Original Pancake House Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Original Pancake House's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast at any time of day, but you can’t eat gluten, the Original Pancake House gluten free menu is just the thing you’re looking for. Original Pancake House is well-known for having some of the best breakfast options in the country.

They’re most famous for their pancakes, but they’ve also got a range of other options available to those who want different breakfast menu items. With an extremely extensive menu and friendly service, it’s hard to beat Original Pancake House.

Original Pancake House also happens to be one of the only breakfast locations that currently has a gluten free menu. In addition, they’re one of the one of the restaurants offering gluten free pancakes.

If you think you want to give the gluten free offering at Original Pancake House a try, check out their full gluten free menu below!



Chocolate Chip$6.95
Banana Nut$6.95


Fresh Fruit Bowl$2.00
Hash Browns$1.65


Bird Of Paradise$5.50
Cobb Salad$4.00
OPH Deluxe Salad$5.50


Ham Steak$3.95
Corned Beef Hash$5.50
Canadian Bacon$4.25
Country Ham$3.94

Egg Combos

Ham & Eggs$7.75
Diced Ham & Eggs$7.95
Canadian Bacon & Eggs$7.95
Hash Browns & Eggs$7.75
Country Ham & Eggs$7.95
Corned Beef & Eggs$7.95
Salami & Eggs$7.75
Steak & Eggs$7.75


Ham Or Bacon$8.95
Philly Cheese Steak$8.95

Popular Gluten Free Items at Original Pancake House

It can be hard to choose what to eat at Original Pancake House, they have so many great gluten free offerings. You can get your meal started with a gluten free appetizer, or head straight to their famous pancakes.

Either way, make sure you have a big appetite before you head into Original Pancake House — the serving sizes are huge.

If you need some help deciding what to choose on the Original Pancake House gluten free menu, you don’t need to approach it alone. We’ve compiled the most popular fan favorites in further detail below!

Fresh Fruit

If you want something fresh and healthy to start your meal off, the Fresh Fruit bowl comes with a selection of seasonal fruit. These typically include strawberries or other berries — it’s a great way to get your meal started.

The cost of the Fresh Fruit depends on the season that you purchase it — ask your server what the current price is.

Gluten Free Pancakes

The Gluten Free Pancakes are a great choice if you want to try what Original Pancake House is famous for. It can be hard to find gluten free pancakes anywhere in the country, so it’s good to see a restaurant having them on offer.

The Gluten Free Pancakes will cost you $7.95, though you can have them amended for a different price!

Gluten Free Crepes

If you’re looking for some crepes, this can also be a hard item to find without any gluten in them. Fortunately, the Gluten Free Crepes at Original Pancake House are also a great choice.

You can have them with additional toppings or additives for an extra cost, but the price of the basic crepes is $6.95.

Gluten Free Waffles

In addition to pancakes and crepes, the Original Pancake House has plenty of gluten free waffles on offer as well. Just make sure to specify that you want them gluten free — you can also add gluten free toppings and mix-ins.

The cost of the base gluten free waffles without toppings is $6.25.

Enjoy Original Pancake House’s Gluten Free Offering

It can be hard to find gluten free pancakes and breakfast items if you’re gluten intolerant, but Original Pancake House offers you the chance to try everything you’ve been missing out on. If you want a great place to eat breakfast without gluten, it’s an awesome option.

Recent times have seen the same trend across a variety of different food segments — it’s now easier than ever to try different foods without gluten. This comes as welcome news to those who have had a hard time finding meals that fit their dietary requirements in the past.

Original Pancake House first started business in 1953. The first locations was in Portland, Oregon, but there are now 150 locations spread throughout the United States — many of these locations are franchises.

The Chain has recently gone international by opening locations in South Korea and Japan!