Tim Hortons Catering Menu Prices

Find Tim Hortons Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

The Tim Hortons catering menu is great if you’re looking for some light food for both breakfast and lunch. This popular hotspot is best-known for its coffee, but it also has a range of different food options available for those who want something a bit more extensive.

They provide all of their menu items through their catering menu if you’re looking to order food in larger quantities. They’re a great option if you have large group to provide for — they’re happy to help you out no matter how many mouths you need to feed.

The great thing about Tim Hortons is that they have the ability to provide you with great food and great refreshments — they provide their coffees and other drinks in large quantities as well.

Check out their full catering menu below!



Continental Breakfast PlatterPer Person$2.59
Bagel PlatterPer Person$2.39
Assorted Pastry Selection PlatterPer Person$2.39
Greek Yogurt ParfaitPer Person$1.89

Sandwiches & Soup

Assorted Sandwich PlatterPer Person$3.29
Soup & ChiliPer Person$3.19

Bakery Fresh

DonutsPer Person$1.55
MuffinsPer Person$1.55
CookiesPer Person$1.55
TimbitsPer Person$1.55


Tims Take Twelve

Freshly Brewed Coffee Dark RoastPer Person$1.29
Freshly Brewed Coffee OriginalPer Person$1.29
Freshly Brewed Coffee DecafPer Person$1.29
French VanillaPer Person$1.39
Hot ChocolatePer Person$1.39

Hot Beverages

For Larger Groups
Coffee35 Cups$44.99
Coffee70 Cups$89.99
Coffee105 Cups$134.99

Popular Catering Choices at Tim Hortons

If you want to get the day started right, there are few better options than Tim Hortons. Providing Tim Hortons at your next event, meeting, or function is a surefire way to win over your co-workers or clients.

The coffee chain has a wide variety of coffees, refreshments, sandwiches, breakfasts, pastries, and much more. They have plenty of meals and snacks for both breakfast and lunch.

If you’re interested in what other catering customers have ordered, check out their most popular catering menu options in further detail below!

Continental Breakfast Platter

If you’re looking for the perfect platter to get your day started in the right direction, the continental breakfast platter is the way to go. It comes with a variety of bagels, croissants, and muffins.

Cream cheese and butter is included. It costs a total of $2.59 per person — 8 person minimum.

Assorted Sandwich Platter

If you need something a bit more filling for lunch, try their Assorted Classic Sandwich Platter. It comes with a variety of different sandwiches — including ham and swiss, B.L.T., extreme Italian, and turkey bacon club.

This comes priced at $5.09 per person!

Assorted Pastry Selection

If you’re looking for a few pastries to snack on during your next luncheon or meeting, the assorted pastry platter might be the right way to go. It comes packed with a variety of different pastries and baked goods — you’ll find all your Tim Hortons favorites on this platter.

Each platter comes at $1.55 per person — minimum of 8 people.

Tims Take 10

It wouldn’t be right if you went to Tim Hortons and didn’t order some of their world-famous coffee. They prepare their coffee for large groups — you can order it in batches of ten and it will come in a heat-concealing box with cups.

Each order comes at $14.69 each.

Enjoy Tim Hortons’ Catering Offering

With a longstanding reputation for success and quality, Tim Hortons is the way to go if you want to order some great food for both breakfast and lunch. On top of this, they have some of the best coffee in the game.

Unfortunately, they don’t have an online ordering portal, so you’ll need to give your local branch a call to take advantage of their catering menu. As you can see, they’re an extremely affordable option for those who want to provide breakfast or lunch at a great price.

Make sure to check out their entire catering menu before you make any decisions, they have a lot of options you might not have realized they provided. It’s time to impress your clients, co-workers, or guests — order Tim Hortons today!