Claim Jumper Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Claim Jumper's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

If you have a gluten intolerance, you’ll be happy to know that Claim Jumper has a gluten free menu for you to enjoy. They’re committed to providing their customers with a clear outline of what they can enjoy from the menu.

While gluten is present in the kitchen, the gluten free menu does its best to keep the meals completely free of gluten — though cross contamination can occur. Unlike many restaurants, Claim Jumper has some of their best menu items on the gluten free menu.

You won’t have to worry about sacrificing flavor for health at this popular establishment. Make sure to check out everything they have on offer, their menu is extremely extensive.

If you’ve had trouble finding their gluten free menu, we have the entire thing right here on our site for you to look through!



California Citrus Chicken Salad$12.99
BBQ Chicken Salad$11.99


Rotisserie Chicken$14.99
Norwegian Salmon$20.99
Norwegian Salmon BBQ Glazed$21.99
Giant Stuffed Baker$11.99
California Chicken Quesadilla$11.99
BBQ Baby Back Pork RibsHalf$18.99
BBQ Baby Back Pork RibsFull$23.99
Ribs & Chicken$24.99

Grilled Steaks And Lobsters

Chopped Steak$14.99
Top Sirloin9 Oz.$16.99
Claim Jumper K-Bob (Decline Rice Pilaf)$15.99
Filet Mignon$24.99
Ribeye Steak12 Oz.$23.99
Ribeye Steak16 Oz.$28.99
New York Strip12 Oz.$25.99
Porterhouse Steak20 Oz.$29.99
Top Sirloin and Lobster Tail$37.99
Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail$45.99

Popular Gluten Free Items at Claim Jumper

There are plenty of gluten free favorites available at Claim Jumper, you can order plenty of salads, entrees, steaks, lobster, and much, much more. Claim Jumper requests that you mention you want the meal prepared gluten free, as changes need to be made during the preparation stage.

If you’re looking for full, hearty American favorites, it’s hard to go wrong with Claim Jumper. This restaurant has a longstanding track record for success, and it’s translated well into their gluten free offering.

Check out some of the fan favorite gluten free menu items in more detail below!

BBQ Chicken Salad

If you’re looking for a salad with a bit of extra kick, the BBQ Chicken Salad is the way to go. It comes with grilled chicken, corn, black beans, carrots, cilantro, green onion, and corn tortilla chips.

All of this is covered in a house ranch sauce with BBQ on the side. It’s the perfect option for those looking for something gluten free — the BBQ Chicken Salad costs $11.99.

Rotisserie Chicken

This has been a fan favorite since Claim Jumper first opened its doors. The Rotisserie Chicken comes with a half chicken, season and slow cooked over flames to provide you with maximum flavor.

If you’re looking for something slow cooked and delicious, this is one of your best options. It comes priced at $14.99.

Ribs & Chicken

If you’re looking for a filling menu item that has a bit of variety, the Ribs & Chicken are the way to go. With this you’ll find a half-rack of baby back pork ribs, as well as some of their famous rotisserie chicken.

It doesn’t get much better than this. All of this gluten free food can be yours for just $24.99.

Top Sirloin Steak

If you want a steak for dinner, there are plenty of gluten free options available at Claim Jumper. The Top Sirloin Steak is definitely one of the favorites — it’s a 9 oz Certified Angus Beef top sirloin steak.

You’ll be pleased to know it packs in plenty of flavor. This comes priced at $16.99 — it includes a small salad and a side.

Enjoy Claim Jumper’s Gluten Free Offering

If you’re looking for an American restaurant that values gluten free food, Claim Jumper does have plenty of great choices for you to pick from. Their separate gluten free menu is a great way for people to have a clear understanding of what they can order.

As with any restaurant, make sure to tell your waiter you need to eat gluten free so they can be sure everything is of the correct standard. Certain items may need to be removed from particular meals.

Claim Jumper has been a popular restaurant chain since it first opened in 1977. It has continued to expand rapidly, but faced financial difficulties in recent years.

In 2010, the chain was purchased by Landry’s — a large restaurant conglomerate based in Houston, Texas. Tilman Fertitta — owner of the Houston Rockets — is the primary owner of Landry’s, Inc.