Papa Murphy's Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Papa Murphy's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Papa Murphy’s Gluten-Free Menu is, in essence, their entire offering of pizza. Why? Because when it became apparent that a good sub-section of the community was beginning to suffer from gluten-sensitivities, they wanted to make sure they still had a reason to live. What’s a life without pizza after all? This led Papa Murphy’s to develop a rich and delicious gluten-free crust that is the perfect compliment to their fresh toppings and house specialty pizzas. Since they’re a take-and-bake business, you also have far less to worry about with cross-contamination, everything is prepared in a clean environment and packaged up away from the gluten.

Check out their full gluten-free menu below:



Gluten Free Pizza CrustMedium$10.00


Herb Tomato Sauce$0.70
Marinara Sauce$0.70
Original Pizza Sauce$0.80
Sweet Chili Sauce$0.70

Cheese (Gluten Free)



Artichoke Hearts$2.00
Banana Peppers$1.50
Herb & Cheese Blend$2.00
Olive Oil$1.50
Olives (Black & Green)$1.00
Sun Dried Tomatoes$1.50

Popular Gluten Free Items at Papa Murphy’s

At Papa Murphy’s you’ve got a remarkable range of products to choose from, ranging from traditional pizzas like pepperoni and sausage to less common ones like their gourmet Thai Chicken offering. Every day Papa Murphy’s is doing everything it can to ensure that all of its customers will find that the flavors and toppings they love are available on their menu. Thanks to the gluten-free menu you can have your favorite pizza prepared in a way that won’t cause you any problems.

Look at their favorite offerings below:

Spicy Fennel Sausage (With Ubi’s Gluten Free Crust)

This is an unusual offering for a pizza place to have and is just one more reason that Papa Murphy’s stands apart from the rest of the competition. Delicious spicy sausage is blended with fennel and combined with other toppings on top of a rich and savory cheese and sauce layer. If you love sausage, you’re going to be love this spicy fennel.

Order yours starting at $13.00, or get a family size for $15.00

Chicken Bacon Artichoke (With Ubi’s Gluten Free Crust)

If you love artichoke hearts as much as we do, you’re going to love this Chicken Bacon Artichoke offering from Papa Murphy’s. The creamy texture of Artichoke plays wonderfully with the crunchy bacon and juicy, tender chicken provided by the company. Even better since you can get this classic dish in a gluten-free variety, don’t you agree.

Order yours starting at $13.00, or get a family size for $15.00

Herb Chicken Mediterranean (With Ubi’s Gluten Free Crust)

Does your mouth crave the tantalizing flavors of the Mediterranean, are you wishing you could take an affordable trip to those far-flung lands with its white and warm sands? Then this pizza is for you. Prepared with a proprietary blend of Mediterranean spices, the chicken on this pizza brings out the best of every ingredient in it.

Order yours starting at $13.00, or get a family size for $15.00

Gourmet Vegetarian (With Ubi’s Gluten Free Crust)

A good vegetarian pizza can be exceptionally hard to find, unless you’re stopping in at Papa Murphy’s, that is. This pizza brings an entire garden of vegetables to your pizza, making it impossible for you to miss the meat you may otherwise order. There is a cavalcade of delicious odors that come out of this pizza, and it has customer salivating.

Order yours starting at $13.00, or get a family size for $15.00

Enjoy Papa Murphy’s Gluten Free Offering

When you order from Papa Murphy’s, you’re ordering from a pizza restaurant that has been dedicated to making its customer’s needs first on its list since it was open. Slowly developed from a single location, Papa Murphy’s were the results of deep innovation and ambition on the part of the owners. An ambition that led them to prepare themselves for the expansion of the pizza parlor.