Hard Rock Cafe Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Hard Rock Cafe's Gluten Free Menu Prices

If you’re looking to eat at a world-famous American institution, but you’re gluten intolerant, the Hard Rock Cafe gluten free menu is one of the best options available to you. Hard Rock Cafe is famous for its food options and its rock memorabilia — its locations are jam-packed with different iconic rock gear.

While Hard Rock Cafe is most famous in America, the chain has locations in most major cities throughout the world. Their location-specific t-shirts have become a popular souvenir item for many travelers.

If you’re looking to eat gluten free, there aren’t many better options than Hard Rock Cafe. You’ll be pleased to find an extensive gluten free menu that can be provided to you separately from the regular menu.

If you’re interested in seeing what options are available on the gluten free menu, we have the whole Hard Rock Cafe gluten free menu.



Potato Skins$11.95
Classic Nachos$11.50


Cobb Salad$10.95
Grilled Arugula Salad$13.25


Grilled Norwegian Salmon$21.75
Cowboy Rib Eye$36.00
New York Strip Steak$26.50
Hickory-Smoked Ribs$23.99

Burgers & Sandwiches

Original Legendary Burger$15.75
The Big Cheeseburger$15.75
Mushroom & Swiss Burger$15.75
Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Sandwich$14.50

Sides & Add-Ons

Seasoned French Fries$4.20
Golden Mashed Potatoes$4.25
Fresh Seasonal Vegetables$4.25
Grilled Shrimp$7.25
Citrus Coleslaw$4.25
Caramelised Onions$7.25
Sauteed Mushrooms$4.50


Ice Cream$9.75
Sinful Hot Fudge Sundae$9.75
Hot Fudge Brownie$9.75
Mini Creme Brulee$8.50


Thick Shakes$2.19
Gluten Free Beer$1.89
Cocktails And Wines$1.89

Popular Gluten Free Items at Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is a great place to stop for lunch or dinner if you’re looking for a gluten free meal. They have a range of starters, entrees, and gluten free burgers for those who want to avoid the allergen in their meals.

They even have a variety of desserts that you can choose from. You have to make sure to double check when you get to your specific restaurant, as there are different menus depending on locations.

We’ll take a look at the top gluten free meals at Hard Rock Cafe below!

Classic Nachos

The Classic Nachos is a great way to get your meal started. It comes with tortilla chips, beans, jack and cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, jalapeños, and green onions.

It also comes with sour cream. Make sure that you say that you want it gluten free.

The price of the Classic Nachos is $11.

Grilled Norweigan Salmon

If you’re looking for a large and fresh entree that has plenty of flavor, the Grilled Norwegian Salmon is a good choice. It comes with a 8-0z filet and grilled tender with BBQ sauce and a range of other seasoning.

It also comes with sides. Also make sure to tell your server that you want it gluten free.

The cost of the Grilled Norwegian Salmon is $20.

The Big Cheeseburger

If you’re looking for something a bit more hearty, the Big Cheeseburger is a great option. Make sure that you request that it has a gluten free bun instead of a regular bun.

This burger comes with meat, multiple cheeses, lettuce, onion, and tomato. The price of the Big Cheeseburger is $15.

Chocolate Ice Cream

It can be hard to find desserts at restaurants if you are gluten intolerant, but Hard Rock Cafe has plenty of options. The Chocolate Ice Cream is a great choice if you’re trying to stay gluten free, just make sure that any of your toppings are gluten free too — baked toppings typically contain gluten.

The cost of the chocolate ice cream is $5.

Enjoy Hard Rock Cafe’s Gluten Free Offering

Finding food at famous restaurants without gluten used to be pretty hard — chances are if there is plenty of flavor in a meal, it has gluten. But recent times have ensured that many top restaurant owners have begun incorporating gluten free menu items.

Hard Rock Cafe is a great example of an eatery that has decided to bring a lot of diversity to their gluten free menu. They provide gluten free meals and plenty of alterations for meals to make them gluten free.

As always, make sure to talk to your server before you end up making an order — nutrition value can change depending on location.

The first Hard Rock Cafe opened in 1971. They now have over 190 locations in over 70 countries throughout the world.

The Hard Rock Cafe is privately owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida.