! You can have great items like fajitas and enchiladas or even nachos.

Make sure that you still speak with a manager when you order so that they can help reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Many waiters or line-cooks will not understand your needs and dietary restrictions.

Grilled Chicken Fajita Tacos

Stuffed into a corn tortilla, these tacos come with sliced fajita vegetables, like peppers and onions, grilled chicken, and other toppings like avocado or sour cream. As long as they don’t come into contact with gluten while they’re being prepared, they are perfectly safe for you to eat.

You can have this great, gluten-free option with 1 taco for $5.79 or 2 tacos for $7.79.


You can go wrong with this Mexican dessert. It is essentially custard and caramel. You won’t have to sit and watch as your friends devour another cake or cookie. You can now join in on the fun.

The flan is gluten-free, but mention your situation so that they avoid cross contamination. Get a slice of flan for only $3.99.

Grilled Steak Enchiladas

This is your classic Tex-Mex dish, stuffed full of grilled steak. They’re cheesy, delicious and made with flour tortillas so that they do not have gluten. Speak with a manager beforehand as they might come into contact with other gluten containing food.

You can get a platter of grilled steak enchiladas for only $9.49.

Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Nachos

These nachos are piled high with cheese and Costa Vida’s special raspberry chipotle chicken. The chips are made from corn tortillas, so there are no worries there. You can finally share nachos with your friends!

Get an order big enough to share for only $9.49.

Enjoy Costa Vida’s Gluten Free Offering

Although there is still the possibility of cross-contamination, Costa Vida is dedicated to providing gluten-free options. Their blog lists special allergen options that are great for customers with dietary restrictions.

Costa Vida goes above and beyond to take care of your needs and a manager will ensure that all of your food is properly prepared. Stop worrying about dinner and let Costa Vida prepare some great, gluten-free options!