Umami Burger Menu & Prices

Find Umami Burger Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

The Umami Burger’s menu prices are surprisingly low for a restaurant that provides such an exceptional burger experience. When you stop in you’re visiting a restaurant that serves as a food laboratory for taking the Umami concept and raising it to an art form. Adam Fleischman was determined to provide the most Umami laden burgers he could to his customers without breaking the bank.

Every meal at Umami Burger is focused on heightening that taste throughout the meal, from the first bite of their incredible burger to the very last. You’ve never eaten anywhere that makes the taste of the burger as much of a science as Umami Burger.

You can check out their full menu below:


Gourmet Burgers

Sams Crispy Chicken$13.00
Truffle Burger$12.00
K-BBQ Burger$14.00
Manly Burger$14.00
Throwback Burger$11.50
Hatch Burger$13.50
Ahi Tuna Burger$11.50
Cali Burger$12.00
Royale Burger$15.50
Umami Burger$13.00
Sunny Side Burger$14.50
Falafel Burger$13.00


Thin Fries$4.00
Sweet Potato Fries$5.00
Manly Fries$5.00
Truffle Fries$4.00
Maple Bacon Fries$6.50
Smothered Fries$5.50
Japanese Style Wings$9.00
Tempura Onion Rings$6.00
Cheesy Tots$6.50
Caramelized Brussels Sprouts$5.00
House Pickle Plate$5.00
Umamify Your Fries$3.00


Truffled Beet Salad$7.50
Seared Ahi Salad$12.00
Side Salad$4.00
Umami Caesar Salad$8.50
Roasted Portobello Salad$11.00


Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Calebs Kola$3.00
Diet Pepsi$3.00
Sierra Mist$3.00
Mountain Dew$3.00
Tropical Green Iced Tea$3.00

Bottled Drinks

Real Sugar Pepsi$3.00
Real Sugar Mountain Dew$3.00
Abita Root Beer$3.00
Bundaberg Ginger Beer$3.00
Stumptown Cold Brew$6.00
Evian Still Water330ml$3.00
Evian Still Water750ml$6.00
Badoit Sparkling Water330ml$3.00
Badoit Sparkling Water750ml$6.00
Craft Beer
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider$7.00
Allagash White$8.00
Lagunitas Pils$7.00
Ommegang Rare Vos$7.00
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA$8.00
Victory Golden Monkey$7.00
Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout$9.00


One Hope Sparkling BrutGlass$8.00
One Hope Sparkling BrutBottle$32.00
Charles Smith Vino Pinot GrigioGlass$8.00
Charles Smith Vino Pinot GrigioBottle$32.00
Laurenz Singing Gruner VeltlinerGlass$9.00
Laurenz Singing Gruner VeltlinerBottle$34.00
NxNw ChardonnayGlass$10.00
NxNw ChardonnayBottle$38.00
Edna Valley Pinot NoirGlass$9.00
Edna Valley Pinot NoirBottle$34.00
Dona Paula Estate MalbecGlass$10.00
Dona Paula Estate MalbecBottle$38.00
Michael David Petite Red BlendGlass$10.00
Michael David Petite Red BlendBottle$38.00

Craft Cocktails

Maple Bacon Old Fashioned$11.00
Velvet Mule$11.00
Blackberry Swizzle$11.00
Garden Party$11.00
Oh, Henry$11.00
My Sour$11.00
Spicy Mezcalrita$11.00
Bacon Bloody Mary$11.00

Popular Menu Items

When you get your first look at the Umami Burger menu, you’re going to discover that their name is apt, almost every major item on their menu is some variation of the burger. If you think that means they’re all full of beef, however, you’d be wrong. You can find such variations as Sam’s Crispy Chicken and The Falafel Burger as well. You’ll also find such traditional items as Japanese Style Buffalo Wings and the incredible plate of manly fries.

Looking for something to start your meal with? We suggest the House Pickle Plate, which includes a changing collection of pickles from seasonal vegetables. Their umamification of food extends to their salads as well, with offerings like the Roasted Portobello Salad.

Check out their most popular items below:

Cheesy Tots

These tots are an innovation that takes the delightful flavor of crisp fried potatoes and fills it with rich, flavorful cheese. You can get something like these in a lot of places, but none of them have the unique filling of cheeses you’ll find in these Cheesy Tots.

A wonderful starting treat for $6.50

Caramelized Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts aren’t always a favorite of their diners, not until they have these. These Brussel sprouts take a contentious favorite and turn it into a unanimous one, served with a mixture of roasted garlic, glazed carrots, truffle glaze, and bacon lardons all mixed.

Break your hatred of Brussel sprouts for just $8.00

Truffled Beet Salad

This salad is like none other and does a fantastic job of taking an ingredient that isn’t always well loved and turning it into an amazing addition to a delicious salad. Mixed with baby arugula, truffled ricotta, smoked almonds, roasted beets, goats cheese, and a topping of truffled dressing. It’s a rich and flavorful salad that goes great with anything on the menu.

A wonderfully colorful dish for $7.50

Throwback Burger

This burger is one of the classics on their menu and is one of the most ordered items as well. Created with soy pickles, miso mustard, minced onions, and their house Umami ketchup served with two pieces of white cheddar cheese and 3.5 oz patties.

A delicious rich burger is yours for $11.50

Umami Burger’s History

The term Umami was introduced to describe the flavors associated with glutamates, those flavors that give meat its meatiness. Umami Burger was first opened to bring a burger dedicated to the pure, unsullied taste of meat to the world and was created by Adam Fleischman. Fleischman had taught himself how to prepare food and had vast experience about wine that he brought to the industry as well.

He had made a study of learning the role that Umami played in the taste of a burger and went out of his way to incorporate that flavor into everything his new restaurant would come to offer. While a specialty burger shop it focuses on making sure those custom burgers are affordable and delicious, and provided by staff that firmly believes in customer service.