Protein Bar Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Protein Bar Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Protein Bar’s Gluten Free menu is fairly robust, and it comes from a high-end specialty restaurant that caters to a high-end clientele looking for a trendy place to feed their face. As a result, they have a fairly large collection of options that range from their breakfast scrambles to their soups & chilis and include options for just about every dietary concern you can imagine. When you stop in at the Protein Bar it’s suggested that you not do so while you’re hungry, it’ll take you long enough to decide what you want from their full menu without adding hunger based indecisiveness on top of it.

Check out their full gluten-free menu below:


Breakfast Scrambles

Spinach and Pesto$6.49

Bowls & Bar-Ritos

Steakhouse Ranch$4.79
Spicy Korean$4.79
Spinach & Pesto$6.49
Basic Black Bean$5.49
Classic Buffalo$6.49

Soups & Chili

Chicken Chili$3.99
Veggie Chili$3.79
Split Pea & Kale$3.49

Salads & Wraps

Steakhouse Ranch$9.49
Kale Caesar$7.49
Healthy Club$7.49
Baja Guac$9.49
Classic Buffalo$7.49


Health Nut$6.49
Wrigley Peeled$6.49
Pier-Nut Butter & Jelly$6.49
Fruit Loop'd$6.49
South Acai'd$6.49
Sweet Greens$6.49
Ging and Juice$6.49

Popular Gluten Free Items at Protein Bar

The Protein Bar has a reputation for providing delicious and trendy options on their menu, and each of them is a tribute to awareness of the latest dietary trends. When you stop in here to indulge in their gluten-free menu, you’re going to find an interesting array of option that ranges from the simple egg and bacon omelet all the way to their Mexicali Bowls. Everything you find on their menu will be a delight to consume, and you should stop in if you’re looking for a new gluten-free stop.

You can find four of their most popular items below:

Mexicali Bowl

We love this little Mexicali bowl, and it’s one of our favorite menu items when we get a chance to stop in at the Protein Bar. It starts with a hearty helping of chicken, combined with their spicy chipotle yogurt, salsa, kale, cheddar, and black beans topped with corn and avocado. This bowl will leave you contentedly full.

Get your Cheese Pizza for $8.99

Steakhouse Ranch Bowl

When nothing but real delicious beef will do, there’s the Steakhouse Ranch Bowl. In this bowl, you’ll find Greek Yogurt ranch dressing combined with blue cheese, salsa, black beans, and all natural steak seared to perfection. You can order your steak prepared however suits you, but no matter what it’s going to be incredibly delicious.

Get your bite of the steakhouse for $9.99

Morning Mexicali

There’s something about a Mexican morning meal that sticks to your ribs and gives you energy the whole day through. A combination of beans, kale, spicy tomatillo lime sauce, chipotle yogurt, salsa, and cheddar, this is the perfect vegetarians start to the day. This is a favorite among those who need a big bite of protein to get them started.

Get yours for $8.99

Sunrise Spinach and Pesto

This dish is a favorite among those looking to bring a little pesto into their morning, as well as starting their day off with a healthy order of greens. When you order the Sunrise Spinach & Pesto, you’re going to be getting a classic start to your day packed with proteins, nutrients, and taste to see you through the day.

Get yours for $7.99

Enjoy Protein Bar’s Gluten Free Offering

Protein Bar is one of those locations that not everyone knows about, but is certainly one of the better options on the gluten-free menu. It’s hearty and wholesome set of menu options ensure that you’ll be ready to tackle your day or have enough energy to see you through the night. If you’ve never stopped in at any of their three locations, it may be time to change that. Filling, delicious, and made fresh, you won’t regret a single bite of what you get at the protein bar.