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If you’ve been unsuccessful at finding gluten free pizza options in the past, the Pie Five gluten free menu is the perfect option for you. This wonderful pizza joint has been making high quality pizza, wings and salads since 2011.

With a wide variety of fresh and tasty pizzas, it’s a great alternative to the typical pizza chains you find in major American cities. If you’re sick of ordering mass-produced, unhealthy pizzas and wings, Pie Five is a great choice for you.

What’s even better is their gluten free offering — they have a gluten free crust which means you can enjoy most of their major pizzas without having to worry about gluten. They do warn that you should be careful about cross contamination, as it is a pizza kitchen.

Check out the whole Pie Five gluten free menu below — it’s very extensive!


Our Pie

Five Star8.99
BBQ Chicken6.99
High Five8.99
Farmers Market6.99
Maui Wowwi8.99
Buffalo Chicken6.99
Windy City Works8.99
Jack Stack BBQ6.99
St. Louis Supreme Crab Dip8.99

Your Pie

Exclude: Alfredo Sauce, Meatballs, Classic Pan Crust, Crispy Artisan Thin Crust
Create Your Own Pie8.99


Classic Italian4.49
Chicken Caesar4.29


Garlic Butter Breadstix3.59
Cheesy Breadstix3.59
Bacon Cheesy Breadstix3.99

Kids Bundle

Kids Pie3.99
Make It A Bundle5.99

Popular Gluten Free Items at Pie Five

Pie Five has developed a bit of a reputation for being a great dinner and lunch spot for pizza lovers. And with their gluten free crust, the possibilities are truly endless.

Don’t forget that they also have some great salads and side items for you to enjoy as well, though you’ll need to request gluten free options to be careful.

If you need a push in the right direction, make sure to check out the most popular gluten free menu items below!

Margherita Pizza (GF Crust)

If you’re going to eat at Pie Five, it’s a good idea to try what they’re most well-known for — their pizzas. The Margherita Pizza is a particularly good choice.

It comes with a gluten free crust, olive oil, mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, basil and minced garlic. Just don’t forget to choose the GF crust!

An 11″ will cost you $9.49.

Chicken Caesar Salad (No Croutons)

It’s hard to go wrong with a chicken Caesar salad. This one includes romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, and parmesan — just make sure you order it without croutons, and check if your location’s dressing has gluten.

The cost of this salad is just $7.49 — it’s a great entree or sharing salad.

Build Your Own Personal Pie (Pizza, GF Crust)

If you’re looking for an individual pizza that you have complete control over, the Build Your Own Personal Pie is the way to go. Make sure to choose the gluten free crust and then choose whatever toppings you would like to add on top.

The gluten free build your own pizza is $9.49. You can also add more toppings for an extra cost.

Italian Salad

If you’re looking for something Italian to match your pizza, the Italian salad is probably the best option available to you. It comes with romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, red onions, pepperoni, mozzarella, balsamic drizzle, and grape tomatoes — make sure to request no croutons if you want to keep it gluten free.

The cost of this menu item is $7.49.

Enjoy Pie Five’s Gluten Free Offering

If you’re living with a gluten intolerance, the thought of having to go to a restaurant can be extremely stressful — you’re probably used to staff telling you that they don’t have many options for you. But times seem to be changing, you’ve probably noticed that many more establishments have gluten free offerings available to their customers.

Pie Five has managed to do a great job of caring about their gluten free customer base — they want you to be able to enjoy their wonderful pizzas as well. Don’t forget that they have a great online ordering portal that you can use to submit your next Pie Five order.

The company only started seven years ago, but they’ve quickly expanded into over 100 locations — it’s clear their food has gotten extremely popular.

At present, Pie Five is owned by Rave Restaurant group, which trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange!