Cold Stone Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Cold Stone Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

With Cold Stone’s gluten-free menu, they are a great place for those with Celiac disease or other dietary restrictions. They offer plenty of options so that you can satisfy that sweet tooth without regretting it later!

Cold Stone serves up homemade ice cream and other sweet treats all year round. They’re famous for their frozen serving stones that allow workers to mix in great toppings without melting your ice cream.

For those looking for gluten-free options, a great place like this can cause a lot of anxiety. That is why Cold Stone offers this special menu and ensures that everyone can get the creamy goodness that they are dishing up.


Ice Cream

Amaretto Ice Cream$5.00
Banana Ice Cream$5.00
Black Cherry Ice Cream$5.00
Blueberry Ice Cream$5.00
Butter Pecan Ice Cream$5.00
Candy Cane Ice Cream$5.00
Cheesecake Ice Cream$5.00
Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream$5.00
Chocolate Ice Cream$5.00
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Ice Cream$5.00
Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream$5.00
Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream$5.00
Cinnamon Ice Cream$5.00
Coconut Ice Cream$5.00
Coffee Ice Cream$5.00
Cotton Candy Ice Cream$5.00
Dark Chocolate Ice Cream$5.00
Dark Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream$5.00
Dulce De Leche Ice Cream$5.00
Egg Nog Ice Cream$5.00
French Vanilla Ice Cream$5.00
Fudge Truffle Ice Cream$5.00
Ghirardelli Chocolate Ice Cream$5.00
Gingerbread Ice Cream$5.00
Irish Cream Ice Cream$5.00
Key Lime Ice Cream$5.00
Macadamia Nut Ice Cream$5.00
Mango Ice Cream$5.00
Marshmallow Ice Cream$5.00
Mint Ice Cream$5.00
Mocha Ice Cream$5.00
Orange Dreamsicle Ice Cream$5.00
Peanut Butter Ice Cream$5.00
Pecan Praline Ice Cream$5.00
Piña Colada Ice Cream$5.00
Pistachio Ice Cream$5.00
Pumpkin Ice Cream$5.00
Raspberry Ice Cream$5.00
Red Hot Ice Cream$5.00
Red Hot Strawberry Ice Cream$5.00
Rum Raisin Ice Cream$5.00
Salted Caramel Ice Cream$5.00
Salted Chocolate Caramel Ice Cream$5.00
Sea Salt Vanilla Bean Ice Cream$5.00
Skinny Vanilla Ice Cream$5.00
Strawberry Ice Cream$5.00
Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream$5.00
Sweet Cream Ice Cream$5.00
Tart Cherry Ice Cream$5.00
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream$5.00
White Chocolate Ice Cream$5.00


Countrytime Lemonade Sorbet$5.25
Hibiscus Sorbet$5.25
Lemon Sorbet$5.25
Orange Sorbet$5.25
Pineapple Orange Banana Sorbet$5.25
Pink Champagne Sorbet$5.25
Raspberry Sorbet$5.25
Strawberry Sorbet$5.25
Strawberry Mango Banana Sorbet$5.25
Tart Cherry Sorbet$5.25
Watermelon Sorbet$5.25


Black Cherry Yogurt$4.50
Chocolate Yogurt$4.50
Raspberry Yogurt$4.50
Tart Cherry Yogurt$4.50
Triple Berry Yogurt$4.50
Vanilla Yogurt$4.50
Yogurt Base Mix$4.50


Apple Pie Filling$2.25
Black Cherries$2.25
Cherry Pie Filling$2.25
Maraschino Cherries$2.25
Peach Pie Filling$2.25
Pineapple Tidbits$2.25


Almond Joy$0.75
Chocolate Chips$0.75
Chocolate Shavings$0.75
Chocolate Sprinkles$0.75
Gummy Bears$0.75
Heath Bar$0.75
Peanut Butter$0.75
Peanut M&Ms$0.75
Rainbow Sprinkles$0.75
Reeses Peanut Butter Cup$0.75
Reeses Pieces$0.75
White Chocolate Chips$0.75
York Peppermint Patties$0.75


Marshmallow Crème$0.50
Richs On Top Whipped Topping$0.50


Frappé Mix$3.50
Lifestyle Smoothie Mix$5.00
Mango Juice$4.00

Popular Gluten Free Items at Cold Stone

All of the ice cream served at Cold Stone is considered gluten-free, however, their waffle cones are not. Thus, they offer convenient bowls that will allow you to have your ice cream without hurting your body!

If you need gluten-free items, then look no further than popular choices like their ice cream, sorbet, yogurt, nuts, and fruit. You will be hard-pressed to find another dessert place offering so many options for you!

Check out some of the favorites you can eat below!

Ice Cream

From classic vanilla and chocolate to cheesecake and salted caramel, Cold Stone has tons of ice cream options that are completely gluten-free! Just remember that you need to get it in a dish, as Cold Stone does not offer any gluten-free waffle cones.

For $4, you can have a sweet treat that will satisfy your cravings without upsetting your stomach or causing a bad reaction from your body.


With fruity flavors like lemon and orange, the sorbet offered at Cold Stone is fantastically delicious! It is colorful, fun, and won’t cause you any problems if you are trying to avoid gluten.

Priced similarly to their ice cream, you can get a bowl of most flavors for only $4.


If you are looking for a gluten-free option that is also healthier that the high-sugar ice cream offerings, ask an employee about their frozen yogurt offerings. These have less sugar and fat than ice cream and can still be mixed with great toppings!

A small bowl will cost you about $4 and is sure to satisfy your cravings with great flavors like raspberry and tart cherry.

Fruit Mix-Ins

As opposed to the numerous cookie and candy mix-ins that are prominently featured at Cold Stone and include tons of gluten, they also offer fruit mix-ins that are gluten-free. From bananas to strawberries, you can’t go wrong adding these great options to your ice cream or sorbet.

Your first mix in is free, and every additional one will only be $0.75.

Enjoy Cold Stone’s Gluten Free Offering

Stop painstakingly searching for options at other restaurants. Cold Stone has the perfect options to satisfy your sweet cravings and allow you to completely avoid gluten.

Cold Stone has been catering to customers needs since they opened in 1988 and they are sure to provide you with what you need.

They understand the trouble you go through trying to limit the pain from your allergy while still getting the foods that you desire. Head to Cold Stone today to get the sweet, frozen treats you desire, without having to suffer and worry about what you’re eating.