Which Wich Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Which Wich's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Which Wich’s Gluten Free Menu is quite robust if you overlook the fact that you’ll have to order it without bread. They offer two varieties that are bun free, the bowlwich or the lettucewich, essentially all the ingredients in a bowl or having it as a salad. Regardless of this one irritation, their sandwiches are worth eating even without the bun, and they combine flavors in creative and interesting ways you may not find at other sub sandwich shops. If you’re craving a sub without the bun, it’s time to stop by Which Wich and order up a bowlwich or lettucewich.

Check out their full gluten-free menu below:



Roast Beef$8.50
Corned Beef$8.50
Buffalo Chicken$8.50
Chicken Pesto$8.50
Cordon Bleu$8.50
Chicken Salad$8.50
Tuna Salad$8.50
The Avocado$8.50
Pepperoni Pizzawich$8.50
Ultimate BLT$8.50
Egg Salad$8.50

Popular Gluten Free Items at Which Wich

We’ve picked a few of their most popular sandwiches to offer up as their most popular menu items. Each of these items has the distinction of being a unique offering from Which Wich that brings their spin on some classics to the table. These four are some of the most commonly ordered, and the menu items that keep customers coming back for more year after year. If you’re having trouble deciding Which Wich you want, it’s time to check out their popular items.

View four of them below:

Pepperoni Pizzawich

Heading out to get a sandwich but you’re craving pizza? Why not do both? This pizzawich comes with layers of rich, zesty pepperoni combined with stretchy mozzarella and a delicious pour of marinara sauce. Combine it with your favorite toppings to turn it into the pizza of your dreams! Order a lettucewich or bowlwich to avoid the gluten.

Get your pizza pie salad for $6.00-$11.50 depending on size

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

If you love Buffalo Wings, you’re going to love this item. It comes served up with delicious layers of chicken combined with lettuce, tomato, blue cheese, and a layer of fiery buffalo sauce. Served up as either a bowlwich or lettucewich it’s akin to having the most delicious buffalo wings you can imagine, served up as a salad.

Comes in 7” for $6.00, 10.5” for $8.50, 14” for $11.50, or a bowl for $7.00


This is one of their most popular sandwiches, and when you look at the ingredients, it’s easy to see why. Bacon, roast beef, pepperoni, ham, and turkey combined with three kinds of cheese of your choice and all the toppings you want. It’s fantastic when served as a bowlwich or lettucewich, so dig on in and enjoy your gluten-free Wicked experience.

Get a 7” for $7.00, 10.5 for $10, 14 for $13.50


This is one of their more unique items on the menu, and we happen to think it’s fantastic. It starts with a layer of ham and salami and finishes with a rich olive salad that’s packed with flavor. Combine it with your favorite set of toppings, and you’ll be blown away by the flavor experience that’s coming your way.

Prices range from $6.00 for 7” to $11.50 for 14

Enjoy Which Wich’s Gluten Free Offering

Which Wich needs to get on the ball and start offering a gluten-free option for their bread, but until they do we can’t say the bowlwich or lettucewich is in any way disappointing. Both of these are an incredible way to experience the various mixtures of ingredients that are offered by Which Wich, and we encourage you to give them a go. The Pepperoni Pizzawich is one of the best to have as a bowlwich, especially if you have it hot and fresh, making it a bowl of complete unfettered decadence.