Bar Louie Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Bar Louie's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Bar Louie’s gluten-free menu is quite non-existent. Of all the items you can find on their menu the only ones that qualify is the wine. Everything else, from the burgers to the beer, is laden with gluten and anything you order is inevitably going to suffer some level of cross-contamination. This doesn’t make it a complete loss for those who only have mild sensitivities, but for those who have a full-blown gluten allergy, this isn’t a good choice of places to stop and eat. In spite of the pleasant atmosphere, we simply can’t suggest you try to eat here.

Check out their corner-case gluten-free menu below:



Chop Chop Salad$9.25
Pear & Blue Cheese Salad$9.50
BLT Wedge Salad$8.50
Classic Caesar Salad$8.00



Pom Peche$3.50
The Clover$4.00
Effen Good$4.50
Louies Cosmo$3.00
Rat Pack$5.00
Sparklin Ruby$4.50
90 Miles To Florida$5.00
The Dirty$5.45
Double Melon$4.00
S Mores$5.00
Tickled Pink$3.50
Strawberry Peach Bellini$4.00
Grand Lemon Drop$3.50
Pina Coladas$5.00


Angry Salor$8.50
Orange Mule$9.00
The New Old Fashioned$9.50
The Manhattan$8.50
The Ultimate Bloody Louie$9.50
Colorado Smash$8.50

Margaritas & Mojitos

Strawberry Margarita$7.50
Watermelon Margarita$7.00
Mango Margarita$7.50
Spicy Pineapple Margarita$8.00
Dos Sauza Margarita$8.00
Havana Classic Mojito$7.00
Berry Mojito$7.50
Me & Julio Margarita$8.00

Zero Proof

Watermelon Fizz$8.50
Mango Limeade$9.00

Popular Gluten Free Items at Bar Louie

The gluten-free menu at Bar Louie is frankly an embarrassment to the name, and there is nothing on the menu that states that anything on it is gluten-free. For those seeking a way to limit their gluten intake (for avoidance is impossible in a place that takes no consideration for cross-contamination), you can order your burgers and sandwiches the usual way, without bread. The food they offer is, perhaps, worth the risk provided that a little gluten won’t kill you, but otherwise you’re best avoiding this stop.

A few favorite options are listed below:

Portabella Burger

Interestingly enough while they may not offer a gluten-free option, they offer a vegetarian menu. This offering provides a typical burger bun topped with a portabella mushroom and filled with the usual delicious assortment of toppings. For all the risk it’s a delicious and tender menu option that will fill you up, just order it without the bun.

Get your bowl for $11.00


This basic hamburger is exactly what you’d expect, deliciously seasoned patties served with tomato, lettuce, and onion. You can add cheese and bacon by request, and of course, you’ll want to order it without a bun. On the other hand, there’s an option if you don’t mind spending a little more, ask them to replace the bun with portabella mushrooms. They’re large and tasty enough to serve.

The hamburger starts at $9.00, $10.00 with cheese.

Chicken Nachos

Again it is worth noting that this menu item, while not containing any gluten-based ingredients, cannot be guaranteed to be gluten-free. That being said it still is a wonderful and filling option for those with only mild gluten sensitivities, with its hearty helping of sour-cream, black olives, salsa, cheese, and marinated chicken.

Get your plate for $11.00


The only alcoholic beverage they serve that is guaranteed to be free of gluten, they have a respectable menu of vintages that you can use to accompany your meal. The wine they provide isn’t quite top shelf, but it does come from a respectable line of flavors and brands that you won’t regret drinking.

Price varies by vintage.

Enjoy Bar Louie’s Gluten Free Offering

Bar Louie makes no pretension about being a place that is gluten-free friendly, instead of being a bastion of traditional bar foods and top-shelf beer. We can hope that as the years go by, they’ll start serving a broader subsection of their community, but for the time being, we’ll have to settle for the meager offerings one can find or make from their menu. We would like to stress again that this is not a destination for those with severe gluten-allergies, there isn’t a thing on their menu outside of the wine that is safe for you to consume.

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