PDQ Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find PDQ's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

If you’re craving some chicken for your next meal, but you’re worried about being exposed to gluten, the PDQ gluten free menu can help you avoid the allergen. This popular fast-food restaurant is known for providing quality food above the standards of typical fast-food establishments.

They’ve become a hot topic in the culinary world — despite being around for less than ten years, they’ve proven to be extremely popular with their customer base. They’ve got a great selection of different food choices on their menu.

In addition to their normal offerings, they also have an extensive gluten free menu. While they don’t provide a specific menu, they do have a great allergen chart that can help you pick the right foods for your diet.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to find it — we’ve compiled the entire thing right here. Make sure to check it out!


Chicken Tenders

Grilled Chicken Tenders3 Pc.$7.29
Grilled Chicken Tenders4 Pc.$8.29
Grilled Chicken Tenders5 Pc.$9.29


Grilled Chicken$4.39
Grilled Turkey Breast$4.99
Cali Club$5.99


Grilled Chicken Salad$6.49


Fresh Blueberry Coleslaw$1.99
Fresh Apple Slices$1.99
Fresh Apple Slices With Toffee Dip$2.19

Dressings & Sauces

Bleu Cheese$1.29
Blueberry-Ginger Vinaigrette$1.29
Classic Caesar$1.29
Creamy Garlic$1.29
Honey Mustard$1.19
Low-Fat Fiesta Vinaigrette$1.19
Sweet Sriracha$1.19
Honey BBQ$1.29
Toffee Dip$1.19


Vanilla14 Oz.$2.99
Vanilla20 Oz.$4.29
Chocolate14 Oz.$2.99
Chocolate20 Oz.$4.29
Strawberry14 Oz.$2.99
Strawberry20 Oz.$4.29
Heath Bar14 Oz.$2.99
Heath Bar20 Oz.$4.29
Chocolate Peanut Butter14 Oz.$2.99
Chocolate Peanut Butter20 Oz.$4.29


Fresh Squeezed Lemonade$2.39
Fresh Brewed Tea$1.89

Popular Gluten Free Items at PDQ

In the mood for some chicken? Give one of PDQ’s chicken tender deals or sandwiches a try — they’re a customer favorite with those who are loyal to the brand. They also have salads and sides for those who want something a bit different.

There are plenty of different options available at PDQ, you just have to make sure to choose the right items!

If you don’t know where to start, or you think you need a little help deciding, check out the most popular PDQ menu items below!

Fruit Harvest Salad

While PDQ is often known for their chicken, they also have salads for those who want something a bit healthier. The Fruit Harvest Salad is the only gluten free option on their salad menu, but it also happens to be one of their best choices.

It comes with grilled chicken, apples, candied almonds, ‘craisins’, mixed greens, tomatoes, and a blueberry ginger vinaigrette — it’s certainly something creative. The cost of the salad is $7.19.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Lettuce Bun)

If you’re looking to get what PDQ is most famous for, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich is definitely a great option. It comes with grilled chicken, honey mustard, tomato, dill pickles, and lettuce.

You’ll need to ask for it to be wrapped in a lettuce bun if you want it to stay gluten free. The cost of this sandwich is $5.48 when you add the lettuce bun.

Cali Club Sandwich (Lettuce Bun)

Another popular sandwich choice available at PDQ is the Cali Club Sandwich. It comes with grilled chicken, ranch, bacon, avocado, lettuce, and tomato. Don’t forget to ask for a lettuce bun if you want to keep it gluten free.

The cost of the Cali Club Sandwich is $6.28.

Grilled Chicken Tenders

The chicken tenders at PDQ are world-famous, but the breaded version of the tenders contains gluten. They do have grilled chicken tenders for those who want to avoid gluten — make sure to specify you want them grilled, not breaded.

The cost of the Grilled Chicken Tenders is $7.79 for a three piece meal — make sure to ask for a gluten free substitute for your side item.

Enjoy PDQ’s Gluten Free Offering

Finding food to eat at a chicken fast-food restaurant can be quite difficult, but fortunately PDQ offers a variety of different options that can help you stick to your dietary requirements. Their grilled chicken offering really helps you avoid gluten.

This is an indication of the overall trend in the food industry to offer gluten free choices for those who want to keep it out of their diet. It’s made it much easier for gluten intolerant people to navigate menus.

Despite its popularity, PDQ is actually only a recent establishment on the culinary scene. They first opened their doors seven years ago in Tampa, Florida — they’ve since expanded across the country.

They offer in-store service, as well as drive thru facilities for those who come to their various locations.