Baja Fresh Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Baja Fresh's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

So let’s take a good look at Baja Fresh Gluten Free Menu. Who doesn’t love Mexican food? If you are looking for a short and sweet menu that provides all your needs when it comes to Mexican food then here it is. Every step of the menu is broken down into categories including their wraps, sauces, and meats, making it easy to choose a gluten-free meal.

Check out their Gluten free menu below for your culinary convenience.



Grilled Wahoo Taco (Corn Tortilla)$4.10
Grilled Shrimp Taco (Corn Tortilla)$4.10
Baja Taco - Carnitas & Corn Tortilla$3.11
Baja Taco - Shrimp$4.10
Baja Taco - Wahoo$4.10
Baja Taco - Veggie$2.87
Baja Ensalada$7.19
Baja Ensalada - Carnitas$8.28
Baja Ensalada - Grilled Wahoo$8.52
Baja Ensalada - Shrimp$8.65
Baja Ensalada - Veggie$7.29
Grilled Shrimp Chile Lime$3.15


Baja Bowl

Carnitas & Black BeansRegular$9.26
Carnitas & Pinto BeansRegular$9.26
Shrimp & Black BeansRegular$9.88
Shrimp & Pinto BeansRegular$9.88
Wahoo & Black BeansRegular$9.88
Wahoo & Pinto BeansRegular$9.88
Veggie & Black BeansRegular$7.42
Veggie & Pinto BeansRegular$7.42


Carnitas & Black Beans - CornRegular$10.25
Carnitas & Pinto Beans - CornRegular$10.25
Shrimp & Black Beans - CornRegular$11.11
Shrimp & Pinto Beans - CornRegular$11.11


Carnitas & Black BeansRegular$9.63
Canitas & Pinto BeansRegular$9.63
Cheese & Black BeansRegular$7.79
Cheese & Pinto BeansRegular$7.79
Shrimp & Black BeansRegular$9.63
Shrimp & Pinto BeansRegular$9.63
Wahoo & Black BeansRegular$9.88
Wahoo & Pinto BeansRegular$9.88
Veggie & Black BeansRegular$7.49
Veggies & Pinto BeansRegular$7.49
Carnitas & Black BeansLarge$20.64
Canitas & Pinto BeansLarge$20.64
Cheese & Black BeansLarge$18.78
Cheese & Pinto BeansLarge$18.78
Shrimp & Black BeansLarge$20.64
Shrimp & Pinto BeansLarge$20.64
Wahoo & Black BeansLarge$21.36
Wahoo & Pinto BeansLarge$21.36
Veggie & Black BeansLarge$18.14
Veggie & Pinto BeansLarge$18.14


Breakfast Burrito - No tortilla$7.56
Baja Papas$7.64
Coffee16 oz$4.12


Roasted Corn$2.46
Fresh Apple Slices$2.78

Kids Platter

Grilled Wahoo$5.33

Kids Side

Black Beans$1.27
Pinto beans$1.27

Kids Beverages

Kids Apple Juice$1.90
Kids Milk$1.20

A La Carte & Sides

Chips & Guacamole$4.59
Guacamole8 oz$3.24
Pronto Guacamole3 oz$1.27
Pronto Nachos$1.76
Pronto Queso3 oz$2.14
Pronto Romaine & Kale Salad$4.19
Queso8 oz$4.05
Rice & Beans Plate - Black Beans$2.49
Rice & Beans Plate - Pinto Beans$2.49
Side Rice & Black Beans$2.49
Side Rice & Pinto Beans$2.49
Side Salad$3.11
Smokey Queso Fundido1 oz$4.05
Chicken Tortilla Soup$5.15
Tortilla Soup$4.55
Tostada Shell$3.12

Individual Items

Avocado Slices$1.48
Baja Rice$3.11
Black Beans$2.19
Carnitas4 oz$2.19
Cilantro Onion Mix$1.59
Corn Tortilla$1.89
Diced Tomato$0.55
Jack Cheese Mix2 oz$1.22
Lime Rice$2.22
Lime Wedges$2.15
Pinto Beans$1.25
Salad Lettuce (Romaine)$1.25
Tortilla Strips$0.89
Veggies4 oz$0.78



Popular Gluten Free Items at Baja Fresh

There are many different ways to mix up your day when it comes to eating out. Baja Fresh is a great place to stop for lunch breakfast and dinner when you’re looking for a place that provides great gluten-free options. Some of their popular items include Grilled shrimp, Mahi Mahi, as well as rice and “bare style burritos.” Then add in your choice of Ensaladas with a variety of meats, vegetables, and sauces to choose from.

Check out some favorites from their gluten-free menu below:

Baja Corn Wrapped Tacos

You may choose to get a normal taco with the ability to choice all your meats and vegetables still readily available for your convenience. Plus you can have any of their sauces as they are all Gluten free to mix and match, so you never have the same taco twice. Order yours and joy some of the best tacos the market has to offer.

Available at Baja fresh For $8.28

Baja Ensalada

Looking for a way to brighten up your day and yet still have the energy to finish out the day after lunch? Try their fresh ensaladas. From the leafy greens to the carnitas, and guacamole to the assorted meat options, there’s no limit to the wonderful creations you can make. Each filled with your choice of meat and dressings.

All Ensaladas Start at $8.28

Baja Fresh “Bare Style Burrito”

When you are on the go and want something to spice up your trip. Take a bit to try out this wonderful yet fully packed idea. The bare style burritos take all your fresh and ready-made treats and put them into a bowl full of Spanish rice. Add cooked steak or chicken and add your favorite sauces as well as a choice of vegetable.

Can be found for the Price of $8.28

Baja Fresh Salsas

Their choice of salsas are made fresh every day from delicious ingredients including fresh tomatoes to their guacamole. The list covers the entire range from sweet to spicy, and all of them are available for use on your order. Try something new and different or go with an old-time favorite, they’re all sure to boost the flavors of your order.

They are included in the price of your base order.

Enjoy Baja Fresh’s Gluten Free Offering

Baja Fresh is one of those companies that wanted to be sure that its customers would be able to find an option for their meal that would suit their needs and leave them feeling full and contented. Thankfully their menu has always been fairly friendly to the gluten-sensitive crowd, and the rise of awareness surrounding these conditions only made them more so. Baja Fresh is available in communities all over the United States, so stop in at yours today! You’ll never be disappointed in the fresh and delicious flavors they offer every day to their customers.