Denny's Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Denny's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Denny’s Gluten Free Menu is largely the result of a spin-off of the carb watch days, where diners regularly replaced the buns on their burgers with crisp lettuce or ordered other low-carb meal items. Today it has expanded beyond that to respond to the gluten-free movement that’s occurring among diners today. Driven by celiac-disease and other conditions that cause gluten-sensitivity Denny’s stepped up and provided a robust menu to ensure that their most sensitive diners were never left short of options.

Look over their gluten-free menu below:



Peanut Butter Banana$3.79
Chocolate Peanut Butter$3.69

Breakfast Slams

Pick any four items and make it your own
Honey Jalapeño Bacon$8.69
Bacon Strips4 pc$3.09
Sausage Links4 pc$3.09
Turkey Bacon Strips4 pc$3.09
English Muffin$1.89
Hash Browns$3.39
Egg Whites$1.49
Apple Sausage$1.09
Grilled Ham Slice$3.49
Hearty Breakfast Sausage$3.09
Seasonal Fruit$2.49

Breakfast Favorites

Served with hash browns and choice of bread.
Philly Cheesesteak Omelette$8.69
Ham & Cheese Omelette$8.69
Ultimate Omelette$8.69

Appetizers & Soups

Zesty Nachos$7.99

Salads & Sandwiches

Cranberry Apple Chicken Salad$8.79
Avocado Chicken Caesar Salad$8.79
Prime Rib Cobb Salad$8.79

Classics & Steaks

T-Bone Steak$14.69
Sirloin Steak$11.49

Popular Gluten Free Items at Denny’s

Denny’s has always been a popular stop for those looking for a comfortable diner experience, a sort of hybrid between the greasy spoon diners of truck-stop fame and a casual family dining restaurant. Every day thousands of people discover they have a sensitivity to gluten that changes their ability to eat their favorite items forever. Denny’s provides great options for gluten-sensitive diners to help them continue to enjoy nights out with their friends and family.

A few of their favorite gluten-free options are showcased below:


Eggs and Omelets are a common choice for those who are avoiding gluten, a hearty selection of delicious fillings to accompany the family favorite of this eggstravaganza. Combine cheese and onions, meats and hashbrowns, and put together a great breakfast experience without having to concern yourself with gluten, and leave full and contented.

Omelet’s run $9.49 with all the fixin’s.

Carb-Watch Mushroom Swiss Burger

Is there anything quite as delicious as the Mushroom Swiss Burger? A combination of some of mother nature’s most incredible achievements topping a richly seasoned patty of ground beef this burger brings a powerhouse of flavor to your plate. The Swiss Cheese and Sauteed mushrooms bring a piquant flavor to the dish that is only enhanced by the removal of the bun and addition of lush leaves of lettuce.

Load up your plate for $9.49

Carb-Watch Bacon Cheddar Burger

A classic burger needs nothing to make it better, and that’s why the Bacon Cheddar Burger loses nothing with the removal of the bun and addition of crisp pieces of lettuce wrapped around it in its place. Made with delicious cheddar and Applewood smoked bacon it’s the perfect answer to the gluten-free diner looking to get something they love.

Grab your Bacon Cheddar Burger for $8.99

Fit-Fare Turkey Breast Salad with Bacon

Salad’s quickly become one of the mainstays for those who are having to live a gluten-free life. So long as you leave off the croutons and are careful about the dressing, you’re pretty much home free out the gate. This Turkey Breast Salad with Bacon brings all the best parts of a salad together. Crispy bacon mixed with tender juicy chicken topped with dressing will ensure a pleasant dining experience.

Get your salad for $6.49

Enjoy Denny’s Gluten Free Offering

So there you have it, a great listing of gluten-free options from one of America’s favorite restaurants. Everywhere you go throughout the country you can find a Denny’s waiting for you, and when you’re worried about eating gluten-free it’s a relief to know there’s a reliable place you can eat without having to pick from a limited menu. Next time you find yourself having a craving for a delicious meal you didn’t have to cook, consider stopping by a Denny’s and trying something off their gluten-free menu. You’ll get a great meal, a full belly, and a broad selection from America’s favorite diner.