Whataburger Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Whataburger's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Whataburger’s Gluten-Free Menu is fairly typical when it comes to fast food places, mostly comprised of the traditional things you’d expect to find on a burger shacks menu. Burgers without buns are a commonplace item, and when it’s a Whataburger it’s worth it, and you’re not missing out on a thing. Their fries are safe, though you do have to worry about cross-contamination from their fryer, so maybe not the best option if you’re extremely gluten-sensitive. However, they do have their Apple and Cranberry salads, among their other items, which are acceptable for those trying to avoid gluten in its entirety

Find their full gluten-free menu below:


Gluten Free Menu

Burgers (Ask for the burger without bun)$5.59
Hash Brown Sticks$1.54
Apple Slices$1.49
French FriesSmall$1.54
French FriesMedium$1.84
French FriesLarge$2.09
Apple & Cranberry Salad$6.29
Garden Salad$4.04
Fruit Chew$0.49
Chocolate Shake16 Oz.$2.34
Chocolate Shake20 Oz.$2.79
Chocolate Shake32 Oz.$3.29
Strawberry Shake16 Oz.$2.34
Strawberry Shake20 Oz.$2.79
Strawberry Shake32 Oz.$3.29
Vanilla Shake16 Oz.$2.34
Vanilla Shake20 Oz.$2.79
Vanilla Shake32 Oz.$3.29
Simply Orange Orange Juice$1.84
Chocolate Milk Low Fat 1%$1.29
Coffee (Decaf Colombian)12 Oz.$1.29
Coffee (Decaf Colombian)16 Oz.$1.44
Coffee (Decaf Colombian)20 Oz.$1.69
Sweet Tea16 Oz.$1.29
Sweet Tea20 Oz.$1.59
Sweet Tea32 Oz.$1.84
Sweet Tea44 Oz.$2.09

Popular Gluten Free Items at Whataburger

Some of their most popular items are, unsurprisingly, their burgers without a bun on them. You can also ask that they wrap it in lettuce, but this isn’t something that they offer traditionally, so there’s no guarantee that it’s going to be properly wrapped. We find this to be completely acceptable as a Whataburger salad is better than just about any other locations burgers, gluten-free bun or no. Be sure to mention to the staff that you’re gluten-free, they’ll clean off the grill.

Their most popular gluten-free items can be found below:

Avocado Bacon Burger

This burger is one of our favorite options for a Whataburger salad, the combination of textures and flavors makes it incredibly interesting and exciting to look forward to. The lettuce and tomato form an excellent foundation, while the bacon and burger bring a delightfully meaty flavor to the meal. Swirl in the creamy avocado and its a delight.

Get an Avocado Bacon Burger For $6.09

Hashbrown Sticks

While they do suffer from some cross-contamination issues, their hashbrown sticks are a really popular item for those who are only mildly gluten-sensitive. These toasty brown bits of potato gather together that sweet flavor of fried potato with Whataburger’s special seasoning salt. This sets them apart from potato offerings at other restaurants.

Small $1.54, Med $1.84, Large $2.09

Apple and Cranberry Salad

This sweet and tangy salad is a wonderful way to enjoy a bite to eat at Whataburger. More than just a traditional salad, the typical flavors and textures come together with the crunch of the apple and the chewy tanginess of dried cranberries to create a culinary dance on your tongue. Combine it with your choice of dressings, we suggest a vinaigrette, and you’ll delight in your dinner.

Get your tangy-sweet salad for $6.29

Mushroom Burger

If you’re looking for a tantalizing combination of meaty hamburger and savory sauce-laden mushrooms, then this is the order for you. Best ordered as a salad, the lettuce makes it too messy, you’re sure to enjoy this offering. The mushrooms are brought together with the burger and a rich, flavorful Swiss to create a great taste.


Enjoy Whataburger’s Gluten Free Offering

Whataburger isn’t one of the more innovative burger shops when it comes to gluten-free food, but it does at least attempt to provide its guests with options. Most of these come in the form of menu items that have something removed, such as the bun, but their salads, fries, and hashbrowns can be enjoyed exactly as they come off the menu. If you’re craving a Whataburger you won’t be disappointed by the offerings you find on their menu; you’re just going to be dining on a salad made in the manner of your favorite burger.