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Claim Jumpers Catering Menu is the result of a company that set out to create a unique blend of dining establishments, one that combined family dining with a Saloon style dining experience. They’ve aimed at providing an environment that will be comfortable to relax in after a long day at the office, to get together with friends and experience a great game, or just share a nice dinner with the family. Knowing that there’s no place as comfortable as home, they’ve also provided a catering menu for you and yours.

Check out their full menu below:


Miners Combo

Pick 2Per Person$17.00

Ore Cart

Pick 3Per Person$24.00

Appetizer Platters

Spinach Artichoke DipServes 4-6$15.00
Spinach Artichoke DipServes 8-10$25.00
Chips & GuacamoleServes 4-6$23.00
Chips & GuacamoleServes 8-10$46.00
Chips & SalsaServes 4-6$15.00
Chips & SalsaServes 8-10$25.00
Buffalo Chicken WingsServes 4-6$25.00
Buffalo Chicken WingsServes 8-10$45.00
Coconut ShrimpServes 4-6$33.00
Coconut ShrimpServes 8-10$57.00
Mozzarella SticksServes 4-6$20.00
Mozzarella SticksServes 8-10$30.00
Chicken TenderloinsServes 4-6$25.00
Chicken TenderloinsServes 8-10$45.00
Loaded SkinsServes 4-6$20.00
Loaded SkinsServes 8-10$35.00
Three Cheese PotatocakesServes 4-6$15.00
Three Cheese PotatocakesServes 8-10$25.00
Pub PretzelServes 4-6$10.00
Pub PretzelServes 8-10$20.00

Salad Platters

Comstock House Salad Or Caesar SaladServes 8-10$25.00
Comstock House Salad Or Caesar SaladServes 15-20$40.00
Spinach SaladServes 8-10$40.00
Spinach SaladServes 15-20$60.00
California Citrus SaladServes 8-10$40.00
California Citrus SaladServes 15-20$60.00
California Chicken Citrus SaladServes 8-10$45.00
California Chicken Citrus SaladServes 15-20$70.00
BBQ Chicken SaladServes 8-10$45.00
BBQ Chicken SaladServes 15-20$70.00
Asian Chicken SaladServes 8-10$45.00
Asian Chicken SaladServes 15-20$70.00

Sandwich Platters

Ham Sandwich6 - ½ Sands$30.00
Ham Sandwich10- ½ Sands$45.00
Western Chicken Sandwich6 - ½ Sands$30.00
Western Chicken Sandwich10- ½ Sands$50.00
Clubhouse Sandwich6 - ½ Sands$35.00
Clubhouse Sandwich10- ½ Sands$60.00
Roast Turkey Sandwich6 - ½ Sands$30.00
Roast Turkey Sandwich10- ½ Sands$45.00
Tri-Tip Sandwich6 - ½ Sands$45.00
Tri-Tip Sandwich10- ½ Sands$70.00
Create Your Own Sandwich Platter6 - ½ Sands$35.00
Create Your Own Sandwich Platter10- ½ Sands$60.00
Chicken Club Wrap8 - ½ Wraps$30.00
Chicken Club Wrap12 - ½ Wraps$50.00
BBQ Chicken Wrap8 - ½ Wraps$30.00
BBQ Chicken Wrap12 - ½ Wraps$50.00
Asian Wrap8 - ½ Wraps$30.00
Asian Wrap12 - ½ Wraps$50.00
Veggie Wrap8 - ½ Wraps$30.00
Veggie Wrap12 - ½ Wraps$50.00
Fish Tacos12 pc$30.00
Fish Tacos20 pc$60.00
City Slicker Sliders12 pc$45.00
City Slicker Sliders20 pc$70.00

A La Carte Offerings

Mashed PotatoesServes 4-6$14.00
Mashed PotatoesServes 8-10$22.00
Roasted VegetablesServes 4-6$24.00
Roasted VegetablesServes 8-10$35.00
Spicy Thai SlawServes 4-6$15.00
Spicy Thai SlawServes 8-10$20.00
Macaroni & CheeseServes 4-6$30.00
Macaroni & CheeseServes 8-10$50.00
Mixed Fresh FruitServes 4-6$15.00
Mixed Fresh FruitServes 8-10$25.00


SoupServes 4-6$25.00
SoupServes 8-10$50.00

Platter Favorites

After The Gold RushServes 4-6$30.00
After The Gold RushServes 8-10$100.00
Chicken FajitasServes 4-6$70.00
Chicken FajitasServes 8-10$120.00
Mini Pot PiesServes 4-6$40.00
Mini Pot PiesServes 8-10$65.00

Pasta Platter

Black Tie Chicken PastaServes 6-8$40.00
Black Tie Chicken PastaServes 10-15$70.00
Shrimp Fresca PastaServes 6-8$50.00
Shrimp Fresca PastaServes 10-15$80.00
Jambalaya PastaServes 6-8$50.00
Jambalaya PastaServes 10-15$80.00

Breakfast Platter

American BreakfastServes 4-6$50.00
American BreakfastServes 8-10$85.00
Breakfast BurritoServes 4-6$40.00
Breakfast BurritoServes 8-10$65.00
Yogurt ParfaitServes 4-6$30.00
Yogurt ParfaitServes 8-10$55.00
French ToastServes 4-6$25.00
French ToastServes 8-10$35.00
PancakesServes 4-6$25.00
PancakesServes 8-10$35.00
Smoked Ham, Egg & Cheese SandwichServes 4-6$25.00
Smoked Ham, Egg & Cheese SandwichServes 8-10$40.00

Dessert Platters

Original Scratch Carrot CakeServes 4-6$20.00
Original Scratch Carrot CakeServes 8-10$30.00
BrowniesServes 4-6$10.00
BrowniesServes 8-10$20.00
Cookie PlatterServes 4-6$15.00
Cookie PlatterServes 8-10$25.00
Red Velvet Bunot CakeServes 4-6$20.00
Red Velvet Bunot CakeServes 8-10$35.00
Cookies & BrowniesServes 4-6$10.00
Cookies & BrowniesServes 8-10$20.00
Dessert TrioServes 4-6$15.00
Dessert TrioServes 8-10$25.00
Berry Butter CakeServes 4-6$27.00
Berry Butter CakeServes 8-10$40.00


Celebration Cakes

Whole Chocolate Motherlode Cake (6 layers)Serves 50$60.00
3 Layer Chocolate Motherlode CakeServes 25$35.00
Whole Original Scratch Carrot CakeServes 25$40.00

Dessert Buffet

Brownies, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Bundt Cake, Chocolate Chip CookiesPer Person$5.99

Cookie & Brownie Bite Buffet

Cookie & Brownie Bite BuffetPer Person$2.99

Popular Catering Choices at Claim Jumper

When you book an event with Claim Jumper, you’re booking a memory that everyone will recall fondly for years to come. Whether you’re looking to cater a business lunch, a holiday party, or your wedding, Claim Jumper is going to ensure that you have a spread of food worth talking about. Order your Claim Jumper Catering Experience today, and you’ll be guaranteed to provide a dining experience that your guests will love.

You won’t believe these popular options:

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Always a favorite, Buffalo Chicken Wings will get your catered experience off on a fiery note that will leave your guests hungry for more. The platter comes in two sizes and is accompanied by carrots, celery, and a ranch dip to produce a classic Buffalo wing experience. Claim Jumper is well known for having some of the best wings around, and don’t your guests deserve the best?

Feed 4-6 for $25.00, 8-10 for $45.00

After The Gold Rush

This platter is a great way to bring a single dish to a group of people that everyone will love. After The Gold Rush combines potato cakes, Roma tomatoes, mushrooms, and marsala wine in a sauce that’s poured over grilled chicken breast for an incredible Italian inspired dish. Savory and filled with flavor this offering will sate the hungriest guest.

Serve 4-6 for $60.00 or 8-10 for $100.00

BBQ Chicken Wrap

A barbecue is always a popular option for catered events, and these Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches are definitely a popular item among their catering customers. Green onions, cilantro, jicama, black beans, carrots, tomatoes, sweet BBQ sauce, and grilled chicken are served with lettuce and corn on a large platter of sandwiches. Every serving amounts to one-half sandwich per person.

Feed 6 for $30.00 or 10 for $50.00

Berry Butter Cake

Time to wrap it up with a Claim Jumper Classic? Order up their platter of Berry Butter Cake. This cake is rich and creamy and comes with strawberry sauce, fresh berries, and vanilla ice cream served up with Cream Cheese Bitter cake. Has there ever been a sweeter way to wrap up an event spent making memories?

Feed 4-6 for $27.00 or 8-10 for $44.00

Enjoy Claim Jumper’s Catering Offering

When it’s all said and done your guests will be full and satisfied with some of the best food the country has to offer. Through a combination of custom meals that include house recipes and rich flavors and sauces, and a selection of soups and desserts that are just out of this world, you’ll create an experience your guests will never forget. When you work with Claim Jumper you’re working with a company that is all about family and great experiences, why not call them when its time to cater your next event?