Which Wich Catering Menu Prices

Find Which Wich Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

The Which Wich catering menu is the perfect choice if you’re looking to bring some creative and unique sandwiches to your next event or function. Which Wich has grown into one of the nation’s most popular sub/sandwich providers over the past 15 years — there are over 400 locations spread throughout the country.

The chain has aimed to provide a unique and flavorful alternative to some of the larger sandwich brands in the nation. They aim to use better ingredients and offer a wider selection of choices for those who opt to dine with them.

One thing that helps set Which Wich apart from many other catering providers is that they have a large amount of customization available. Your guests or staff will be able to ensure their sandwiches or subs fit their tastes perfectly.

If you’ve had trouble finding their catering menu, we have the whole thing right here!



Veggie TrayServe 8$45.00
Fruit & Cheese TrayServe 8$45.00

Catering Packages

Classic "Easy Meal"Serve 12$160.00
Deluxe "Easy Meal"Serve 12$215.00

Sandwiches & Wraps Tray

Traditional Wich TrayServe 10$70.00
Signature Wich TrayServe 10$75.00
Wrap Wich TrayServe 10$75.00

Boxed Lunches

Classic Box LunchServe 10$8.50
Deluxe Box LunchServe 10$11.25


House SaladServe 10$40.00
Cobb SaladServe 6$50.00
Chef SaladServe 6$50.00


Assorted Individual ChipsServe 12$15.00
Caprese Deli Pasta SaladServe 10$60.00
Antipasto Deli Pasta SaladServe 10$60.00
Club Deli Pasta SaladServe 10$60.00


Bag of IceServe 10$2.50


Dozen CookiesServe 12$15.00
Decadent Dessert TrayServe 16$35.00


Gallon Sweet TeaServe 8$9.00
Gallon Unsweetened TeaServe 8$9.00
Gallon LemonadeServe 8$9.00
Assorted Canned SodasPer person$1.50
Bottled WaterPer person$1.75

Popular Catering Choices at Which Wich

Lunch and dinner are always a treat at Which Wich — this popular sandwich chain provides portion sizes that can appease any appetite, no matter what time of day it is. They also provide catering trays that are great for those who need to cater for larger groups.

You’ll find a range of sandwiches and subs, drinks, desserts, salads, and much, much more on their extensive catering menu. Best of all, it’s all fully customizable.

If you can’t figure out what to choose, have a look at the popular catering choices in more detail below!

Traditional Wich Tray

If you’re looking to bring a large tray of assorted subs and sandwiches to your next meeting or function, the Traditional Wich Tray is the way to go. The large comes with 30 assorted subs and is a great way to feed between 15-22 people.

Each large tray will cost you $95.00.

Deluxe Box Lunch

If you’re looking to provide some great box lunches for your staff or guests, Which Wich has you covered. They have a Deluxe Box Lunch that contains a 7″ or 10.5″ sandwich of your choice, a bag of chips, a caprese deli pasta salad, and a dessert bar.

It’s a great way to ensure everyone is well fed! Each Deluxe Box Lunch costs $11.25.

Signature Wrap Tray

If you’re looking for another type of tray that is a bit different than your normal sandwich tray, the Traditional Wrap Tray is the way to go. It includes a variety of different wraps that are sure to feed up to 15-22 people.

Each large wrap tray will cost you $110. It comes with a range of wraps, including muffuletta, buffalo chicken, turcado, turkey bacon ranch, and caprese.

Dozen Cookies

If you haven’t tried the Which Wich chocolate chip cookies before, you’re truly missing out — they’re a fan favorite for a reason. They’re baked in-store and are provided to you warm and fresh.

They have plenty of chocolate chunks cooked into the dough. Each dozen will cost you just $15!

Enjoy Which Wich’s Catering Offering

Which Wich is an affordable way to provide fresh and enjoyable food at your next event or function. Their large platters and trays make it easy to cater to large groups of people.

Which Wich is also very accommodating of specific requests and preferences — you can be sure that you can cater to the exact tastes of your guests. Best of all, you can order anything from their catering menu directly online, which makes it much easier to organize the food for your next event.

Avoid ordering from the same boring catering providers you’ve used in the past — Which Wich has made it much easier to access world-class sandwiches at an affordable price. With plenty of variety and options for refreshments and desserts, they’re the perfect one-stop-shop for your next catered event.