BGood Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find BGood's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

The BGood gluten free menu is one of the best gluten free resources available. Unlike many restaurants, BGood has made it a priority to provide gluten free options for those who have a gluten intolerance.

The BGood concept has been designed around providing food that is healthy and tasty at the same time. Part of the territory includes providing certain foods that can help consumers avoid allergies they may have — some people who are not allergic to gluten also aim to avoid it.

BGood has a number of foods on their menu that are specified as gluten free, this is a great way to ensure you are exposed to as little gluten as possible. If you’re looking for tasty, gluten free food options, this is one of the best places to go.

Check out the BGood gluten free menu items in more detail below!



Spicy Avocado & Lime$11.99
Local Apple And Bacon Bowl$11.99
Curry And Grilled Avocado$11.99


Harvest Kale$6.99
Chicken Caesar (Request w/o Croutons)$6.99
Roasted Butternut$6.99
Southwestern Chicken$6.99
Citrus And Avocado$6.99

Burgers And Sandwiches

Request GF Buns for Burgers
Turkey Burger$7.49
Cicken Sandwich$7.49

Smoothies And Milkshakes

Kale Crush$6.49
Acai Berry$6.49
Strawberry- Banana$6.49
Lucy Blue$6.49

Popular Gluten Free Items at BGood

BGood has a great deal of different options for those who are looking to stay gluten free. Why not try one of the many quinoa bowls if you’re looking for something natural and healthy?

Aside from this they also have gluten free burgers, salads, and desserts — there’s sure to be something that you’ll enjoy on their menu. They’re the perfect source of nutrition and gluten free items.

Below we’ll take a deeper look at their most popular gluten free options — enjoy!

Chicken Caesar Salad (No Croutons)

If you want a healthy and filling salad at BGood and you don’t want to consume any gluten, the Chicken Caesar Salad is the way to go. It comes with grilled chicken, romaine, parmesan, and lemon caesar vinaigrette.

You need to make sure to request that the salad comes with no croutons if you want to keep it gluten free. This salad will cost you $8.99.

Beef Cousin Oliver Burger (GF Bun)

If you’re looking for a tasty gluten free burger, the Beef Cousin Oliver Burger is the way to go. It comes with beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles — make sure that you request a gluten free bun.

You can also have this burger with chicken or turkey, but the veggie burger is not gluten free. This burger costs $7.98.

Chicken Power Play Burger (GF Bun)

Looking for a chicken burger that will fill you up? The Chicken Power Play Burger is the way to go — it comes with grilled chicken, bacon, avocado puree, cheddar, and an egg.

Remember, you need to ask for the gluten free bun if you want to take advantage of this particular type of burger. The cost is $9.98.

Chocolate Milkshake

If you want something sweet to end your meal, eating cakes will not be possible for people with gluten intolerance, especially if they contain flour. Fortunately, you can purchase a chocolate milkshake at BGood without having to worry about gluten.

The chocolate milkshake at BGood costs $5.59.

Enjoy BGood’s Gluten Free Offering

While it can be a pain to find food that doesn’t contain gluten in it, many establishment around the country are starting to provide gluten free options. With a rising number in people deciding to go gluten free, many restaurant owners recognize the importance of following the trend.

BGood has done a great job of ensuring that they have a variety of different gluten free options for you to choose from. They even have some awesome dessert options for those who want something sweet — this is rare, even in establishments with gluten free menus.

BGood has quickly been expanding into multiple states throughout the country — they’re now present in seven different states. They also have plenty of overseas destinations in Canada, Switzerland, and Germany.

The company is still privately owned.