Roti Catering Menu Prices

Find Roti Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Roti’s menu prices below will help you get a feel of just what food this modern Mediterranean restaurant offers. Roti is focused on providing you with quality and tasty food that will impress your guests the first time they take a bite.

They are experienced in catering, making it easy to connect with a staff member at any time you need it. With their Catering Sales Manager, Catering Support Center, and Skilled Delivery Team, there is no way Roti could disappoint.

Check out the catering menu and options below to see what amazing Mediterranean food is available at your fingertips for your special event.



Vegetarian Tasting PlatterServes 10$70.00
Hummus Three WaysServes 10$40.00

Boxed Lunches

Roti Sandwich Box$9.25
Classic Sandwich Box$10.25
Deluxe Sandwich Box$11.50


Roti Classic Sandwich SpreadServes 10$110.00


Any Way BuffetServes 15$180.00
Mediterranean Tasting PlatterServes 10$150.00
Chicken KabobServes 12$45.00
FalafelServes 12$45.00
SalmonServes 12$68.00
Chicken RotiServes 12$45.00
Lamb MeatballsServes 12$60.00
Steak RotiServes 12$74.00

Salads, Sides & Sauces

Mediterranean Chopped SaladServes 12$25.00
Roti RiceServes 12$25.00
CouscousServes 12$25.00
Hummus & Pita ChipsServes 12$25.00
Pita BreadServes 10$7.00
Dill, Yogurt & Cucumber SauceServes 12$4.00
ShugServes 12$4.00
Fresh VegetablesServes 12$25.00
Tomato & CucumberServes 12$25.00
Red Cabbage SlawServes 12$25.00
Spicy Feta Hummus & Pita ChipsServes 12$25.00
Roasted Red Pepper SauceServes 12$4.00
Side of FalafelServes 5$10.00
Pita ChipsServes 15$15.00


Dessert TrayServes 10$35.00
Assorted Cookie BoxServes 20$20.00
Fresh Fruit TrayServes 10$35.00


Assorted Individual Sodas$1.80
Bottled Water$1.80

Popular Catering Choices at Roti

The Catering Sales Manager’s job is to help you receive personalized service and help you choose the best menu items for your event. To give you a head start on some of the available options out there so you are prepared for your call, we have provided some popular listings for you to look at.

Sandwich Spreads

These sandwiches aren’t your typical subs – they are more like Mediterranean wraps. Roti says, “All sandwiches are wrapped in wheat laffa bread with mixed greens, tomato & cucumber, and red cabbage slaw, then cut in half, ready to serve.”

Roti isn’t messing around.

There are a few different sandwich spreads you can choose from, but the Chicken Roti and Falafel are some of the favorites.

Vegetarian Tasting Platter

Roti’s tasting platters are a great way to give your guests an authentic Mediterranean experience. This Vegetarian Tasting Platter includes, “classic hummus, spicy feta hummus, fresh vegetables, Spanish eggplant, tomato & cucumber, and cous-cous.” This platter comes with pita bread and pita chips.

Any Way You Want It Buffet

This is a great way to completely customize your meal…or feast, as Roti calls it! You can choose 2 entrees and 2 sides, and then the platter comes with salad, rice, pita, roasted red pepper sauce, dill yogurt & cucumber sauce, and spicy S’hug sauce.

The variety of colors and flavors on these buffets are very appetizing and pleasing to the eye.

Enjoy Roti’s Catering Offerings

Roti knows that “You need to impress your guests and there are no second chances.” They are dedicated to providing flavorful, quality food that will create a good atmosphere at your special event.

With all of the resources Roti provides customers with, ordering your food is not the hard part. The hard part will be deciding which foods to not have!