Logan's Roadhouse Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Logan's Roadhouse's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

If you’re in the market for some gluten free American favorites, the Logan’s Roadhouse gluten free menu is the perfect option. Logan’s Roadhouse has been serving locals with great All-American classics for the past 27 years!

If you know you love food with a typical American flare, the Logan’s Roadhouse menu is a great choice. The reason the brand has become so successful is their dedication to delicious food and large portions.

Even better, Logan’s Roadhouse has an extensive gluten free menu that includes many of their signature dishes. They’re committed to ensuring you are able to enjoy their food, even if you’re unable to consumer gluten or wheat.

Make sure to tell your server about your gluten intolerance, this way they can minimize the risk of cross contamination during the preparation process.

If you’re thinking you want something from their gluten-free menu, we’ve got the whole thing right here!



Side Salad$3.99

Dressing Choices

1000 Island Dressing$1.09
Balsamic Vinaigrette$1.09
Blue Cheese Dressing$1.19
Honey Mustard Dressing$1.19
Ranch Dressing$1.29

Salad Options

Anything & Everything Salad$11.49

Entrée Options

Rib Eye Steak12 Oz.$18.49
Rib Eye Steak16 Oz.$20.99
Filet Mignon6 Oz.$18.99
Filet Mignon9 Oz.$22.49
Sirloin6 Oz.$10.99
Sirloin8 Oz.$12.99
Sirloin11 Oz.$15.49
New York Strip Steak$14.99
Grilled Chicken Breast (No Rice)$11.99
Grilled Salmon (No Rice)$14.99
Mesquite Wood-Grilled Pork Chop$12.99
Baby Back RibsHalf Rack$14.49
Baby Back RibsFull Rack$19.49

Side Options

Baked Potato$2.49
Baked Sweet Potato$2.99
Steamed Broccoli$2.99
Grilled Mushroom Skewer$2.99
Grilled Vegetable Skewer$2.99
Fresh Asparagus$2.99

Popular Gluten Free Items at Logan’s Roadhouse

Don’t restrict yourself by eating at a restaurant without a dedicated gluten free offering, Logan’s Roadhouse has plenty of choices for you to choose from. Salads, steaks, fish, chicken, soups, and plenty of other tasty choices all feature on their menu.

Below we’ll take a deeper look at some of the more popular menu items on their gluten free menu. It can be hard to choose a single meal when you have so many enjoyable options right at your finger tips!


Side Salad

A side salad is an affordable way to start a meal — it’s the perfect way to add a healthy option to your lunch or dinner next time you dine at Logan’s Roadhouse. The salad comes loaded with all greens and vegetables you could want.

As one of the most affordable items on the menu, it comes priced at just $00.99 when you order an entree.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

If you’re looking to get lunch or dinner started right, soup is often one of your best options — Logan’s Roadhouse is well-known for having some of the best soups in the game. Their Chicken Tortilla soup is one of their gluten free options.

It comes traditionally made and packed with plenty of flavor. The cost of the soup is $3.99.

Ribeye Steak

If you’re looking for something hearty, the Ribeye Steak is definitely the way to go. It comes with the bone-in — it’s one of their largest steaks.

Not only does it come with a huge steak, but you’ll also get your choice of two sides as well. The cost of the Ribeye Steak is $26.99.

Grilled Salmon (No Rice)

If you’re looking for another form of large entree, the Grilled Salmon is a healthy option that also provides plenty of food. It comes with a 5.5 oz salmon fillet, with grilled lemon and a side of garlic dill sauce.

Just make sure you request that no rice comes with the fish, otherwise it won’t be gluten free. The cost of this meal is $17.99.

Enjoy Logan’s Roadhouse’s Gluten Free Offering

Eating large, delicious meals at different restaurants can be a difficult process for someone who is gluten intolerant, but many eateries have begun to offer gluten free menus for those who visit their locations. Owners are becoming more aware of allergies and dietary trends — it’s great news if you’re looking to avoid gluten.

Logan’s Roadhouse is one of the many restaurants that offers a clear gluten free menu offering. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to get confused when they look at a menu.

If you’re looking for a variety of different food options, Logan’s Roadhouse can help you get what you need. The chain first opened its doors in 1991 — it now has over 200 locations.

Logan’s Roadhouse is privately owned by Kelso & Company. The company is currently headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.