Zoup Catering Menu Prices

Find Zoup Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you’re looking for a great bakery-style restaurant to cater your next meal, the Zoup catering menu is the perfect option for plenty of places in the United States. This large chain is a great combination of bakery and deli — they provide fresh, wholesome food to their customer base.

Zoup has grown into one of the many bakery-style restaurants that’s popular around the country. The chain now has 88 locations and also has a large presence in Canada.

While Zoup is famous for its menu, the restaurant also has a catering menu designed to help those who want to purchase large amounts of food. It’s extremely extensive and includes many of the major menu items you find on the regular menu.

We have the entire Zoup catering menu right here for your personal enjoyment!



Buffet-Style Soup Variety PackageServes 10$49.95
Buffet-Style Soup TureenServes 10$49.95

Sandwiches & Boxed Lunches

Try Two! Soup & Salad/Sandwich Boxed LunchPer Person$11.50
Try Two! Salad & Sandwich Boxed LunchPer Person$12.50
Create-A-Sandwich TrayServes 12$49.95


Group GreenZServes 12$49.95


Assorted ChipsServes 1$1.50
French BreadServes 10$4.75
Multi-Grain BreadServes 10$4.75


Assorted DessertsServes 10$19.50


Assorted 2L Soda BottlesServes 4$3.00
Bottled WaterPer Person$1.65

Popular Catering Choices at Zoup

Zoup has gained notoriety for being a great catering partner for both lunch and dinner. They have plenty of menu items geared towards the two most popular mealtimes of the day.

You’ll find sandwiches, salads, pastries, soups, vegetables, and much more on their catering menu. They even provide their own drinks and refreshments if you think you’ll need some at your next event.

Below we will take a further look at some of the popular catering items that Zoup has to offer!

Salad and Sandwich Box Lunch

If you’re looking for a box lunch that can help you organize a lunch on-the-go or a bunch of individual meals, the Salad and Sandwich Box Lunch is the way to go. It comes with your choice of salad, sandwich, and dessert.

It’s fully customizable and comes with enough food to satisfy an appetite of any size! The cost is $12.75.

Sandwich Tray

If you’re looking to have a platter that people can feast off of, the Sandwich Tray is most definitely the way to go. It comes loaded with enough sandwiches for 15 people — the tray includes meats, vegetables, and garnishes all on Ciabatta bread.

You can also choose which types of sandwiches you want. The whole tray costs $52.

California Tuna Salad

Looking for something a little green? This unique and tasty salad comes loaded with romaine, spring mix, Albacore tuna salad, carrots, red onions, grape tomatoes, and avocado. All of this is topped off with a great balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

This will serve 10 to 15 people and it comes priced at $52.

Assorted Desserts

If you want to get some dessert for your next catering offering but you can’t decide on one item, try the Assorted Desserts from Zoup. It includes five chocolate chunk cookies, three oatmeal raisin cookies, and two chocolate chunk brownies.

It’s the perfect way to get a little bit of everything. It comes priced at $19.50.

Enjoy Zoup’s Catering Offering

Generic food is a thing of the past — with Zoup you can order your guests or staff the type of food they want. With fresh, nutritious options on the Zoup catering menu, you won’t have to worry about letting anyone down.

Zoup makes it easy to oder from their catering menu — you can head online, choose an area store, and order for pickup directly on their website. It’s perfect if you’re in a hurry and you want to get your catering logistics sorted out quickly.

Remember: Zoup has plenty of refreshments and additional menu items available as well. You won’t have to source food from anywhere else if you decide to order all of your catering from Zoup.