Denny's Catering Menu Prices

Find Denny's Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Denny’s Catering Menu is brought to you from what may very well be one of America’s most iconic restaurant. Since their creation they’ve been providing delicious food to customers at all hours, food that is the best of Americana served up in a casual dining environment. They’ve been in business under the name Denny’s since 1961 and expanded until it was present in every country throughout the United States. Whether you’re looking to serve a small family gathering or cater a full business event, Denny’s is there for you.

Check out their full catering menu below:



Fit SlamPer Person$8.79
Moons Over My Hammy SandwichPer Person$9.89
French Toast SlamPer Person$9.89
Belgian Waffle SlamPer Person$9.89
Loaded Veggie OmelettePer Person$9.89
All American SlamPer Person$10.59
Ultimate OmelettePer Person$10.79
Country-Fried Steak & EggsPer Person$11.69


Smothered Cheese FriesServes 2$6.09
Mozzarella Cheese SticksServes 2$6.59
Zesty NachosServes 2$9.39


Chicken Avocado SandwichPer Person$9.39
Bacon Lovers BLT SandwichPer Person$9.49
The Super Bird SandwichPer Person$9.49
Club SandwichPer Person$10.49


Cobb SaladPer Person$9.89
Avocado Chicken Caesar SaladPer Person$9.89
Cranberry Apple Chicken SaladPer Person$7.29


New York CheesecakePer Person$4.09
Chocolate Lava CakePer Person$4.19
Caramel Apple CrispPer Person$4.19

Special Delivery Lansing Bottles

Assorted 2L Soda BottlesServes 4$2.59
Bottled WaterPer Person$1.00

Popular Catering Choices at Denny’s

There’s a great menu of familiar items on Denny’s menu that have been being served to families and businesses every day since Denny’s went into business. These items make great options for your catered event, with the pancake options being particularly popular if you’re starting with a breakfast event. Later in the day fries and sandwiches can be ordered, as well as pots of their signature soups that are on service every day.

Check out their most popular items below:

Denny’s Coffee

No catered event featuring Denny’s is complete without a regularly flowing batch of their signature coffee. It is the very taste of comfort and familiarity, and something that people have spent hours sipping at while snacking on appetizers while sharing and building memories with friends. You can get yours by the batch and keep the coffee flowing.

Get yours for $2.99 a pot

Meat Lover’s Omelet

When you order from Denny’s you’ll be ordering in bulk, so regular menu items will be coming in large batches that can be served from chafing dishes. Omelets are a popular option for this, as the eggs remain delicious so long as they are properly heated, and the tastes of the ingredients bolster the whole dish.

Get the Meat Lover’s Omelet for $9.99 a dish

Seasoned Fries

Their seasoned fries are some of the most popular items on their menu, and it’s no surprise they remain the favorite for customers that order them for catering. Crisp and delicious, these fries are best when served up with ranch dressing or ketchup, both of which you can purchase from their catering menu. Your guests will enjoy snaking on these as a compliment to their full meal.

Order by the batch for $2.99

Super Bird Sandwich

Easily one of the best things to ever grace Denny’s menu, the Super Bird Sandwich is a popular catering item due to its flavor and composition. Made with turkey, bacon, ham, tomatoes, and cheese on sourdough the Super Bird will bring an incredible flavor to your catered event. Simply order as many as you need at their default catering rate.

Each Sandwich Will Run You $9.99 Each.

Enjoy Denny’s Catering Offering

Denny’s is a comfortable and familiar part of many peoples days, a place where they go when the hour is late, and the road is long. Whenever you reach those long quiet doldrums of the soul, Denny’s is there. When it’s early in the morning, and the Church Services are over, Denny’s will welcome you in. At 2 am when you’ve been driving for the past 14 hours and need a filling meal before settling in for the night, Denny’s will take care of you, and when you know that your business event matters