Jamba Juice Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Jamba Juice's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

The Jamba Juice gluten free menu is the perfect choice for anyone who’s looking for a refreshing smoothie without gluten. If you live in the United States, there’s a high chance you know what Jamba Juice is — they have a significant presence in over 25 states.

If you want something quick and refreshing, Jamba Juice has a range of affordable smoothies on offer. They make your smoothie the second you order it — they’re known for their fresh and fruity tastes.

The best thing about Jamba Juice is that most of their smoothies are gluten free, you won’t have to worry about missing out on their most popular smoothies just because you’re gluten intolerant. Make sure to mention that you’re gluten intolerant when you order, just so your server can prevent any mistakes from occurring.

We’ve compiled the entire Jamba Juice gluten free menu for your enjoyment!



Classic Smoothies

Aloha Pineapple SmoothieSmall$4.69
Aloha Pineapple SmoothieMedium$5.39
Aloha Pineapple SmoothieLarge$6.09
Banana Berry SmoothieSmall$4.69
Banana Berry SmoothieMedium$5.39
Banana Berry SmoothieLarge$6.09
Caribbean Passion SmoothieSmall$4.69
Caribbean Passion SmoothieMedium$5.39
Caribbean Passion SmoothieLarge$6.09
Chili Mango SmoothieSmall$4.69
Chili Mango SmoothieMedium$5.39
Chili Mango SmoothieLarge$6.09
Mango-A-Go-Go SmoothieSmall$4.69
Mango-A-Go-Go SmoothieMedium$5.39
Mango-A-Go-Go SmoothieLarge$6.09
Peach Pleasure SmoothieSmall$4.69
Peach Pleasure SmoothieMedium$5.39
Peach Pleasure SmoothieLarge$6.09
Razzmatazz SmoothieSmall$4.69
Razzmatazz SmoothieMedium$5.39
Razzmatazz SmoothieLarge$6.09
Strawberries Wild SmoothieSmall$4.69
Strawberries Wild SmoothieMedium$5.39
Strawberries Wild SmoothieLarge$6.09
Strawberry Surf Rider SmoothieSmall$4.69
Strawberry Surf Rider SmoothieMedium$5.39
Strawberry Surf Rider SmoothieLarge$6.09

Super Blend Smoothies

Apples N ChargeSmall$4.69
Apples N ChargeMedium$5.39
Apples N ChargeLarge$6.09

Whole Food Nutrition Smoothies

Amazing GreensSmall$5.49
Amazing GreensMedium$6.19
Amazing GreensLarge$6.89
Kale-ribbean BreezeSmall$5.49
Kale-ribbean BreezeMedium$6.19
Kale-ribbean BreezeLarge$6.89
PB Chocolate LoveSmall$5.49
PB Chocolate LoveMedium$6.19
PB Chocolate LoveLarge$6.89

All Fruit Smoothies

Mega Mango SmoothieSmall$4.99
Mega Mango SmoothieMedium$5.69
Mega Mango SmoothieLarge$6.59
Peach Perfection SmoothieSmall$4.99
Peach Perfection SmoothieMedium$5.69
Peach Perfection SmoothieLarge$6.59
Strawberry Whirl SmoothieSmall$4.99
Strawberry Whirl SmoothieMedium$5.69
Strawberry Whirl SmoothieLarge$6.59

Fruit And Veggie Smoothies

Apple n Greens SmoothieSmall$4.99
Apple n Greens SmoothieMedium$5.69
Apple n Greens SmoothieLarge$6.59
Greens n GingerSmall$4.99
Greens n GingerMedium$5.69
Greens n GingerLarge$6.59
Berry UpBEET SmoothieSmall$4.99
Berry UpBEET SmoothieMedium$5.69
Berry UpBEET SmoothieLarge$6.59
Orange Carrot Karma SmoothieSmall$4.99
Orange Carrot Karma SmoothieMedium$5.69
Orange Carrot Karma SmoothieLarge$6.59

Boosted With A Purpose Smoothies

Açaí Super Antioxidant SmoothieSmall$5.49
Açaí Super Antioxidant SmoothieMedium$6.19
Açaí Super Antioxidant SmoothieLarge$6.89
Orange C-Booster SmoothieSmall$5.49
Orange C-Booster SmoothieMedium$6.19
Orange C-Booster SmoothieLarge$6.89

Creamy Treats Smoothies

Chocolate Mood SmoothieSmall$4.99
Chocolate Mood SmoothieMedium$5.69
Chocolate Mood SmoothieLarge$6.59
Matcha Green Tea Blast SmoothieSmall$4.99
Matcha Green Tea Blast SmoothieMedium$5.69
Matcha Green Tea Blast SmoothieLarge$6.59
Orange Dream Machine SmoothieSmall$4.99
Orange Dream Machine SmoothieMedium$5.69
Orange Dream Machine SmoothieLarge$6.59
Peanut Butter Mood SmoothieSmall$4.99
Peanut Butter Mood SmoothieMedium$5.69
Peanut Butter Mood SmoothieLarge$6.59


Whole Food Boosts

Greek Yogurt Boost$6.29
Kale Boost$6.29
Chia Seed Boost$6.29
Pumpkin Seed Boost$6.29


Collagen Boost$7.79
Probiotic Boost$7.79
Soy Protein Boost$7.79
Lean Balance Boost$7.79
Whey Protein Boost$7.79

Popular Gluten Free Items at Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is a great choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They have some of the most popular smoothie blends in the country — you’re sure to find something you enjoy on their menu.

Jamba Juice is also happy to cater for large groups if you’re looking to bring their smoothies to an office party or function — you won’t have to worry about gluten free issues if you order the right types of smoothie.

Below are the top gluten free Jamba Juice flavors available.

Strawberry Surf Rider

If you’re looking for something simple and refreshing, the Strawberry Surf Rider is one of your best gluten free options. It comes with peaces, strawberries, and a mix of lemonade.

It’s another refreshing option if the weather is hot! The cost of the Strawberry Surf Rider is $5.39 for a medium.

Caribbean Passion

Another one of the most popular fruit-packed smoothies at Jamba Juice is the Caribbean Passion Smoothie. It comes with strawberries, peaches, passion fruit-mango juice, and orange sherbet.

It’s sure to be refreshing on a hot or intense day! The cost of the Caribbean Passion Smoothie is $5.39 for a medium.

Aloha Pineapple

One of the most popular smoothies on the gluten free menu at Jamba Juice is the Aloha Pineapple. It comes with strawberries, banana, and pineapple sherbet — you don’t want to miss out on this if you’re a fan of pineapple.

The cost of the Aloha Pineapple smoothie at Jamba Juice is just $5.39 for a medium.

Banana Berry

If you’re looking for something a bit different the Banana Berry smoothie at Jamba Juice creates a unique purple color — you’ll find there are some awesome present in this smoothie — it includes strawberries, blueberries, and raspberry sherbet.

The cost of the Banana Berry smoothie is just $5.39 for a medium.

Enjoy Jamba Juice’s Gluten Free Offering

If you’re looking for something healthy and nutritious, it can often be hard to find something gluten free unless you decide to make it yourself. The gluten free smoothies at Jamba Juice are refreshing news to those who haven’t been successful at finding similar items in the past.

Jamba Juice promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, and with this they need to be certain they’re accommodating to people with specific allergies. Jamba Juice is focused on providing gluten free options for their loyal customer base.

As one of the most recognizable smoothie chains in the country, Jamba Juice has made a name for itself in its niche. The company first started trading in 1990 — it has since grown into a national chain with over 800 locations.

Jamba Juice is now a publicly traded company — it is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.