Nando's Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Nando's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

The Nando’s gluten free menu is the perfect resource for someone who is in the market for some tasty, gluten free grilled chicken. This worldwide brand is popular in over 30 countries throughout the globe — now they’re bringing their famous Portuguese-style chicken to the United States.

For those who have tried Nando’s overseas, you’ll be pleased to know the company has set up operations in the United States. Their different chicken options have a range of different sauce customizations that have made the establishment famous with their loyal customers.

For gluten free eaters, the Nando’s gluten free menu is a godsend — it’s one of the most extensive gluten free offerings currently available. You can enjoy almost all of their signature dishes and sides.

If you’ve yet to find the full Nando’s gluten free menu online, we’ve compiled the entire thing right here on our menu website!



For One

1/4 Chicken - Leg & Thigh$5.55
1/4 Chicken - Breast & Wing$5.95
1/2 Chicken$10.75
Boneless Chicken Breast$9.55
Chicken Thighs$8.95
Chicken Livers$6.25
Chicken Thigh Skewers$9.25
12 PERi-PERi Wings$11.75

Platters To Share

Full PlatterServes 2-3$27.95
Jumbo PlatterServes 4-6$52.95
Wing PlatterServes 2-3$23.95


Quinoa Salad$10.95
Mediterranean Salad$8.95


Grilled Drumstick & Thigh$5.95
3 Chicken Wings$6.25
Grilled Chicken Breast Strips$5.95


Regular sides are 2.70 or get it Large for 3.70
Portuguese Rice$2.70
Red Skin Mashed Potato$2.70
Macho Peas$2.70

Fino Sides

Cucumber and Poppy Seed Salad$3.70
Roasted Vegetables$3.70
Mixed Green Side Salad$3.70
Butternut Squash and Grilled Corn$3.70



PERi-PERi Nuts$4.25
Spicy Mixed Olives$4.55
6 PERi-PERi Wings$6.25


Note: these items may vary from day to day
Flame-Grilled Corn on the Cob$2.70
Seasonal Sangria$5.95


Two Coconut Macaroons$2.25
Pineapple Dole Whip$2.95


Soft Drinks

Honest Tea$2.55
Pineapple Lemonade$3.25
Saratoga Sparkling or Still Water12 Oz.$2.45
Bottled Craft Sodas$3.25
Blood Orange and Mango Lemonade$3.25
Izze Sparkling Juice12 Oz.$2.95
Bottomless Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, SpritePer Person$2.55

Sangria And Wine

Mulderbosch Sauvignon Blanc (S. Africa)$9.75
Mulderbosch Sauvignon Blanc (S. Africa)Bottle$34.95
Cara Viva Red (Portugal)$6.55
Cara Viva Red (Portugal)Bottle$17.95
Alandra (Portugal)$5.55
Alandra (Portugal)Bottle$18.95
Borges Lello (Portugal)$7.75
Borges Lello (Portugal)Bottle$23.95
Indaba Merlot (S. Africa)$6.25
Indaba Merlot (S. Africa)Bottle$21.95
Robertson Cabernet Sauvignon (S. Africa)$6.55
Robertson Cabernet Sauvignon (S. Africa)Bottle$22.95
Cara Viva White (Portugal)$6.55
Cara Viva White (Portugal)Bottle$17.95
Gatao Vinho Verde (Portugal)$6.75
Gatao Vinho Verde (Portugal)Bottle$18.95
Kanonkop Kadette (S. Africa)$7.95
Adega de Pegoes (Portugal)$5.25
Cara Viva Rose (Portugal)$6.55
Cara Viva Rose (Portugal)Bottle$17.95
Indaba Chenin Blanc (S. Africa)$6.25
Indaba Chenin Blanc (S. Africa)Bottle$21.95
Robertson Chardonnay (S. Africa)$6.55
Robertson Chardonnay (S. Africa)Bottle$22.50
Sangria Glass$5.95
Sangria Pitcher$16.95
Blood Orange & Mango Spiked Lemonade$5.95
Blood Orange & Mango Spiked LemonadeBottle$21.95
Pineapple Spiked Lemonade$6.25
Pineapple Spiked LemonadeBottle$21.95


Metropolitan Krankshaft$5.25
Oskars Yella Pils$5.25
Strongbow Hard Cider$5.45

Popular Gluten Free Items at Nando’s

It’s time to start considering what you’re going to order on your next visit to Nando’s. Fortunately, you’re spoiled for choice — they have a range of chicken entrees, wings, sides, salads, and desserts for you to choose from.

Nando’s recommends that you notify a staff member of your allergy so they can help avoid any cross contaminations. Make sure you have a look at the full menu before you make any bold decisions.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve put together a list of the most popular gluten free Nando’s dishes below — have a look!

Chicken and Kale Salad

If you’re looking for a great gluten free salad option at Nando’s, the Chicken and Kale Salad is a new option that has proved very popular. It comes with kale, romaine, caesar dressing, chicken, parmesan, dried tomatoes, and black pepper.

Make sure to request no croutons if you want to avoid gluten. The cost of this salad is just $9.95.

Half Chicken — Peri Peri

If you’re going to dine at Nando’s, it’s best you try what they’re most famous for — their chicken. The provide grilled chicken that is cooked to perfection — it’s well known for being moist and tasty.

You can try any of their peri-peri sauces as they are all gluten free. The cost of a half chicken is $10.75 — you can add sides for an additional cost.

Peri-Peri Wings

If you prefer wings over whole or half chickens, the Peri-Peri Wings are also famous at Nando’s. You can also choose your choice of sauces to pair with the wings, as they are all gluten free.

12 Peri-Peri Wings will cost you a grand total of $11.75 — like the half chicken, you can add sides for an additional cost.

Pineapple Dole Whip

If you’re looking for a sweet treat for after your meal, the Pineapple Dole Whip is hard to pass up on. This gluten free dessert is similar to a smoothie — it’s packed with fresh pineapple flavor.

The cost of the Pineapple Dole Whip at Nando’s is just $2.95.

Enjoy Nando’s Gluten Free Offering

Recent trends in food have proven to be good news for those living with gluten intolerance. There are plenty of current restaurants that have begun the process of offering extensive gluten free menu items to their customers.

Nando’s is on the forefront of this change, they’ve managed to put together most of their most popular menu items without gluten. The restaurant has been extremely popular around the world for years — especially in the UK and Australia.

It has recently entered the US market and opened a number of locations throughout the Northeast of the country. There are plans to expand the US-based brand further in the coming years.

There are currently over 1,000 Nando’s locations in 35 countries.

The eatery was founded in South Africa over 30 years ago. The current owner of the restaurant is Dick Enthoven.