Umami Burger Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Umami Burger's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Umami Burger’s Gluten-Free Menu is a delight, a wonderful and surprise from a company that is already breaking the mold when it comes to a burger shack experience. When you stop in at Umami Burger, you’re going to find a combination of ingredients and dishes that will leave you hungry for your next visit, and there’s no impediment to those who are facing a gluten-allergy. Umami Burger has a reputation for servicing their customers well, no matter what their dietary needs may be. Adam Fleischman set out to provide a singular experience in burger dining and has succeeded in doing so, regardless of your dietary need.

You can check out their full menu below:



Caramelized Brussels Sprouts$5.00
House Pickle Plate$4.00


Side Salad$3.45
Roasted Portobello Salad With Frisee, Arugula, Sherry Vinaigrette Marinated Portobvello, Piquillo Peppers, & Goat Cheese$4.45
Seared Ahi Salad With Sesame-Crusted Ahi, Mesclun Mix, Sesame Dressing, & Puffed Black Rice$4.45


Crispy Diablo$13.00
Manly Chick$12.00
Green Bird$13.50
Ahi Tuna$15.00

Popular Gluten Free Items at Umami Burger

The Umami Burger menu provides a substantial number of hearty options for those suffering from gluten-sensitivity. Almost everything on their menu is capable of being prepared in a way that is gluten-free, and the conscientious behavior of the kitchen staff ensures that you won’t have to worry about gluten cross-contamination. Whether you’re looking for a delicious Umami Burger or are craving the spicy flavor of Falafel you’re going find an option that suits your palate at this restaurant.

Their most popular gluten-free items are below:

Mushroom Wrapped Burger

This is one of the pricier, but more creative, ways of getting that burger experience while avoiding gluten. Everyone knows you can replace the burger with a sauteed portobello mushroom, but did you know you can replace the bun with uncooked (or lightly cooked) ones? It’s a great way to make a hearty burger gluten-free.

Get yours for $16.00

Caramelized Brussel Sprouts

There’s a certain class of people who believe that Brussel sprouts aren’t a food civilized people should eat. These menu items are determined to change that viewpoint and have you salivating over your next visit. Perfectly sauteed with bacon, carrots, garlic, and a truffle glaze, they’re perfection in a bowl.

Break your hatred of Brussel sprouts for just $8.00

Seared Ahi Salad

This salad is an incredible way to experience the umami flavor all wrapped up with rice and sesame. The complete mix starts with Ahi Tuna liberally crusted with sesame, served up with a mix of mesclun, puffed black rice, and their house sesame dressing. If you love tuna, you’ll fall for this delicious Ahi Salad.

Get your Tuna for $12.00

Roasted Portobello Salad

Take portobello mushrooms and roast them in a sherry vinaigrette marinate, toss them with goat cheese, arugula, and frisee, and throw in piquillo peppers for a bit of spice and you have Umami Burgers Roasted portobello Salad.

A unique and delicious salad for $11.00

Enjoy Umami Burger’s Gluten Free Offering

Umami Burger takes its name from the flavor “Umami,” which is the flavor most commonly associated with glutamates. This range of flavors is primarily connected to meat, being described as a certain “meatiness.” When it opened its doors, it was dedicated to bringing this flavor to the burger industry in ways it had yet to experience. Adam Fleischman, its founder, knew that it would require a deep understanding of this flavor profile to be able to create an amazing menu, and that’s just what he accomplished.

His dedication to studying this flavor and how it played into the taste of a burger and worked hard to produce the flavor that his new restaurant would be known for. This burger shop focuses on the development of new flavors and experiences centered around the Umami flavor, and you can experience it gluten-free.