Jamba Juice Catering Menu Prices

Find Jamba Juice Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you want to get creative with your catering, the Jamba Juice catering menu might be what you’re looking for. Not many people think of smoothies and fruit-based catering options when they’re planning their next function or event, but Jamba Juice has proven wildly popular with a range of different organizations.

Jamba Juice is primarily known for their smoothies — they have a wide range of different popular smoothie locations throughout the country. But their catering menu also includes other options that can help you provide unique and satisfying food choices for your next event. They have pre-set packages you can purchase that are tailor-made to suit groups of any size.

Don’t waste countless hours trying to find their catering menu prices, we’ve already compiled everything you need to know right here on our menu site.


Classic Smoothies

Peach PleasurePer Person$4.29
Strawberry Surf RiderPer Person$4.29
Mango-A-Go-GoPer Person$4.29
RazzmatazzPer Person$4.29
Strawberries WildPer Person$4.29
Caribbean PassionPer Person$4.29
Banana BerryPer Person$4.29

All Fruit Smoothies

Strawberry WhirlPer Person$4.49
Peach PerfectionPer Person$4.49
Mega MangoPer Person$4.49
Pomegranate ParadisePer Person$4.49

Fruit & Veggie Smoothies

Berry UpBEETPer Person$4.49
Apple n GreensPer Person$4.49

Whole Food Nutrition Smoothies

Amazing GreensPer Person$4.49

Creamy Treats

Chocolate MoodPer Person$4.59
Orange Dream MachinePer Person$4.59

Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Fresh BlueberriesPer Person$4.49
Fresh StrawberriesPer Person$4.49
Shredded CoconutPer Person$4.49
Brown Sugar CrumblePer Person$4.49
Apple CinnamonPer Person$4.49
Clover HoneyPer Person$4.49


Jamba Organic Fruit ShredsPer Person$4.29
Jamba Organic Fruit StarsPer Person$4.29
Original PopchipsPer Person$4.29
BBQ PopchipsPer Person$4.29
Pirates Booty Aged White CheddarPer Person$4.29
KIND Fruit and Nut BarPer Person$4.29
CLIF Builders Protein Bar, ChocolatePer Person$4.29
CLIF Bars-Twisted FruitPer Person$4.29

Baked Goods

Sweet Belgian WafflePer Person$4.59
Carrot Morning MuffinPer Person$4.59

Popular Catering Choices at Jamba Juice

While Jamba Juice seems to be most popular for morning catering needs, their catering menu can be used any time of day! If you’re looking for a fruity, healthy alternative to catering, the Jamba Juice catering-specific menu items will be perfect for you.

Smoothies, fruit bowls, juices, and more all feature on the catering menu and can be ordered in as large or as little amounts as needed. If you’re wondering what other people have been ordering from Jamba Juice, check out some of the most popular catering menu items below!

Smoothie Pack

It’s hard not to try Jamba Juice’s smoothies if you’re looking at their catering menu, after all it is their most famous menu item. You can pre-order a Smoothie Pack to include 15 small smoothies for your next event — you can order multiple if you need more.

Popular smoothie choice include Strawberries Wild, Apple ‘N Greens, Orange Dream Machine, and much more. A Smoothie Pack costs $75.

Bowl Bar

If you’re looking for more than just smoothies, the Bowl Bar might be the right choice for you instead. You choose two bases which consist of certain items such as yogurts or chia puddings, and then you select from a range of toppings. Toppings include different types of fruits, seeds, and nuts.

It allows your guests to get creative with their food. Each Bowl Bar feeds between 12-15 guests — they cost $125 each.

Juice Bar

If you’re looking for some juice to add to other food options at your event, Jamba Juice has the perfect solution. If you need a lot of juice, the Juice Bar is the right menu item for you.

It consists of four different juices — it can serve up to 24 guests. Juice options include orange, carrot, apple, and cucumber orange.

Each Juice Bar costs $55.

Single Carafe

If you want some juice but you don’t need a full juice bar, you can purchase a Single Carafe of juice for $15. You can choose between orange, apple, carrot, and cucumber orange.

You can order as many as you like.

Enjoy Jamba Juice’s Catering Offering

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, ordering in some popular Jamba Juice options is never a bad idea. Sometimes your guests may want some healthier options and this provides the perfect solution for you.

Each catering option allows you to choose from a variety of different items — you can make sure that you have different flavors and juices for all your co-workers or clients. Contact your local Jamba Juice to order your catering items in advance — they’ll need time to prepare them.

Remember, you can also order anything from their regular menu if you need much less quantities of their world famous smoothies, juices, or bowls!