Roti Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Roti's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

If you love Mediterranean food, but you can’t eat it due to your gluten intolerance, the Roti gluten free menu is just what you’re looking for. This popular Mediterranean grill has plenty of great options at their various locations throughout the United States.

The restaurant is built around the idea of providing fresh Mediterranean options in a fast-casual settings — it’s perfect if you want something nutritious and quick. They’re also well-known for having friendly and helpful servers that can help you navigate the menu.

In terms of gluten free options, they don’t have a specific gluten free menu, but they do have a comprehensive nutrition list that helps you avoid gluten. Because their menu is very customizable, you’ll need to reference this list if you make adjustments to your order.

Below we’ll take a deeper look at all the different gluten free options available on their menu!



Spicy Feta Hummus$4.00


Gluten-Free Pita$3.00


Chicken Roti$7.99
Chicken Kabob$8.99
Steak Roti$10.99
Lamb Meatballs$8.50


Roti Rice$1.25
Tomato & Cucumber$1.25
Red Cabbage Slaw$2.05
Fresh Vegetables$1.25
Mixed Greens$1.25
Quinoa Cauliflower Tabbouleh$1.25
Sumac Onions$1.25
Feta Cheese$2.00
Lemon Oregano Pickles$1.25
Pickled Onions$1.25
Chopped Cilantro$1.25
Sesame Seeds$1.25


Dill Yogurt & Cucumber$0.90
Roasted Red Pepper$0.80
Roti Vinaigrette$0.80
Green Shug$0.80
Red Wine Vinaigrette$0.90


Lemon Chicken RiceCup$3.49
Lemon Chicken RiceBowl$4.49

Popular Gluten Free Items at Roti

If you think you might head to Roti for you next gluten free meal, you’ll be pleased to know that most of their menu is gluten free. There are only a few things on the menu that you’ll have to try and avoid, such as the traditional pita bread.

Otherwise, you’re free to try their various salads, gluten free pitas, starters, sauces, rice dishes, and more. Just make sure that you ask your server for the gluten free variation of specific items.

If you don’t know where to start, check out the most popular Roti gluten free items below!

Salad (GF Ingredients)

Roti is well-known for their delicious salads — you can order most of the items available for the salads without having to worry about gluten. We recommend that you speak to your server to find out what options you should be trying to work with.

For example, a salad with chicken roti, fresh vegetables, tomato & cucumber, feta cheese, cilantro, and a range of different sauces is a great option! The cost is $8.75!

Steak Roti Pita (GF Pita)

If you’re looking for a pita sandwich, they can be heard to find — most pita breads contain a lot of gluten. But you can order most of the pitas at Roti without having to worry about gluten, as long as you order their gluten free pita bread.

You can order it with steak roti, vegetables, feta, hummus, and plenty of other great gluten free toppings. The cost of the Steak Roti Pita is $12.

Hummus (No Pita Bread)

If you’re looking for a classic side item that perfectly encapsulates the different flavors that Roti is attempting to offer, the Hummus is the perfect choice. It comes with a creamy organic chickpea hummus.

Just make sure that you request it without the regular pita bread as it contains gluten. The cost of this menu item is $3.50.

Gluten Free Pita Bread

If you’re looking for something to dip into your hummus, or you simply want a snack on the side of your meal, the gluten free pita bread at Roti is a great choice. It’s not often you get to try a gluten free pita, so it’s worth taking the opportunity when you get one.

You have to order this separately from the the hummus because it’s more expensive than a traditional pita. It costs $2.00.

Enjoy Roti’s Gluten Free Offering

Eating Mediterranean food has alway been difficult for people who aren’t able to eat gluten — many of the most popular menu items contain plenty of the allergy. But in recent years, more and more Mediterranean eateries have begun to offer gluten free alternatives for those who want to dine at their restaurants.

Roti is one of the best options in this regard — you can even eat gluten free pita bread at their various locations. It’s music to the ears of those who have had to avoid certain food-types in the past.

Roti was founded in 2007 with the aim of bringing modernity to the Mediterranean food industry. The company opened its first restaurant location in Chicago, Illinois — it remains headquartered in the same city.

Bill Post and Larry Lessans were the two entrepreneurs that first started Roti.