Tim Hortons Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Tim Hortons' Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

If you’re on the go and you need a gluten free breakfast to get the day started right, the Tim Hortons gluten free menu might be the perfect option for you! This popular Canadian coffee shop has proven to be just as successful in the United States.

Tim Hortons is considered a fast-casual coffee store that also provides a range of foods and other drinks. It’s a great spot to check out if you’re in a hurry and you need some high quality coffee to get things started.

Tim Hortons also has a gluten free menu. Most of their food does contain gluten, but they do have tons of great gluten free coffee and drink options — which is what they’re famous for!

If you’ve had a hard time finding their gluten free menu, you’re not alone. But don’t worry — we have the whole thing right here!


Bagel Toppings

Plain Cream Cheese Spread$1.29
Light Plain Cream Cheese Spread$1.29
Herb & Garlic Cream Cheese Spread$1.29
Strawberry Light Cream Cheese Spread$1.29
Cheddar Cheese Slice$1.19


Egg Omelette$3.29
Seasoned Sliced Steak$6.59
Processed Cheese$2.99

Soups & Hot Bowls

Cream Of Carrot (Québec Only)$3.99
Cream Of Potato Leek$3.99
Hearty Potato Bacon$4.29
Turkey & Wild Rice$4.29


Garden Salad (With Dressing)$4.79
Baked Beans (Québec Only)$3.59



Decaffeinated Coffee$1.79
Espresso Shot$0.50
Vanilla Latte$3.49
Mocha Latte$3.29
Caramel Latte$2.99
Tea Latte$3.09
Hot Chocolate$2.49
White Hot Chocolate$2.49
French Vanilla Cappuccino$4.69
Café Mocha$2.10
Apple Cider Steeped Tea Made With Whole Leaf$3.49
Specialty Teas$3.49


Iced Capp (With Cream Or Light)$2.99
Iced Capp With Chocolate Milk (Excluding Québec)$3.19
Iced Capp With Chocolate Milk (Québec Only)$3.09
Mocha Iced Capp$3.19
Iced Coffee$2.29
Mocha Iced Coffee$2.59
Iced Latte$3.49
Vanilla Iced Latte$3.69
Mocha Iced Latte$3.79
Caramel Iced Latte$3.79
Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie With Greek Yogurt$3.39
Tropical Fruit Smoothie With Greek Yogurt$3.69
Mixed Berry Fruit Smoothie With Greek Yogurt$3.69
Creamy Chocolate Chill$2.99
Tropical Real Fruit Chill Mixed Berry Real Fruit Chill$3.49
Frozen Lemonade (Original)$1.79
Frozen Lemonade (Raspberry Flavour)$1.79


Whipped Topping$0.99
Chocolate Whipped Topping$0.99
Chocolatey Drizzle Caramel Drizzle$0.99

Popular Gluten Free Items at Tim Hortons

If you’re looking to get the day started right, why not try one of their countless famous coffees. They have both cold and hot options for you if you’re looking for a specific type of refreshment.

In terms of food, your options are slightly limited, but they do have a some pastries and hot menu items that you can purchase without gluten. Just make sure to tell your server you want to avoid cross contamination.

If you’re looking for some advice on what to order, check out the most popular Tim Hortons gluten free menu items below!

Coconut Macaroon

The Coconut Macaroon was actually the first gluten free menu item that Tim Hortons brought onto the shelves — aside from their drinks. This meringue-style treat is packed to the brim with flavor — they use real coconut to make this treat.

They come in packs of two and the cost of the Coconut Macaroon is just $1.29.

Hash Browns

The only other food item on the Tim Hortons menu that is gluten free is the Hash Brown. This is shredded potato that is fried to perfection — it’s one of the most popular breakfast menu items at Tim Hortons.

If you’re looking for something savory and gluten free, it’s a solid option. The price of the Hash Browns depends on the location you visit.

Coffee (Original Blend)

At the end of the day, Tim Hortons is a coffee shop — their most popular products are definitely their drinks. Fortunately, most of them do not come with gluten products.

The Original Blend coffee is their most purchased coffee — it comes roasted from high quality coffee beans. You can add milk and sugar on request.

The cost of the original coffee is $1.79 for a medium — it also comes in decaf.

Iced Capp (Coffee)

If it’s summer time and you’re looking for something cold instead, try their signature Iced Capp. This is an Iced Cappuccino that has all the coffee flavors that you know and love.

You can request different variations of the Iced Capp if you’re prefer it to be sweeter. The cost of the Iced Capp is $2.99 for a medium.

Enjoy Tim Hortons’ Gluten Free Offering

Being gluten intolerant has always been a pretty tough gig — it’s hard to find menu items at restaurants that suit your dietary requirements. Fortunately, more transparency with nutritional information has been able to ensure you have a better idea of what you’re eating.

There’s also been more investment in gluten free products — eateries are starting to understand how important it is to offer gluten free alternatives. Plenty of people have decided to go without gluten, even those who do not have an acute intolerance.

Tim Hortons is a famous Canadian coffee shop that has made its way into the United States. The first US based location opened in 1981 — they now have over 100 locations throughout the nation.

The current owner of Tim Hortons is Restaurant Brands International.