Chevy's Catering Menu Prices

Find Chevy's Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Chevy’s Catering Menu is a choice that comes to mind when you’re looking to provide a rich and filling meal made up of the Tex-Mex flavors that Chevy calls “Fresh Mex.” By dedicating themselves to only using the freshest ingredients and preparing them every day with combinations that make this a notable experience for anyone who has the good fortune to dine there. Your guests will know they’re getting the best Fresh Mex the world has to offer when you cater to this event.

Check out their full catering menu below:


Fajita Bar

Choose one meat: Chicken, Steak, Carnitas, Veggie. Add Guacamole for an additional fee per person. Substitute Shrimp for an additional fee per person
Flour And Corn Tortillas$8.00
Fresh Mex Rice$7.00
Choice Of Homemade Beans$8.00
Chips & Salsa$9.00
San Antonio Veggies$7.00
Sour Cream$7.00
Pico De Gallo$8.00
Sweet Corn Tamalito$8.00

Individual Boxed Lunch

Minimum of 10 People. Includes: Chips & Salsa and a Chocolate Chip Cookie




Southwest Cobb Wrap$8.00
Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap$8.00


Southwest Cobb$10.00
Chicken Caesar Salad$10.00
Mixed Greens with Chicken$10.00
Mixed Greens$10.00

A La Carte

Prices serve 10 people


Quesadilla (Steak or Chicken)$46.00
Quesadilla (Cheese)$42.00
Border Wings$46.00
Chicken Flautas$35.00
Soft Tacos (Beef, Chicken or Carnitas)$10.00
Enchiladas (Beef or Chicken)$41.00
Enchiladas (Cheese)$38.00
Tamales (Pork or Chicken)$36.00
Fresh Fruit$25.00
Fresh Veggies$22.00


Southwest Cobb$39.00
Chicken Caesar$39.00
Mixed Greens$37.00


Choice of Beans: Refried, Beans a la Charra, or Vegetarian Black Beans
Fresh Mex Rice$7.00
Sweet Corn Tamalito$10.00
Guacamole with Chips$14.00
Pound & a Pint of Chips and Salsa$9.00
Flour or Corn TortillasOne Dozen$10.00



Prices serve 10 people
Cookie Box$11.00
Brownie Box$11.00


Bottled Water and Soft Drinks$1.50

Popular Catering Choices at Chevy’s

Ordering from Chevy’s for your catering purposes gives you access to alcoholic drinks, tortillas, burritos, enchiladas, tortilla chips, salsa, and guacamole that will leave your guests staggered with the sheer quality of the flavors you’ve brought them. Chevy’s prides itself on being an excellent source of Mexican fare that can be provided to large groups at affordable prices without sacrificing quality in the mix. Check out Chevy’s menu, and you may have a hard time deciding what will be the best option to order, but we’ve got their favorites listed below.

Fajita Fiesta

Their Fajita Fiesta is brought to your event in a buffet style offering. An additional charge enables you to have them provide their disposable chafing dish option that will ensure your guests get it warm and fresh. This offering includes Flour and Corn Tortillas, San Antonio Veggies, Sour Cream, Fresh Mex Rice, Pico De Gallo, Sweet Corn Tamalito, and their homemade beans.

You can order yours for $14.00 a person

Quesadilla Lovers

Quesadillas are a long time favorite of Fresh Mex customers, and you can cater your event with foil-wrapped prepared Quesadillas delivered at just the right temperature to enjoy. Your guests will enjoy the rice sides along with the chips and salsa that comes along with this arrangement of cheese, chicken, and steak Quesadillas.

Incredibly affordable at $11.00 a person

Baja Fresh Fish Tacos

Serving a group of pisco-vegetarians or just wanting to provide a lighter fare for those avoiding red and white meat? The Baja Fresh Fish Tacos are an excellent option to serve to your guests and bring the fresh taste of delicious fish combined with crisp lettuce, zesty tomatoes, and an assortment of other toppings that make these tacos out of this world.

A great offering for $12.00 a person

Mango Chicken

Mango Chicken is a delightful dish that combines the light juicy taste of perfectly prepared chicken with a custom mango sauce that brings a tang of sweetness to the dish. This dish provides an incredible flavor and retains the Fresh Mex aesthetic while bringing a different suite of flavors to the event for your customers.

Decadent but affordable at $11.00 a person

Enjoy Chevy’s Catering Offering

Chevy’s offerings are more than just a great way to feed a large group of people at an event, and they’re a way to bring a healthy and light offering that will ensure that people enjoy their dining experience without impacting their diets. The lightness of their dishes combined with the low instances of unhealthy fats makes them a great option. The flavors and visuals of dining on Fresh Mex is an additional bonus, and there’s something bright and attractive about fresh ingredients arranged to prepare delicious food that will only enhance your guest’s experience. Contact Chevy’s today for your catering solutions.