BGood Catering Menu Prices

Find BGood Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

B.Good was established with a goal of providing delicious, wholesome food to their community, and they do this successfully both in-house and through their BGood Catering Menu. Through their incredible service, they’ve providing delicious burgers from responsibly sourced locations, including their own farms, and seek to bring together their community through their food and locations. When you’re a BGood customer, you’ll be able to name their foods, volunteer on their farm, and otherwise work to be part of the growing community that is BGood.

Find their full catering community below:


Craft Sandwiches

BBQ Chicken$8.99
Latin Chicken$8.99

Burger Bar

Create Your Own Burger$8.49
Premium Toppings For Burgers$0.49
Slider Bar$4.99
Premium Toppings For Sliders$0.29

Green & Grains Bowls

Power Bowl$37.99
Local Apple & Bacon$37.99
Spicy Avocado & Lime$37.99
Add Protein To Your Bowl$1.59


Harvest KaleSmall$32.99
Harvest KaleLarge$45.99
Chicken CaesarSmall$32.99
Chicken CaesarLarge$45.99
Southwestern ChickenSmall$32.99
Southwestern ChickenLarge$45.99
Citrus Avocado SaladSmall$32.99
Citrus Avocado SaladLarge$45.99
Add Protein$1.59


Hand Cut ChipsSmall$15.99
Hand Cut ChipsLarge$29.99
Toasted Italian Pasta SaladSmall$16.99
Toasted Italian Pasta SaladLarge$39.99
Southwest Black Bean SaladSmall$16.99
Southwest Black Bean SaladLarge$39.99


Note: These items may vary from day to day.
Butternut Squash Soup$49.99
4-Bean Chili$49.99

Box Lunches

Boxed Lunch$13.99
Boxed Lunch with Cookie$15.99


Egg Bowls

The BasqueSmall$7.19
The BasqueLarge$35.95
The ClassicSmall$7.19
The ClassicLarge$35.95
The RanchersSmall$7.19
The RanchersLarge$35.95

Egg Sandwiches

The Local$5.99
West Side$5.99

Breakfast Bowls

Yogurt Power ElvisSmall$5.99
Yogurt Power ElvisLarge$29.95
Oatmeal Power ElvisSmall$5.99
Oatmeal Power ElvisLarge$29.95
Yogurt Wake UpSmall$5.99
Yogurt Wake UpLarge$29.95
Oatmeal Wake UpSmall$5.99
Oatmeal Wake UpLarge$29.95


Chocolate Chip Cookies$2.49

Smoothies & Drinks


Homemade Lemonades$8.99
Homemade Tea$8.99
4 Petal Agua Frescas$3.99
Bottled Water$2.49
Breakfast Drinks$5.99


Vanilla Shake$5.99
Chocolate Shake$5.99


Kale Crush$6.99
Acai Berry$6.99
Strawberry Banana$6.99
Lucy Blue$6.99

Popular Catering Choices at BGood

There’s only one catering option when you go to BGood, thankfully that one option in the world’s best burgers, and the only burgers that the customers are involved in helping to make a reality. However, along with these burgers, you can also get the option to order their full-size burgers or their sliders, and both can come with any number of their premium toppings. When you decide to use BGood to cater your event, your guest are going to love it.

Find some of their most popular items on the list below:

Burger Bar

B.Good’s incredible burgers are available on their catering menu, coming with all of the traditional taste and style of their classic burger. When you’re providing a menu like this to your guests, you know they’re going to be excited to dine, it’s like a backyard barbecue without the work or cleanup. You can get your choice of Chicken Sandwiches, Turkey Burgers, beef burgers, and veggie burgers.

Bring burgers to your event for $8.49 a person.

Premium Toppings for Burger Bar

Their classic burgers are nothing without having the option to top them with their delicious range of premium toppings. You can get your choice of the Jalapeno slaw for a zesty bite, cilantro, fresh salsa, caramelized onions, sauteed mushroom, smashed avocado, sharp cheddar, bacon, and smoked Gouda.

Each of these toppings is available for $0.49-$1.59 each, dependent on the topping.

Slider Bar

Slider bars are perfect for those looking for a lighter bite but still with all the delicious option available from a B.Good dining experience. The mini-burgers that are sliders are capable of serving those with a big appetites, and those who are looking for something a bit on the lighter side alike. You can get the same selection of proteins as those available in the burger menu.

These are available at $5.49 a person.

Premium Toppings for Slider Bar

The B.Good toppings selection is exactly the same for the sliders as it is for the burger bar, there’s just less to cover! You can enjoy fresh salsa, jalapeno slaw, smashed avocado, bacon, sauteed mushroom, smoked Gouda, caramelized onions, cilantro, and sharp cheddar. All of these go just as well on their sliders as they do on their full-sized burgers.

Take your pick from their selection for $0.29-$1.59 a topping.

Enjoy BGood’s Catering Offering

When you’re feeding a large group, there’s little that gets them as excited as hot, fresh, delicious burgers from their favorite burger shop. BGood guarantees that you’ll enjoy their offerings and provides an incredible range of options when you combine their four types of potential protein and the range of toppings you can combine them with. Call BGood today for a catering quote and ensure your event results in rave reviews with happy visitors.