Johnny Rockets Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Johnny Rockets' Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

If you’re thinking about heading to a classic American diner next time you eat out, the Johnny Rockets gluten free menu is one of your best options if you can’t eat gluten. This longtime American favorite has a reputation for being one of the most authentic diners in the country.

With a wide-sweeping menu that covers any time of day, you’ll be pleased to find a range of different types of food on their menu. They’re well-known for their commitment to large portions and friendly customer service.

Best of all, they also have a tremendous gluten free menu which can help you eat according to your dietary requirements. They do suggest that you be careful should you have an extreme allergy to gluten — they can’t guarantee that cross contamination won’t occur in the kitchen.

If you’ve been searching far and wide for their gluten free menu — it’s here!


Starters And Sides


Bacon Cheese Fries$3.49
Cheese Fries$3.29


Gardein Burger (Gluten Free Bun)$4.59
The Original Burger (Gluten Free Bun)1/4 lb$4.59


Kids Grilled Chicken$3.49
Kids Hamburger (Add American Gluten Free Bun)$3.29
Kids Hamburger (Add Cheddar Gluten Free Bun)$3.29
Kids Hamburger (Add Pepper Jack Gluten Free Bun)$3.29
Kids Hamburger (Add Provolone Gluten Free Bun)$3.29
Kids Hamburger (Add Swiss Gluten Free Bun)$3.29
Kids Hamburger (Gluten Free Bun)$2.95

Fresh Favorites

Grilled Chicken Club Salad$3.29
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Gluten Free Bun)$4.59


Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Gluten Free Bun)$5.69

Salads And Dressings

1000 Island1.5 fl Oz.$1.55
Balsamic Vinaigrette1.5 fl Oz.$1.55
Bleu Cheese1.5 fl Oz.$1.55
Fat-Free Italian1.5 fl Oz.$1.55
Honey Mustard2 fl Oz.$1.55
House-Made Ranch$1.55
Garden Salad$4.09
Grilled Chicken Club Salad$4.09
Honey Mustard1 fl Oz.$1.55
House-Made Ranch1 fl Oz.$1.55
Side Salad1 fl Oz.$4.09
Smoke House BBQ Sauce1 fl Oz.$1.55
Smokin Chipotle Ranch1 fl Oz.$1.55
Special Sauce1 fl Oz.$1.55


Chicken Philly Cheese Steak Scrambler$5.99
Choice of 3 Ingredients Scrambler Plain$6.25
Eggs My Way (1 Egg, Bacon)$5.99
Eggs My Way (2 Eggs, Bacon)$6.25
Eggs My Way (3 Eggs, Bacon)$6.55

Grab N Go

Grab and Go Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad$3.29
Grab and Go Grilled Chicken with Cool Ranch and Bacon Salad$3.49
Grab and Go Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad$3.49


Cherry Syrup0.75 fl Oz.$1.79
Hersheys Chocolate Syrup0.75 fl Oz.$1.79
Vanilla Syrup0.75 fl Oz.$1.79

Popular Gluten Free Items at Johnny Rockets

No matter if you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Johnny Rockets has plenty of different food options for you to enjoy. Their gluten free offering includes selections such salads, breakfast plates, gluten free burgers, sides, and a range of different meats.

You won’t have to worry about not having an ample amount of choice — there’s something for every preference at Johnny Rockets.

If you think you need some help deciding what you should order from their gluten free menu, we’ve put together a detailed list of their most popular menu items — check it out!

Garden Salad

Salads can be complicated these days, which means they often include gluten. Fortunately, the Garden Salad at Johnny Rockets has all you need to enjoy a nutritious gluten free meal.

It comes with greens, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and your choice of dressing — make sure to tell the staff you want a gluten free dressing. The cost of the meal is $5.29.

#12 Burger (GF Bun)

If you’re looking for a classic burger, the #12 burger at Johnny Rockets is your best choice — it’s what they’re famous for. This burger comes with lettuce, meat, cheese, onion, pickle, mayo, and ketchup.

Just make sure to mention that you want it in a gluten free bun. The cost of the #12 Burger is $5.19.


Sometimes you just want to indulge — french fries are the perfect side item if you’re looking to add an American favorite to your meal. At Johnny Rockets, the fries come with skin-on.

An order of these wonderful fries will cost you $2.19.

Eggs My Way

If you’re in the market for some breakfast, Johnny Rockets has plenty of different options. The Eggs My Way is the best way to get a custom breakfast at an affordable price — it’s also gluten free.

It comes with three eggs cooked the way you want them, as well as a side of bacon. The cost of the Eggs My Way starts at $2.99.

Enjoy Johnny Rockets’ Gluten Free Offering

Diners exist in the folklore of America — but they can often be places that are loaded with gluten-based foods. If you’ve struggled to find an American diner that you can eat at with a gluten intolerance, you’re probably not alone.

In fact, it’s not until recently that people have begun to offer gluten free food options at many major restaurants. Fortunately, Johnny Rockets makes it easy to find out which of their menu items is gluten free.

They do stress that you should not eat at their location if you have a severe allergy, otherwise you might be opening yourself up to cross contamination.

The restaurant first opened its doors in LA in 1986 — since then it has expanded into a worldwide chain with over 300 locations. The chain is currently owned by Sun Capital Partners.