Chevy's Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Chevy's Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

The Chevy’s gluten free menu is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to eat Mexican food without the risk of consuming gluten. Chevy’s has long been one of California’s most popular Mexican restaurants — they’ve been serving area customers for decades.

If you enjoy Mexican favorites, but you’ve been missing out due to your gluten intolerance, this is the perfect way to get back into your favorite food. They have an extremely extensive menu available.

While Chevy’s doesn’t advertise a gluten free specific menu, they do make all their nutrition information readily available — it’s very easy to find a decent amount of gluten free food on their menu. They can also make changes to certain dishes to ensure they use less gluten.

If you’ve been on the hunt for the Chevy’s gluten free menu, we have everything you need right here on out site!



Chile Con Queso Dip$3.25
Chicken Tamale$8.99
Tableside Guacamole$8.49

Appetizer Accompaniments

Jalapeño Jelly$3.25
Pineapple Salsa$3.25
Sour Cream$3.25
Pico De Gallo$3.25

Fresh Salads

Sante Fe Chopped Salad (Request without tortilla strips, bacon or marinade on chicken)$8.79
Sante Fe Chopped Salad (Request without tortilla strips, bacon or marinade on chicken)$8.79

Salad Dressings

Salsa Vinaigrette$8.49
Chipotle Apple Vinaigrette$8.49


Succulent Shrimp (Corn tortillas only)$17.49
Chicken Fajitas (Without marinade)$13.99
Fresh Catch of the Day (Without marinade)$17.49
Fajita Accompaniments$8.49
Sour Cream$3.25
Pico De Gallo$3.25
Beans (black, charra/pinto)$3.25
Sweet corn tamalito$3.25
Corn tortillas$3.25

Fresh Mex Specialties

Order with corn tortillas
Chicken Tacos$11.79
Steak Tacos$10.49
Beef Taco$10.49
Chicken Taco$10.79
Chicken Tamale$10.79


Ranchero Sauce$3.25
Green Sauce$3.25

Kiddie Meals

Beef or Chicken Taco (Request corn tortilla, request unfried)$6.49
Kiddie Cheeseburger (No bun)$6.49


Chevys Flan (No cactus garnish)$10.79
Chiquita Sundae (No tortilla shell, no cactus garnish)$10.79
Kiddie Kone (Ice cream only)$6.49

Popular Gluten Free Items at Chevy’s

At Chevy’s, there are plenty of different choices for a gluten free lunch or dinner. You don’t have to restrict yourself because of your dietary requirements — just make sure to mention you want your menu items prepared gluten free so your server can be accommodating.

You’ll find plenty of salads, fajitas, tacos, sides, and other flavor-packed items if you’re in the market for something fresh and tasty. It’s the perfect place to get your Mexican fix while avoiding gluten.

Below are the most popular gluten free items that Chevy’s has to offer — make sure to check them out!

Original Chicken Quesadillas (Corn Tortilla)

If you’re looking for a Tex-Mex favorite, the chicken quesadillas are the way to go. They come with cheese, chicken, and vegetables, all loaded between two tortillas — make sure to request a corn tortilla if you want to avoid gluten.

Always tell your server you’re gluten intolerant so they know how to serve your food. This comes priced at $10.79.

Shrimp Fajitas

Not all of the fajitas are an option at Chevy’s, but the Shrimp Fajitas can be purchased gluten free. Just make sure that you tell your server you want them to be prepared without exposure to gluten.

Also request corn tortillas on the side instead of flour. These wonderful grilled shrimp can be yours for $17.49.

Chicken Enchiladas (No Red Sauce)

There’s not much better than a well-made enchilada. These come with cheese, chicken, and spices wrapped in tortillas and covered with more cheese. Make sure to request corn tortillas and no red sauce — it contains gluten.

You should always notify staff that you cannot eat gluten — they have to prepare your food differently. This menu item costs $10.79.

Habanero Steak Tacos (Corn Tortillas)

Tacos are another menu item that you might be missing because of your gluten intolerance. Fortunately, if you order the Habanero Steak Tacos with corn tortillas you can avoid gluten.

Make sure to tell staff you want them prepared gluten free! The cost of the taco meal is $10.79.

Enjoy Chevy’s Gluten Free Offering

It’s always been very difficult for people who have gluten intolerance to eat at Mexican restaurants, the amount of gluten in certain menu items can make it near impossible. That’s why it’s great that more and more Mexican establishments have begun to make it clear which types of food you can order in their restaurants.

If you’ve struggled to find gluten free Mexican food in the past, the Chevy’s gluten free offering is the way to go. With the amount of variety on offer, it’s hard to turn this place down if you’ve been missing Mexican food.

Chevy’s has been a longstanding success in the Mexican food industry. They first opened their doors in California in the early 80s. They now have over 35 restaurants spread throughout the state, making them one of the largest Mexican chains in the area.

The company is currently owned by Real Mex Restaurants.