In-N-Out Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find In-N-Out's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

If you love In-N-Out, but you’re worried about gluten consumption, the In-N-Out gluten free menu can help you avoid the notorious allergen. In-N-Out is one of the world’s most famous fast food restaurants — people travel from far and wide to try In-N-Out in California.

With a simple but effective menu, In-N-Out provides all the fast food a foodie could dream of. They have a reputation for their wonderful burgers and milkshakes.

Fortunately, In-N-Out is very aware of the problems facing gluten intolerant individuals. They ensure that their customers can enjoy most of their favorite menu items without having to worry about being exposed to gluten.

The In-N-Out gluten free menu can help you enjoy your favorite fast food items at In-N-Out. If you’ve been having trouble finding it, we have the entire gluten free menu right here on our site.


Drinks And Shakes

Chocolate Shake$2.15
Vanilla Shake$2.15
Strawberry Shake$2.15
Coca-ColaExtra Large$2.05
Diet CokeSmall$1.50
Diet CokeMedium$1.65
Diet CokeLarge$1.85
Diet CokeExtra Large$2.05
7UPExtra Large$2.05
Dr PepperSmall$1.50
Dr PepperMedium$1.65
Dr PepperLarge$1.85
Dr PepperExtra Large$2.05
Root BeerSmall$1.50
Root BeerMedium$1.65
Root BeerLarge$1.85
Root BeerExtra Large$2.05
LemonadeExtra Large$2.05
Minute Maid Light LemonadeSmall$1.50
Minute Maid Light LemonadeMedium$1.65
Minute Maid Light LemonadeLarge$1.85
Minute Maid Light LemonadeExtra Large$2.05
Iced TeaSmall$1.50
Iced TeaMedium$1.65
Iced TeaLarge$1.85
Iced TeaExtra Large$2.05

Popular Gluten Free Items at In-N-Out

In-N-Out is known for having an extremely basic menu — they understand what their customers want, and don’t attempt to overdo it. They’re popular for their lunch and dinner options.

Fortunately, you can try most of the things on the In-N-Out menu by simply making some modifications. Burgers, fries, and milkshakes are the primary sources of food at this popular hotspot.

If you want to take a look at what their loyal customer base tends to order, we’ve compiled a list of the fan favorites from the In-N-Out gluten free menu below!

Cheeseburger with Onion (Lettuce Bun)

If you’re looking to eat something that In-N-Out is famous for, the Cheeseburger with Onion is the way to go. It comes with beef, lettuce, tomato, spread, cheese, onions, and a lettuce bun.

Make sure to specify that you want the lettuce bun instead of the regular bun when you order this menu item. The cost of the Cheeseburger with Onion is $2.40.

Hamburger with Onion (Lettuce Bun)

If you’re looking for something similar to the cheeseburger, but you don’t want cheese, the Hamburger with Onion is a great option. It comes with beef, lettuce, tomato, spread, onions, and a lettuce bun.

As with before, make sure to specify that you want a lettuce bun. The cost of the Hamburger with Onion is $2.10.

French Fries

The great thing about In-N-Out is that their fries a gluten free — this is something you often don’t find at fast food establishments. They’re the perfect addition to any of their main meals.

If you’re looking to buy the french fries at In-N-Out, they’ll cost you $1.60.

Chocolate Shake

If you want something sweet to accompany your meal, or you’re looking for a gluten free dessert, the Chocolate Shake is the perfect way to go. It is made with real chocolate ice cream and milk.

If you want to purchase one of the Chocolate Shakes it will cost you $2.15.

Enjoy In-N-Out’s Gluten Free Offering

If you’ve been worried your gluten intolerance will prevent you from eating the types of foods that you enjoy, you’ll be pleased to know that In-N-Out has plenty of gluten free options. In fact, plenty of fast food restaurants have begun to offer gluten free options to their clients.

It’s a great time to be eating out as a gluten intolerant person — plenty of restaurants have fully devoted gluten free menus that allow you to eat in peace. Most of the hospitality industry is starting to understand how important it is to offer gluten free options to their customers.

In-N-Out is one of the most iconic American fast-food brands in the country — it used to be exclusive to the California region. The first In-N-Out opened in 1948 — there are now over 300 locations in six states.

The company remains privately owned.