Wing Stop Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Wing Stop's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Wing Stop’s Gluten-Free Menu appears, at first glance, to be the stuff of gluten-free wing lover’s dreams. Unfortunately, a closer inspection shows that not all is as it seems, as there has been an increasing number of breaded items finding their way onto its menu. For the record, they do take some care in trying to make sure cross-contamination is limited by filtering their oil, but unfortunately, this is no guarantee of a gluten-free experience. Your experience here, however, should be superior to those companies that don’t make the slightest effort to ensure that gluten cross-contamination doesn’t occur.

Check out their full gluten-free menu offerings below:


Regular Wings

Atomic10 pc$6.00
Atomic15 pc$9.00
Cajun10 pc$6.00
Cajun15 pc$9.00
Garlic Parmesan10 pc$6.00
Garlic Parmesan15 pc$9.00
Hawaiian, Renfros10 pc$6.00
Hawaiian, Renfros15 pc$9.00
Hickory Smoked BBQ10 pc$6.00
Hickory Smoked BBQ15 pc$9.00
Lemon Pepper10 pc$6.00
Lemon Pepper15 pc$9.00
Louisiana Rub10 pc$6.00
Louisiana Rub15 pc$9.00
Mild10 pc$6.00
Mild15 pc$9.00
Original Hot10 pc$6.00
Original Hot15 pc$9.00
Plain10 pc$6.00
Plain15 pc$9.00
Teriyaki, Renfros10 pc$6.00
Teriyaki, Renfros15 pc$9.00


Bourbon Baked BeansRegular$1.99
Bourbon Baked BeansLarge$3.19
Honey MustardRegular$1.99
Honey MustardLarge$3.19
Hot Cheddar Cheese SauceRegular$1.99
Hot Cheddar Cheese SauceLarge$3.19
Potato SaladRegular$1.99
Potato SaladLarge$3.19
Seasoned FriesRegular$1.99
Seasoned FriesLarge$3.19
Veggie Sticks (Carrot)Regular$0.89
Veggie Sticks (Celery)Large$0.89

Popular Gluten Free Items at Wing Stop

The only thing you truly have to be certain of when ordering from the gluten-free menu at Wing Stop is that you specify that you want the traditional wings, not the boneless or strips. Only the traditional wings are without gluten, but they are no less delicious than these other offerings. They also have a respectable number of items on their side menu, meaning you can enjoy a full meal here instead of just the main course. Whether you’re going for fiery hot or a mild wing, Wing Stop has something for you.

Check out their most popular items:

Bourbon Baked Beans

What, did you think we were going to start with their wings? Everyone knows that their wings are amazing, but fewer are familiar with the Bourbon Baked Beans they serve on their side menu. A perfect compliment to your order of traditional, non-breaded wings these beans will help fill in the corners they left empty. A great selection from their side menu.

Get a regular size for $1.99, and a large for $3.19

Seasoned Fries

These fries are seasoned with a proprietary blend of seasonings by the Wing Stop staff before being brought to your table. Like the other gluten-free products on their menu they may have been subjected to cross-contamination during frying, but otherwise, you’re completely safe. These are a great combination to serve alongside hot wings.

Seasoned fries cost $1.99 or get large for $3.19

Cajun Wings

Their Cajun Wings have a decidedly southern spice mix that makes the mouth come alive with the flavors and heat of down-home southern wings. These wings are a popular item throughout the United States, but particularly in the southern areas where this spice blend calls home. If you’re feeling brave, or maybe nostalgic, order them up.

Wings are available for $8.09 for 10, $11.99 for 15, or $15.29 for 20

Garlic Parmesan Wings

These are perfect for the person who’s sensitive to heat, an offering from their wing menu that eschews spice for the flavor and experience of garlic and Parmesan. These wings are still perfect for dipping in ranch sauce, or any of their other sauces if you’re looking for something with a little more fire to them.

Wings are available for $8.09 for 10, $11.99 for 15, or $15.29 for 20

Enjoy Wing Stop’s Gluten Free Offering

Wing Stop has been providing incredible wings for their customers for years, constantly striving to find new blends of flavor and maintain an incredible level of quality. Their dedication to serving has only continued to grow, and they responded to the need for gluten-safe diets by installing filters in their fryers to strongly reduce the possibility of cross-contamination. If you’re looking for a wing experience but have to avoid gluten, they’re an excellent option for you. Whether it’s a family dinner or sitting in to enjoy the big game, Wing Stop is proud to be your wing provider.