Original Pancake House Menu & Prices

Find Original Pancake House Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

You’ll be able to stop in and enjoy pancake recipes from all over the world at the incredibly reasonable Original Pancake House menu prices. In business since 1953, this restaurant has been dedicated to providing an international experience in the world of pancakes to all of its customers. Unlike most pancake houses in the USA, when you come into an Original Pancake House, you’ll be discovering a world of culinary delights all served up as a breakfast classic.

They dedicate themselves to not only providing the best food, but providing them with the finest ingredients available, including high score butter, eggs, and a sourdough starter they’ve been nursing since the beginning.

Drool over their full menu of international pancakes below:



Buttermilk Pancakes$5.75
Buckwheat Pancakes$5.75
Sourdough Flap Jacks$6.95
49er Flap Jacks$6.95
Swedish Pancakes$7.75
Blueberry Pancakes$6.75
Bacon Pancakes$6.95
Banana Pancakes$6.75
Hawaiian Pancakes$6.75
Georgia Pecan Pancakes$6.75
Coconut Pancakes$6.75
Dollar Pancakes$5.75
The Two by Four$5.95
Three Little Pigs in Blankets$6.75
Junior Plate$4.75
Sourdough French Toast$6.95
Wheat Germ Pancakes$6.50
Potato Pancakes$6.95

Side Dishes

One Egg$1.65
Fresh Whipping Cream$1.50
Two Eggs$2.75
Cinnamon Applesauce$1.35
Blueberry Compote$1.50
Toast with Preserves$1.60


Assorted Dry Cereals$2.95
Old Fashioned Oatmeal$3.95
Cream of Wheat$3.95


Plain Waffle$5.50
Apple Waffle$6.50
Bacon Waffle$6.75
Blueberry Waffle$6.50
Strawberry Waffle$7.75
Coconut Waffle$6.50
Pecan Waffle$7.75


French Crepes$7.95
Continental Crepes$7.95
Cherry Kijafa Crepes$7.95
Mandarin Crepes$6.50
Tahitian Maidens Dream$6.50
Fresh Fruit Crepe$7.95


Sugar Cured Hickory Smoked Ham$3.95
Thick Sliced Bacon$3.95
Our Special Recipe Link Sausage$3.75
Sugar Cured Hickory Smoked Canadian Bacon$4.25
Our Special Recipe Patty Sausage$3.75
Our Special Recipe Corned Beef Hash$5.50

Egg Specialties

Ham & Eggs$7.75
Minced Ham and Scrambled Eggs$7.95
Canadian Bacon and Eggs$7.95
Sausage and Eggs$7.50
Corned Beef Hash$7.50
Bacon and Eggs$7.50
Eggs Benedict$7.50
Links and Eggs$7.50


Mushroom Omelette$8.95
Fresh Vegetarian Omelette$8.95
Ham and Cheese Omelette$8.95
Spanish Omelette$8.95
Cheese Omelette$7.95
Plain Omelette$6.95
Ham Omelette$8.95


Note: these items may vary from day to day.
Fresh Berries$2.25
Freshly Squeezed Orange JuiceSmall$3.00
Freshly Squeezed Orange JuiceMedium$3.60
Apple JuiceSmall$2.00
Apple JuiceMedium$2.50
Tomato JuiceSmall$2.00
Tomato JuiceMedium$2.50
Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit JuiceSmall$3.00
Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit JuiceMedium$3.60
Fresh GrapefruitSmall$2.25
Sliced BananasMedium$2.50


Decaffeinated Coffee Postum$2.00
Hot Chocolate$2.00

Popular Menu Items

There’s a surprisingly broad selection of pancakes to be had at the Original Pancake House, each of them hailing from some area of the world. Internationally pancakes aren’t just served with butter and maple syrup but are found delivered with any number of toppings that aren’t typically used in the United States. Take their Tahitian Maiden’s Dream, for instance, or the lemon and powdered sugar dusted Dutch Baby.

Of course, you’ll also find offerings of traditional breakfast foods that include bacon and eggs, hash-browns, cinnamon applesauce, and a tart and tangy blueberry compote. Whatever you’re craving for breakfast, whether it’s sausage links or a delicious strawberry waffle, you’ll find it on the Original Pancake House’s menu.

Try out their most popular items below:

Tahitian Maiden’s Dream Crepes

This delicious crepe comes served with bananas diced and served in their house apricot sauce. Combine this with a filling of sour cream ripe bananas sauteed in a heady blend of sherry, brandy, and Triple Sec, and you’re diving into a dish straight from the South Pacific.

Get yours and dream of beaches for $6.50

Danish Kijafa Cherry Crepes

It’s not often you find cherries served with pancakes, or crepes, in the United States, but in Denmark, they’re one of the most popular things you can have for breakfast. This dish comes with powdered sugar dusted over a crepe that has been both filled and topped with Kijafa sauce simmered Montmorency cherries. You’ll savor every bite and consider taking a trip to Denmark.

Better than a trip across the pond for $7.95

Sourdough French Toast

Using their unique house sourdough starter, they bake the bread used in this recipe fresh every day, slicing it and dredging it through their delicious French Toast blend. From there the toast is dusted with powdered sugar, topped with whipped butter, and sent out to your table with a ramekin of preserves for topping.

Worth every penny at $6.95

Spanish Omelet

Looking for an omelet that will wake you up with a zing? Try their Spanish Omelet; it comes served with a delicious blend of mushrooms and a tangy pepper sauce straight out of Barcelona. If this doesn’t wake up your taste buds and get you off to a good day, nothing will!

It won’t burn your wallet for a simple $8.95

Original Pancake House’s History

Erma Hueneke and Les Highet were living in Portland, OR in 1953 when they decided to open their restaurant, the Original Pancake House. They began their venture by setting out to collect pancake recipes from all over the world and promoting their restaurants growth rapidly. Quick to become a favorite of their locals, they saw an opportunity to expand their restaurant and started franchising their name until the business spanned the United States, with an Original Pancake House being found in over half of the continental United States.

Recognized by food critics and passionate lovers of pancakes alike, the Original Pancake House stands as one of the greatest places to enjoy breakfast in the United States, and soon the world. 2013 saw the company begin to expand its placement into International waters with an OPH being established in Tokyo and Japan.