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Find Johnny Rockets Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Here you will find the full menu with prices for Johnny Rockets®. Johnny Rockets is known for classic American diner food with a focus on great burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and hand dipped milkshakes served in a playful vintage diner atmosphere.

The ambiance at Johnny Rockets makes it a great meeting destination for friends, and also a fantastic place to take the kids for a fun experience. A focus on purchasing domestic meat and produce makes it a great choice for the new generation of food consumers as well.

Below you will find the full menu with prices as well as some top recommendations from the menu:


Shareable Starters + Sides

American Fries480 cal -Perfectly-seasoned premium U.S. potatoes$2.79
Cheese Fries700 cal$3.49
Chili Cheese Fries950 cal$4.59
Bacon Cheese Fries790 cal$4.89
Half Rings & Half Fries670 cal$3.79


Never frozen 100% Domestic Farm-Raised Beef
The Original790 cal - The one that started it all! Crisp shredded lettuce, fresh tomato, chopped onion, relish, crinkle-cut pickle, mustard & mayonnaise.$7.99
the Spicy Houston*750 cal - Spicy jalapenos, Pepper Jack cheese, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh tomato & our Smokin' Chipotle Ranch Sauce. $9.49
Rocket Single® or Rocket Double®*Single: 810 cal, Double: 1190 cal - Our signature hamburger includes Wisconsin Cheddar cheese, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh tomato, sliced onion & Special sauce.Single $8.99, Double $10.99
Smoke House*Single: 940 cal, Double: 1410 cal - Thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon, crispy sourdough onion rings, Wisconsin Cheddar cheese & our special recipe "Smoke House: BBQ Sauce.Single $9.99, Double $11.49
Bacon Cheddar*Single: 990 cal, Double: 1370 cal - Thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon, Wisconsin Cheddar cheese, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh tomato, white onion & Special Sauce.Single $9.49, Double $11.49
Streamliner® Vegetarian400 cal - An all-natural 100% soy Boca® Burger patty topped with caramelized onions, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh tomato, crinkle-cut pickle & yellow mustard served on a whole wheat bun.$7.99
Route 66*920 cal - Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions & mayonnaise.$9.49
#12*870 cal - This hamburger debuted on Johnny Rocket's opening day. On a scale of 1-10, our guests rated it a 12! Wisconsin Cheddar cheese, crisp leaf lettuce, sliced onion, crinkle-cut pickles, mayonnaise & our Rockin' Red Sauce®, tangy chili ketchup with a kick.$8.99

Create a Farm-Fresh Hamburger

Start with a 100% U.S. Farm-Fresh Burger* for $7.49, then pile on the fresh & tasty toppings. After all, your hamburger is exactly that - yours!
Fresh Freebies
Ketchup 35 cal
Mayonnaise 190 cal
Mustard 20 cal
Smokin' Chipotle
Ranch Sauce 90 cal
Honey Mustard 40 cal
House-Made Ranch 100 cal
Leaf Lettuce 5 cal
Tomato 5 cal
Sliced Onion 10 cal
Caramelized Onions 20 cal
Crinkle-Cut Pickles 0 cal
Relish 15 cal
BBQ Sauce 45 cal
Smoke House BBQ Sauce 70 cal
Special Sauce 140 cal
Rockin' Red Sauce® 30 cal
Exciting Extras
American Cheese 70 cal$1.29
Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese 90 cal
Pepper Jack Cheese 90 cal
Provolone Cheese 100 cal
Swiss Cheese 110 cal
Cheddar Cheese Sauce 70 cal
Grilled Mushrooms 70 cal
Spicy Jalapenos 10 cal
Grilled Green Bell Peppers 25 cal
Original Chili Bowl®** All-Meat Chili 120 cal
Fried Egg* 90 cal
2 Applewood Smoked Bacon Slices 90 calAdd $1.49
2 Sourdough Onion Rings 150 calAdd $1.39
* Substitute Proteins: Turkey Patty 300 cal, Chicken Breast (Add $2.49) 150 cal, 100% Soy Boca® Burger 100 cal, Double Protein (Add $2.49) 290 cal. * Advise your server or food allergies. Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Dairy-Fresh Shakes

Premium Ice cream. Creamy & Refreshing Hand Spun Shakes. Pure Vanilla Extract.
Hershey's® Chocolate 920 cal$4.79
Strawberry 820 cal
Vanilla 890 cal
Banana 850 cal$5.29
Chocolate Strawberry Kiss 890 cal
M&M's® 1080 cal
Orange Dreamsicle® 750 cal
Oreo® Cookies & Cream 1070 cal
Strawberry Banana 890 cal
Strawberry Oreo® Crumble 980 cal
Chocolate Peanut Butter 1060 cal
Peanut Butter 1150 cal
Butterfinger® 1060 cal
Barq's® Root Beer 550 cal$3.79
Fanta® Orange 560 cal
Coke® 530 cal

Farm-Fresh Favorites

Farm-Raised chicken & crisp veggie ensure these favorites are delicious & devourable.
Chicken Club Sandwich*890 cal$9.79
Tuna Salad Sandwich690-750 cal$8.49
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich*610 cal$8.99
Chicken Tenders*880 cal$9.49
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich590-650 cal$7.99
Philly Cheese Steak*Thinly sliced sirloin steak, grilled to perfection, mixed with caramelized onions & topped with Provolone cheese. Served on authentic hearth-baked Amoroso roll.$10.29 740-820 cal, or make it a Chicken Philly* $10.29 650-720 cal
Rocket Dog710 cal - Grilled, all-American 9-inch extra long hot dog smothered in legendary Original Chili Bowl® all-meat chili, sprinkled with shredded Wisconsin Cheddar cheese & topped with chopped onions.$7.79
All meals served with unlimited fries or a side salad. Substitute onion rings or sweet potato fries additional charge.
Grilled or Crispy Chicken Club Salad*Grilled farm-raised chicken breast or lightly breaded chicken tenders served on farm-fresh seasonal greens with chopped Applewood smoked bacon, fresh diced tomatoes, shredded Wisconsin Cheddar cheese & choice of dressing.* Grilled 390 cal, Crispy 540 cal$8.49
Garden Salad150 cal - Crisp seasonal greens topped with fresh diced tomatoes, shredded Wisconsin Cheddar cheese & choice of dressing.*$3.99
Apple Pecan Chicken Salad*530-810 cal - Grilled chicken breast served on crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce with Bleu cheese, candied pecans dried cranberries, fresh diced apples & choice of dressing.$9.49
*House-made Ranch 190 cal, Honey Mustard 90 cal, Bleu Cheese 280 cal, Balsamic Vinaigrette 280 cal, 1000 Island 280 cal, Fat-Free Italian 40 cal


BBQ Chicken Bacon Melt*840 cal - Grilled farm-raised chicken breast, Wisconsin Cheddar cheese, thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon, crispy onion rings & tangy BBQ sauce on grilled sourdough bread.$9.99
Patty Melt*780 cal - Farm-fresh, never frozen U.S. beef grilled with caramelized onions, American & Wisconsin Cheddar cheeses on grilled rye bread.$9.49
Grilled Cheese620-680 cal - Our grown-up version of the grilled cheese with two slices of American & two slices of Provolone cheese, tomato & caramelized onions on choice of white, wheat, rye or sourdough bread.$6.99
Tuna Melt720-780 cal - Premium white albacore tuna salad, made fresh daily, grilled with Wisconsin Cheddar cheese on choice of white, wheat, rye or sourdough bread.$9.49

Kids Meal Deals + Shakes

Includes kid-sized drink, fries or celery sticks, applesauce.
Kid's Hamburgers*480-520 cal (Add cheese $1.29 110 cal) - Two mini hamburgers served with choice of ketchup, mustard, relish & pickle.$4.99
Chicken Tenders*440 cal - Three lightly breaded chicken tenders with choice of BBQ, House-made Ranch or Honey Mustard dipping sauce.$4.99
Mini Hot Dogs410-450 cal - Two kid-sized hot dogs served with choice of ketchup, mustard, relish & pickle.$4.99
Grilled Chicken Strips*240 cal - Grilled farm-raised chicken breast, celery sticks & applesauce.$4.99
Grilled Cheese390-530 cal - Choice of American, Wisconsin Cheddar, Provolone, Pepper Jack or Swiss cheese on white, wheat, rye or sourdough bread.$4.99
Kids Original ShakesHershey's® Chocolate 580 cal, Strawberry 550 cal, Vanilla 560 cal.$3.39
Kids Deluxe ShakesM&M's® 640 cal, Chocolate Banana 620 cal, Oreo® Cookies & Cream 640 cal.$3.79
Kids Apple Juice$1.79
Substitute a kid-sized original shake for only $1.49 or kid-sized Deluxe shake for only $1.89. *Advise your server of food allergies. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Drink Menu

Soda Pop + More
Coke® 240 cal$2.69
Diet Coke® 0 cal
Sprite® 26 cal
PIBB Xtra® 240 cal
Minute Maid® Lemonade 240 cal
Barq's® Root Beer 280 cal
Fanta® Orange 270 cal
Gold Peak® Iced Tea 0 cal
Milk 380 cal
Other Beverages
Hot Chocolate 160 cal$1.99
Hot Tea 0 cal
100% Colombian Coffee 0 cal
Dasani® Bottled Water 0 cal
Flavor Shots
Cherry 120 cal
Lemon 0 cal
Vanilla 120 cal
Hershey's® Chocolate 150 cal
Free Refills happily provided on fountain beverages.

Dessert Favorites

The Perfect Brownie Sundae1350 cal - A decadent blend of gourmet chocolate goodness. Our perfect brownie with a scoop of our premium vanilla ice cream, hot fudge & whipped cream.$5.59
Super Sundae600-720 cal -Two scoops of our premium vanilla ice cream with choice of sauce, almonds and whipped cream. Sauces include Hershey's® chocolate, hot fudge or strawberry.$4.59
Vanilla Ice cream210 cal -A single scoop of our premium vanilla ice cream.$1.99
Apple Pie Slice$3.29 610 cal, Add A La Mode $1.50 210 cal, Add Cheddar Cheese $1.29 90 cal

Popular Menu Items

You won’t leave Johnny Rockets hungry. All burgers are served with unlimited fries or a side salad. In addition, switch out the beef on any burger for chicken, ground turkey or a veggie burger for the ultimate in menu flexibility.

The salad section is probably the best bet for those looking for something light. If you have the kids in tow, a helpful kids menu has plenty of kid favorites like grilled cheese, chicken tenders and hot dogs. For those that appreciate sweet treats, be sure to save room for a classic float, blended shake, or slice of pie.

Here are a few of our favorites from the menu:

Sweet Potato Fries

Whether you have them as a starter or alongside a great burger, we recommend these sweet and crispy fries as a change up from the traditional French fry. Great dipped in Ranch dressing. $4.49.

Crispy Chicken Club Salad

This huge salad will satisfy your salad cravings. Crispy fried chicken tenders, smoked bacon, tomatoes and cheddar cheese top a crisp blend of Romaine and Iceberg lettuce. Fantastic with honey mustard dressing. $8.49.

Smoke House Double

The farm fresh and never frozen beef used by Johnny Rockets isn’t the only secret to their great burgers. It is also the care in preparation and quality ingredients used for the toppings. This customer favorite has two ¼ lb burgers joined with smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and a barbeque-ranch special sauce. If that wasn’t enough, the final topper is crunchy onion rings. $11.49.

Rocket Burger

This is the Johnny Rockets’ signature burger. Wisconsin Cheddar cheese and a special sauce is what sets it apart from your typical burger. At Johnny Rockets there are a ton of additional toppings to choose from as well so feel free to customize to your tastes. $8.99 for a single, $10.99 for a double.

Deluxe Shake

Don’t forget to leave some room to finish your Johnny Rocket experience with a hand dipped milkshake. Quality ingredients in a variety of flavors make this a fun ending to any meal. Try the Strawberry Oreo® Crumble for something new. $5.29.

Johnny Rockets History

The original Johnny Rockets location was opened by founder Ronn Teitelbaum in Los Angeles, California in 1986 on the prestigious Melrose Avenue. The design concept focused on a vintage diner with a long counter, stools and a jukebox playing classic tunes.

One of the unique features of the growth of this chain in the years to follow has been the variety of venue choices for the restaurant. Of note are several locations aboard Royal Caribbean International cruise ships, several booths in Yankee stadium, and a 6,000 square foot restaurant located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. As of 2010 there were 320 locations spread over 29 nations.

2016 has brought a décor upgrade to many Johnny Rocket locations aiming towards a more modern look. Re-branding has focused on quality ingredients, including fresh and never frozen beef that is domestically raised to target more of a millennial customer base.