Baja Fresh Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Baja Fresh Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

Baja Fresh does not have an actual breakfast menu, however, they are open early enough to serve you breakfast. Many of their lunch or dinner items are perfect to eat as your first meal of the day, full of protein and satiating ingredients.

They are dedicated to quality food and quick service that will have you on the road to work in no time at all. Established in 1990, Baja Fresh has grown to the large company they are today by providing the best tasting food. Read over the menu below to see some of the favorites.

Baja Fresh’s Breakfast Hours & Days

  • Sunday – Saturday: 11 AM – 9 PM
  • Note: Hours may vary by location

Baja Fresh’s Breakfast Menu Items

Baja Fresh specializes in Tex-Mex cuisine, making it a great place to grab a filling first meal. Their dishes center around beans and other proteins with a carb like tortillas or chips. You can get quesadillas, tacos, and even nachos.

All of their Tex-Mex creations are tasty and made fresh. Head over to Baja Fresh today in order to grab a quick meal on the way to work or to sit and have a relaxing morning. The menu below will help you know what you can order.

  • Baja Chicken Burrito: $6.89
  • Baja Steak Burrito: $7.99
  • Baja Chicken Bowl: $6.99
  • Baja Veggie Bowl: $6.39
  • Baja Chicken Tacos: $2.79
  • Pork Carnitas Taco: $2.89
  • Americano Soft Taco Shrimp: $3.39
  • Americano Veggie Soft Taco: $2.49
  • Chicken Taquitos: $6.99
  • Chicken Fajitas: $7.99
  • Steak Fajitas: $8.79
  • Wahoo Fajitas: $8.99
  • Cheese Quesadilla: $5.79
  • Shrimp Quesadilla: $8.39
  • Veggie Quesadilla: $6.79
  • Cheese Nachos: $6.79
  • Chicken Nachos: $7.89
  • Rice and Black Beans: $1.99
  • 5 Pc. Churros: $5.99

Baja Fresh’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Baja Chicken Burrito: Filled with chicken, beans and rice, this is a great option if you need to pick something up and eat it on the way to work. It is a very cheap option and will keep you satisfied throughout the morning!

Baja Veggie Bowl: If you’re looking for a healthy, vegetarian option, then this is your best option. It is a little lighter than most but will still keep you full during your morning routine.

Rice and Black Beans: Rice and black beans is what many people throughout the world eat each morning. It goes perfectly with any other breakfast items and will keep you energized.

Churros: If you have a sweet tooth, then these churros are the perfect breakfast sweet for you. They have cinnamon and sugar on a fresh baked pastry. It is one of the cheapest items on the menu and will satisfy your cravings.