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Find Protein Bar Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Protein Bar is one of the best catering options for your next meeting or event. They are dedicated to fresh, protein-packed food that is filling and gives great sustenance to the body!

There is no reason why you should be hungry after attending a catered event or meeting. However, that is often the case when hosts or employers choose fast food options for catering. With Protein Bar, you will not go hungry!

All of their food is full of protein that keeps everyone feeling full for hours and other vitamins and minerals that give sustenance and energy.

You’ll soon realize the power of high-quality, fresh food!



Breakfast Shareables

Breakfast Bar-Rito BoxServes (15-20)$69.00
Breakfast Combo BoxServes 10$54.00
Coffee For 10Serves 10$24.00

Breakfast A La Carte

Pesto Bar-Rito$6.99
Denver Bar-Rito$6.49
Chilaquiles Bar-Rito$6.49
Mexicali Breakfast Bar-Rito$6.49
Matcha Oatmeals$4.99
Almost Naked$4.99
Peanut Butter & Acai Oatmeal$4.99

Lunch & Dinner

New Shareable Boxes

Fun & Fresh Wrap BoxServes (15-20)$109.00
Happy Healthy Bar-rito BoxServes (15-20)$109.00
Build Your Own BoxServes (15-20)$109.00

Group Bowls

Black Bean BowlServes 15$49.00
Classic Buffalo BowlServes 15$49.00
Spinach & Pesto BowlServes 15$49.00
Mexicali BowlServes 15$59.00
Korean Bibi-Q BowlServes 15$49.00

Group Salads

Superfood VeganServes 15$54.00
Healthy Club SaladServes 15$64.00
Southwest SaladServes 15$54.00
Kale Chicken Caesar SaladServes 15$64.00
Super 7 SaladServes 15$39.00

Buffet Packages

Signature Buffet

Signature BuffetServes 15$219.00
Assorted Dessert PlatterServes 15$19.00
Water For 1515 Bottle$29.00
La Croix For 1515 Can$29.00

Individual Box Lunch

Boxed LunchPer Person$11.99

A La Carte

Indiviaual Wraps

The Healthy Club WrapPer Person$10.99
Baja Guac & Roll WrapPer Person$10.99
Kale Chicken Caesar WrapPer Person$10.99
Superfood Vegan WrapPer Person$9.99
Southwest WrapPer Person$10.99

Individual Bar-Ritos

Classic Buffalo Bar-RitoPer Person$9.99
Spinach & Pesto Bar-RitoPer Person$9.99
Veggie Black Bean Bar-RitoPer Person$9.99
Korean Bibi-Q Bar-RitoPer Person$9.99
Mexicali Bar-RitoPer Person$10.99

Individual Bowls

Classic Buffalo BowlPer Person$9.99
Spinach & Pesto BowlPer Person$9.99
Veggie Black Bean BowlPer Person$9.99
Korean Bibi-Q BowlPer Person$9.99
Mexicali BowlPer Person$10.99

Individual Salads

Southwest Salad IndividualPer Person$9.99
Classic Buffalo Salad IndividualPer Person$9.99
Superfood Vegan Salad IndividualPer Person$9.99
Kale Chicken Caesar Salad IndividualPer Person$10.99
Healthy Club Salad IndividualPer Person$10.99
Super 7 Salad IndividualPer Person$9.99
Baja Guac & Roll Salad IndividualPer Person$10.99

Individual Soups & Chilis

Thai CurryPer Person$7.99
Spicy Chicken HominyPer Person$7.99


ApplePer Person$1.00
BananaPer Person$1.00
Multi Grain ChipsPer Person$1.99
Sweet Potato ChipsPer Person$1.99


Dessert PlatterServes 15$19.00



Bottled Water1 Bottle$1.99
La Croix Berry1 Bottle$1.99
La Croix Lime1 Bottle$1.99
La Croix Natural1 Bottle$1.99
Honest Tea Green Tea1 Bottle$2.99
Honest Tea Peach Tea1 Bottle$2.99

Cold Pressed Juices

Market1 Bottle$7.99
Beet Box1 Bottle$7.99
Sweetgreens1 Bottle$7.99


Coffee For 10Serves 10$24.00

Blended Drinks

Ging & Juice20 Oz.$6.99

Popular Catering Choices at Protein Bar

When you hear Protein Bar, you might be thinking of a mediocre candy bar that a coach made you eat after a workout or game. That can’t be any further from the food that Protein Bar serves!

Their catering options include protein-packed wraps and sandwiches as well as fruit and breakfast bowls! Everything is made fresh by the culinary experts at Protein Bar and delivered to you when you need it.

They even provide gluten-free and vegan options so that you can meet the needs of everyone in your office!

Fresh Fruit Bowl

Made with the fruit that is currently in season, this bowl is guaranteed fresh and organic. Sliced up into a perfectly sized serving bowl, this item will satisfy everyone’s sweet cravings without ruining their health!

With a single order, you can serve around 15 people. It costs only $39.00 and is perfect for pairing with another lunch or breakfast order!

Morning Mexicali

This Tex-Mex inspired breakfast bowl is the perfect way to start your day off with filling protein and nutritious vegetables! With ingredients like eggs, black beans, and cheddar cheese, you’re sure to have a tasty meal that will fill everyone at your meeting or party.

You can get a large bowl to share between 8-10 people for only $59.00. Don’t sacrifice flavor for health, get both with Protein Bar catering!

Fun and Fresh Wrap Box

With the ability to mix and match the different wraps offered by Protein Bar, this is the perfect box for a group of people with diverse tastes in food. Take orders or a grab a variety of wraps like the Superfood Vegan or the Baja Guac & Roll!

The box costs $119.00 but can serve up to 15 guests comfortably! The platter will include 12 bags of chips and will be a treat to your guests or employees.

Healthy Club Salad

This group salad comes with all-natural chicken, turkey bacon, avocado, and is topped with a Greek yogurt ranch dressing! It can serve 6-8 people as a full meal or even more if paired with another box as a side item.

One of the healthier options that Protein Bar provides, you’re sure to meet the dietary needs of everyone in your group! Get it for only $64.00.

Enjoy Protein Bar’s Catering Offering

Don’t settle for mediocre catering! Your employees or guests deserve fresh food that will satisfy everyone’s cravings. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or just a snack, Protein Bar has got you covered.

This food can keep your employees fueled through long days or nights and will keep them happy knowing they work for such a great boss! Don’t feed processed junk food to people that you care about! The best food is all-natural and organic. It ensures that all the nutrients stay in the food and get into your body!

Order from Protein Bar and have the assurance that everything you’re ordering is top-quality.