Friendly's Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Friendly's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

With Friendly’s gluten-free menu, you’re sure to get some items that will piece together a meal. While they don’t necessarily cater to those with Celiac disease or a non-Celiac gluten sensitivity, there are sufficient options for those with intolerance to piece together a meal.

Friendly’s has been serving up classic American fare since 1935 and has grown into a great place to bring family and friends. This can be difficult, though, if you need to have gluten-free options.

As you check out the menu below, think of ways that you can get creative with the menu and piece together a satisfying meal for yourself. Always talk to a manager about your sensitivity and ask for an allergen information sheet.


Breakfast Meat

Fried Egg$2.00
Scrambled Egg$1.99
Canadian Style Bacon$7.99
Hickory Smoked Ham$8.99


Grilled Breakfast Potatoes$3.99
Fruit Bowl$2.45

Breakfast Meals

Arm Fresh Eggs With Grilled Home Fries$5.49
Ham And Cheese Omelet With Grilled Breakfast Potatoes$6.99
Garden Vegetable Omelet With Grilled Breakfast Potatoes$5.49
Omelet Eggs With Grilled Breakfast Potatoes$4.09
Chorizo And Cheese With Grilled Breakfast Potatoes$4.99
Meat Lovers Scramble With Grilled Breakfast Potatoes$5.99


Buffalo Chicken Wings$4.99


Grilled Chicken Salad$9.99
Turkey Tip Avocado Salad$7.99
Apple Harvest Salad$6.99

Salad Dressings

Honey Mustard$1.20
Bleu Cheese$1.30
Thousand Island$1.20
Life Balsamic$1.30
Fat Free Italian Dressing$1.20

Create Your Own Burger



Fried Egg$1.09
Tortilla Strips$1.08
Fresh Sautéed Mushrooms$1.06
Green Peppers$1.00
Grilled Onions$1.10
Fresh Pastrami$1.30
Fresh Corned Beef$1.40
Sliced Turkey$1.30


Teriyaki Turkey Tips$9.49


Garden Vegetables$2.49
Roasted Red Skins And Vegetables$2.09
Spanish Rice$3.49
Mashed Potatoes$3.99
Apple Slices$1.09
Apple Sauce$0.99
Mandarin Oranges$1.00
Carrot And Celery Sticks With Ranch Dressing$1.29

Ice Cream Flavors

Chocolate Almond Chip$2.99
Mint Chocolate$2.99
Chocolate Chip$2.49
Vienna Mocha Chunk$2.49
Nuts Over Caramel$2.59
Maple Walnut$2.59
Butter Pecan$2.59
Forbidden Chocolate$2.99
Peanut Butter Cup$2.99
Cotton Candy$2.49
Orange Sherbert$2.19
Watermelon Sherbert$2.09
Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt$2.09
Non Fat Red Raspberry Swirl$2.09

Ice Cream Toppings

Hot Fudge$1.29
Peanut Butter$1.99
Swiss Chocolate$1.29
Whipped Topping$1.09
Chocolate Syrup$1.29
Roasted Almond Slices$1.39
Chocolate Chips$1.29
Reeses Pieces$1.29
Peanut Butter Cup$1.99
Crushed Heath$1.29
Gummy Bears$1.39
Chocolate Sprinkles$1.09
Rainbow Sprinkles$1.09

Desserts and Treats

Reeses Peanut Butter Cup$3.99
Reeses Pieces$3.45
Jim Dandy With Pineapple Topping$3.09
Jim Dandy With Strawberry Topping$3.09
Royal Banana Split$4.09
Fribble Shake$4.49
Watermelon Slammer$4.49
Orange Slammer$4.09
Root Beer Float$3.99
Ice Cream Soda$3.49

Popular Gluten Free Items at Friendly’s

While Friendly’s most popular option is burgers, there are still some great options for those ordering off of the gluten-free menu. From Loaded Fries to salad and breakfast items, there are great options that can be brought together to create the perfect meal.

Many items can be altered if you’re creative and Friendly’s friendly managers will be right there along the way to guide you. They will also ensure that your food is not cross-contaminated with other food being prepared.

Bacon Cheeseburger Loaded Waffle Fries

This filling dish encompasses the spirit of Friendly’s. You get their hearty burger and fixings while essentially replacing the bun with waffle fries!

It will fill you up and satisfy any cravings you have for some salty, savory food. They are perfect as an appetizer to share and can be purchased for around $5.

Apple Harvest Salad

A great option for those looking to eat on the healthy side, this salad includes a mix of greens paired with chicken and, you guessed it, apples. It is a sweet, refreshing salad that will fill you up and satisfy your cravings.

It is gluten-free but you should consult with a manager to ensure proper preparation. It will cost you $8.99.

Vanilla Hot Fudge Sundae

Everyone needs a sweet treat every once in a while. This sundae is gluten-free and will keep you from being jealous over other people’s cakes or cones.

Their ice cream is freshly made and served sweet and creamy. Add some hot fudge and you’ve got something truly marvelous. Only costs $5.99.

Garden Vegetable Omelette

If you’re looking for a new place to stop in for breakfast, look no further than Friendly’s. They have multiple gluten-free items for breakfast including other omelettes just like this one. The Garden Vegetable Omelette is filled with great veggies!

Make sure you talk to a manager to avoid cross-contamination and order it today for only $7.59.

Enjoy Friendly’s Gluten Free Offering

Friendly’s is your classic American diner that has been serving up good food for a long time. However, they still have a lot to learn about gluten sensitivities and how to accommodate certain dietary restrictions.

What they do have is good, though, and you can easily find something that will fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied. Be creative with their menu and find what works for you.

You now have another great place to suggest when friends or family want to go out to eat!