Freddy's Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Freddy's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Freddy’s gluten-free menu is not really catered towards people with Celiac disease or another gluten sensitivity. However, it is good enough to allow you to piece together a sufficient and satisfying meal.

There are a few options that are gluten-free but otherwise, items must be altered in order to ensure there is no gluten. This also leads to a higher risk of cross-contamination.

Therefore, Freddy’s is not a great place for those with gluten sensitivities. If you find yourself there because of friends or family, then you can use the menu below to figure out what items you can alter and piece together.

Get creative with the items below!



Steakburger w/o Bun$8.39
California Style Steakburger w/o Bun$8.39
Patty Melt w/o Cheese or Rye$7.89
Patty Melt w/o Sauteed Onions or Rye$7.89

Other Sandwiches

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich w/o Bun$7.29
Hot Dog w/o Bun$5.29


Baked Lays Original$2.59
Chili Bowl$3.99
Chili Bowl w/o Cheese$2.99


Freddys Seasoning$0.99
Freddys Sauce$0.99
Fry Sauce$0.99
BBQ Sauce$0.99
Ranch Dressing$0.99
Honey Mustard Dressing$0.99
Sauteed Onions$0.99
American Cheese$0.99
Swiss Cheese$0.99
Cheese Sauce$0.99
Shredded Cheese$0.99


Banana Syrup$0.80
Butterscotch Syrup$0.80
Caramel Fudge$0.80
Cherry Topping$0.80
Chocolate Chips$0.80
Chocolate Fudge$0.80
Chocolate Syrup$0.80
Coffee Flavoring$0.80
Gummi Worms$0.80
Macadamia Nuts$0.80
Mint Flavoring$0.80
Peanut Butter$0.80
Pineapple Topping$0.80
Rainbow Sprinkles$0.80
Reeses PB Cup$0.80
Reeses Pieces$0.80
Strawberry Topping$0.80
Icing (for custard cakes)$0.80
Whipped Cream$0.80
Whipped Topping$0.80

Custard Treats

Vanilla Cup$4.59
Chocolate Cup$4.59
Vanilla Shake$4.59
Chocolate Shake$4.59


Hot Fudge Sundae$3.89
Turtle Sundae$3.89
PBC&B Sundae$3.89


Turtle Concrete$4.59
PBC&B Concrete$4.59


Diet Pepsi$1.99
Dr. Pepper$1.99
Diet Dr. Pepper$1.99
Mug Root Beer$1.99
Mountain Dew$1.99
Diet Mountain Dew$1.99
Tropicana Pink Lemonade$2.19
Mist Twist$2.19
Tropicana Lemonade$2.19
Mt. Dew CODE RED$1.99
Tropicana Fruit Punch$1.99
Pepsi Wild Cherry$1.99
Splenda Sugar Free Sweet Tea$1.99
Luzianne Iced Tea Unsweet$1.99
Luzianne Iced Tea Sweetened with Sugar$1.99
Lipton Brisk Raspberry$1.99
Lipton Brisk Peach$1.99
Tropicana Light Lemonade$2.19
Tropicana Orange Twister$2.19
Sobe Lifewater Yumberry Pomegranate$2.19

Popular Gluten Free Items at Freddy’s

Especially if you’re planning on altering some items, it is important that you talk to a manager and request an allergen menu. That way you can be sure what ingredients go into each item and allow a manager to guide you through the process of finding something you can eat.

They have a few burgers and sandwiches that can have buns removed, custard, soups, and side items. These are all gluten-free in theory and should be talked about with a manager to ensure there is no cross-contamination.

Check out the list of items below to start thinking of ways that you can make a meal.

California Style Steakburger without Bun

This is one of Freddy’s favorite classics. Therefore, it is always a temptation when you head to one of their locations. The only thing that adds gluten is the bun so it can very easily be left off.

You could use lettuce for a bun or just eat the patty with your favorite toppings. Get it for $3.39.

Chili Bowl

Whether you want it with cheese and other fixings or just plain, this item is gluten-free. It is perfect for filling you up as a hearty meal.

The chili is made fresh each day and you can get a nicely sized bowl for $3.99.


Another favorite at Freddy’s, many people can’t visit without getting some custard. It is a must! Both the chocolate and vanilla flavored custards are gluten-free but be sure that you mention your sensitivity to a manager so you don’t get any gluten containing toppings.

You must also make sure that you get your custard in a bowl, as the cones have gluten in them. Get some today for only $2.69.

Baked Lays

A perfect side to round out your meal, these baked potato chips are gluten-free and satisfy your need for a salty snack. They are a cheap option to add to your pieced-together meal.

Get a bag today for about $2.

Enjoy Freddy’s Gluten Free Offering

Freddy’s has a long way to come in catering to the needs of those with Celiac disease or other non-Celiac gluten sensitivities. If you have an intolerance to gluten, you should probably avoid Freddy’s when you can.

If you end up there, the items below are a good emergency fall-back and will allow you to at least get some food in you while you are there with family or friends!