Zoup Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Zoup's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Zoup’s Gluten-Free Menu is delightfully varied, containing a nice assortment of soups that will tantalize and satisfy. A comforting bowl of soup is an excellent way to start any meal, but when you stop in at Zoup, it is the heart of the meal, a broad range of soups made by soup lovers for soup lovers. Along with their wonderful arrangement of soups, you’ll also discover a list of salads a dish that, as everyone knows, is the perfect accompaniment to soup. If you have a Zoup Fresh Soup Company near you, then you should stop in and check out what they have to offer to the gluten-free community.

Their full list of gluten-free soups can be found below:



Chicken TortillaCup$5.20
Chicken TortillaBowl$6.25
Chipotle Shrimp BisqueCup$6.20
Chipotle Shrimp BisqueBowl$7.25
Cucumber GazpachoCup$5.20
Cucumber GazpachoBowl$6.35
Fiery Chicken EnchiladaCup$6.20
Fiery Chicken EnchiladaBowl$7.35
El Grande ChiliCup$6.20
El Grande ChiliBowl$7.35
Ginger Butternut SquashCup$5.20
Ginger Butternut SquashBowl$6.35
Fire Roasted Tomato BisqueCup$6.20
Fire Roasted Tomato BisqueBowl$7.35
Frontier 7 BeanCup$5.25
Frontier 7 BeanBowl$6.35
Hearty Vegetable BeefCup$6.20
Hearty Vegetable BeefBowl$7.35
North Indian LentilCup$5.20
North Indian LentilBowl$6.35
Overstuffed Bell PepperCup$5.20
Overstuffed Bell PepperBowl$6.35
Potato CheddarCup$5.20
Potato CheddarBowl$6.35
Pumpkin Pie BisqueCup$6.20
Pumpkin Pie BisqueBowl$7.75
Roast Garlic Chicken KaleCup$6.20
Roast Garlic Chicken KaleBowl$7.75
Simply GazpachoCup$5.20
Simply GazpachoBowl$6.35
Spicy Black Bean ChiliCup$6.20
Spicy Black Bean ChiliBowl$7.35
Tomato & FetaCup$5.20
Tomato & FetaBowl$6.35
Tomato BasilCup$5.20
Tomato BasilBowl$6.35
Tomato CabbageCup$5.20
Tomato CabbageBowl$6.35
Tomato VegetablesCup$5.20
Tomato VegetablesBowl$6.35
Maryland CrabCup$5.95
Maryland CrabBowl$7.25
Roadhouse Sirloin ChiliCup$6.20
Roadhouse Sirloin ChiliBowl$7.35
Santa Fe Chicken ChiliCup$5.20
Santa Fe Chicken ChiliBowl$6.35
Turkey ChiliCup$5.20
Turkey ChiliBowl$6.35
Pepper SteakCup$6.20
Pepper SteakBowl$7.75
Singapore SquashCup$5.20
Singapore SquashBowl$6.35
Chicken Veggie Chop ChopCup$5.20
Chicken Veggie Chop ChopBowl$6.35
Vegetarian Split PeaCup$5.20
Vegetarian Split PeaBowl$6.35
Blazin Bison ChiliCup$6.20
Blazin Bison ChiliBowl$7.75
Chicken Fajita (Cheese Garnish)Cup$6.20
Chicken Fajita (Cheese Garnish)Bowl$7.75
Crab BisqueCup$6.20
Crab BisqueBowl$7.75
Jamaican Bay GumboCup$5.20
Jamaican Bay GumboBowl$6.35
Rustic Vegetable BeanCup$5.20
Rustic Vegetable BeanBowl$6.35
White Chicken ChiliCup$6.20
White Chicken ChiliBowl$7.75
Mexican ChickenCup$6.20
Mexican ChickenBowl$7.75
Quinoa Veggie Kale SuperfoodCup$6.20
Quinoa Veggie Kale SuperfoodBowl$7.75
Mediterranean Chicken VegetableCup$6.20
Mediterranean Chicken VegetableBowl$7.75


California Tuna SaladHalf$6.50
California Tuna SaladWhole$7.75
Cranberry Goat CheeseHalf$5.25
Cranberry Goat CheeseWhole$7.75

Garnishes & Dressings

Balsamic Raspberry$1.65
Balsamic Vinaigrette$1.65
Chipotle Ranch$1.95
Cucumber Dill Sauce$0.45
Raspberry Vinaigrette$1.95
Basil Mayo$1.65
Fresco Salsa$1.65
Lemon Caper Tuna Mix$1.65
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese$1.65
Rice Noodles$1.65
Caesar (Canada)$1.65
Greek (Canada)$1.65
Fat Free Italian (Canada)$1.65
Corn Tortilla Strips$1.79
Basil Pesto$1.65
Citrus Vinaigrette$1.65
Maple Aioli$1.65

Bread & Dessert

Veggie Chips$1.39

Popular Gluten Free Items at Zoup

Needless to say the majority of their popular menu items are soup, though you’ll find a few salads sprinkled in there as well. Whether you’re indulging in the potato cheddar dish or daring to try their unusual but delicious pumpkin pie bisque, you’re not going to walk away unsatisfied from their table. These soups are warm and filling, and that makes Zoup Fresh Soup Company the perfect place to stop in and settle your worries of the day. With so many gluten-free options to choose from, you’ll never lack variety.

Check out their most popular gluten-free items below:

Frontier 7 Bean Soup

Beans are a heart food item all on their own, but when you have them as part of soup, they bring a wonderful body to it. This rich, thick soup comes with a variety of 7 different beans, each contributing their character and color to the broth.

Enjoy your musical fruit soup for $4.50 for a side, $5.65 for a cup, or $11.20 for an extra large

Fire Roasted Tomato Bisque

Tomato Bisque has been a favorite of most of us since we were kids, especially when it was served up with a hearty side of grilled cheese sandwiches. When you take those tomatoes and slowly roast them over an open fire, you impart a smoky flavor that translates directly to the soup and gives it a whole new character.

Get your tomato bisque for $4.50 as a side, $5.65 a cup, or $11.20 extra large

Zesty 3 Pepper With Chicken

This soup is sure to brighten up your day with its tingling combination of three peppers mixed with delicious chicken. The broth is warm and bright, and the flavor is like something you’ve never had before, an incredible combination of flavors and concepts that are rarely found in more traditional venues.

Spice up your soup for $4.50 for a side, $5.65 for a cup, or $11.20 for an extra large

Gazpacho Soup

Gazpacho Soup is a different experience for those who aren’t used to cold soups, but if you are ready for a new take on comfort food, you’ll want to give it a try. A tomato based soup offering for warm summer days when you want soup but don’t want to eat anything warm.

Try this chilled soup by the bowl for $4.50 for a side, $5.65 for a cup, or $11.20 for an extra large

Enjoy Zoup’s Gluten Free Offering

The Zoup Fresh Soup Company was established with a single idea in mind, that everyday is a good day for soup. Combine this with the idea that soup should be made from fresh delicious ingredients and without any of their ‘No-Good’ list of ingredients, and you’ve got the perfect place to stop. Whatever your dietary requirements, the Zoup Fresh Soup Company has an offering that will be perfect for you. Stop in and try them out.