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We have the full and up to date Wingstop® menu with prices. Wingstop serves up expertly prepared chicken wings in a variety of great flavors in an historical aviation themed fast and casual dining experience. You can eat in or pick up an order to go for the whole family or festive gathering.

Wingstop focuses on making exceptional chicken wings, boneless wings, and chicken tenders. The sauces and dips are available in a wide variety of flavors covering sweet, savory, spicy and smoky terrain. You may not be able to decide on your favorite flavor, but that is okay because there are lots of combo meals that let you mix and match.

Below you will find the full menu along with some of our hand-picked recommendations:


Classic and Boneless Wings

Combos & Packs

6 Wings: 2 Flavors + 1 DipFries or Veg Sticks + 20 oz Soft Drinks$8.79
8 Wings: 2 Flavors + 1 Dip$9.99
10 Wings: 2 Flavors + 1 Dip$11.49
15 Wings: 2 Flavors + 2 DipsLg Fries or Lg Veg Sticks + 2 20 oz Soft Drinks$19.89
Boneless 25 Pack: 3 Flavors + 3 DipsLg Fries, Veg Sticks and 3 Rolls$25.79
Boneless 30 Pack: 3 Flavors + 3 DipsLg Fries, Veg Sticks$30.99
Boneless 35 Pack: 4 Flavors + 4 DipsLg Fries and Lg Side, 2 Veg Sticks and 6 Rolls$33.99
Boneless 40 Pack: 4 Flavors + 4 DipsLg Fries, 2 Veg Sticks $40.19
Boneless 50 Pack: 4 Flavors + 4 DipsLg Fries and Lg Side, 2 Veg Sticks$49.49

By the Piece

Add 5 Wings to Any Order for $4.19
10 Wings: 2 Flavors$8.19
20 Wings: 3 Flavors$15.99
30 Wings: 3 Flavors$23.89
50 Wings: 4 Flavors$39.49
100 Wings: 6 Flavors$71.99

Chicken Tenders

Combos & Packs

3 Tenders: 1 DipFries or Veg Sticks + 20 oz Soft Drinks$7.99
5 Tenders: 1 Dip$10.39
8 Tenders: 2 DipsLg Fries or Lg Veg Sticks + 2 20 oz Soft Drinks$18.39
16 Tenders: 3 Dips16 Pack - Lg Fries, 4 Rolls$30.19
24 Tenders: 4 Dips24 Pack - Lg Fries and Lg Side, 6 Rolls$44.99

By The Piece

4 Tenders: 1 Dip$6.49
7 Tenders: 2 Dips$10.29
15 Tenders: 3 Dips$20.49
20 Tenders: 4 Dips$29.69
30 Tenders: 4 Dips$38.79

Wing Flavors

AtomicA Habanero Fueled Inferno
Mango HabaneroSweet and Spicy Collide
CajunHot with a Southern Twist
Original HotA Blend of Heat and Tang
Louisiana RubA Southern Mix w/ Hints Of Garlic
MildAll the Flavor Minus The Burn
Hickory Smoked BbqSweet. Smokey. Rich
Lemon PepperA Hit of Citrus and Black Pepper
Garlic ParmesanSavory and Buttery
HawaiianBig Tangy Island Flavor
TeriyakiBold and Sweet Asian Spices


Note: these items may vary from day to day. R = Regular Size. M = Medium Size. L = Large Size.

Hand-Cut Fries

SeasonedYour choice of corn, lemon pepper, parmesan or fry seasoning.R - $2.19, L - $2.99
With CheeseR - $3.19, L - $4.29

Veggies, Salad & Other

Veggie Sticks$0.99
ColeslawR - $2.19, L - $3.49
Potato Salad
Baked Beans
Baked Rolls1 - $0.49, 6 - $2.99, 12 - $5.49


RanchR - $0.89, L - $3.49
Bleu Cheese
Honey Mustard
Cheese SauceR - $0.89, M - $1.59, L - $3.19


Soft Drinks20 oz - $1.99, 32 oz - $2.29

Popular Menu Items

With 12 chef inspired sauces and 4 delicious dips, there is plenty of flavor at Wingstop. Whether you like your wings on the bone or boneless, or prefer crisp and moist chicken tenders, you can have your meal with all the bold flavor you can stand.

Don’t miss out on the great sides at Wingstop. They have tasty hand-cut French fries, creamy coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans and rolls. These great sides help you turn chicken wings into a satisfying meal. There are lots of combination offerings so you can pair your food into the right size for your appetite.

The star of the show are the 12 wing flavors. There is Garlic Parmesan if you are looking for savory goodness without the bite. The Louisiana rub focuses on southern herbs and spices. If you have to have your wings really hot, try the Atomic, which is flavored with Habanero chilis.

Here are some other customer favorites:

20 Wings, 3 Flavors

This is a great meal deal. Not only do you get to fill up on delicious chicken wings, you get to try any three of the 12 delicious flavors ranging from sweet to blazing hot. We recommend the Hawaiian, Spicy Korean Q, and the Cajun for an around the world sampler of these great flavors. $15.99.

3 Tenders and 1 Dip

If you already know your favorite flavor of dip, this is a great choice for you. It comes with a side of fries or veggie sticks and a 20 ounce drink for just $7.99.

Fries with Cheese

The fries at Wingstop are hand-cut and served fresh and hot. If you have them with cheese, they are even better (of course!). A large order is $4.29.

Boneless 50 pack with 4 flavors and 4 dips

If you are looking for a fast way to host a party for the big game, this is what you want. There will be plenty of choices for everyone to try making this a great finger food option to have alongside your favorite beverages. Your guests will thank you! It comes with a large order of fries and a large side as well as 2 orders of veggie sticks for $49.49.

Wingstop’s History

The first Wingstop was opened in 1994 in Garland, Texas by Antonio Swad. The chain began franchising in 1998 and has since expanded to over 550 locations. It is currently owned by Roark Capital Group and has headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

The spokesperson for Wingstop is legendary football legend Troy Aikman. He has been featured in several television ads for the restaurant chain. Wingstop has also partnered with artists and others to create promotional content on Youtube.