Jack In The Box Gluten Free Menu Prices

Find Jack In The Box Gluten Free Menu Prices & Allergy Information

Like most fast-food restaurants, the Jack In The Box gluten-free menu is a bit sparse, perhaps more so than many restaurants given the specific types of foods they serve. This doesn’t stop them from having some great options if you don’t mind going for a bun-free burger in a bowl or wrapped up in crisp, fresh lettuce you can enjoy all your old Jack In The Box Favorites without triggering your gluten sensitivity.

Check out their full menu of gluten-free options below:



Chicken Club Salad with Grilled Chicken$4.99
Grilled Chicken Salad$5.49
Side Salad$1.69
Southwest Chicken Salad with Grilled Chicken$5.49
Creamy Southwest Dressing$3.49
Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing$2.49
Ranch Dressing$2.99
Spicy Corn Sticks$3.99

Snacks & Sides

Chiquita Apple Bites with Caramel$3.49
French FriesSmall$1.89
French FriesMedium$2.09
French FriesLarge$2.29


Chocolate Shake with Whipped Topping$3.79
Strawberry Shake with Whipped Topping$3.79
Vanilla Shake with Whipped Topping$3.79


Oreo Cookie ShakeRegular$2.79
Oreo Cookie ShakeLarge$3.29
Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry)Regular$2.79
Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry)Large$3.29
Smoothies (Strawberry Banana, Mango, or Strawberry)Regular$2.99
Smoothies (Strawberry Banana, Mango, or Strawberry)Large$3.99
Premium Roast Coffee - HotRegular$1.49
Premium Roast Coffee - HotLarge$1.69
Premium Roast Coffee Iced (Original, Mocha, Caramel or Hazelnut)Regular$1.79
Premium Roast Coffee Iced (Original, Mocha, Caramel or Hazelnut)Large$2.69
Flavored Iced Tea$1.89
Bottled Water$1.69
Orange Juice$1.69
Fresh Brewed Iced TeaSmall$1.69
Fresh Brewed Iced TeaMedium$1.89
Fresh Brewed Iced TeaLarge$2.09
Fountain DrinkSmall$1.69
Fountain DrinkMedium$1.89
Fountain DrinkLarge$2.09


Note: These items may vary from day to day
Salted Caramel ShakeRegular$2.79
Salted Caramel ShakeLarge$3.29

Popular Gluten Free Items at Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box offers a relatively limited set of possibilities specifically suitable for those avoiding gluten in their diets. However, you can find an assortment of options if you remove the bun from your order and replace it with a bowl or a wrap of lettuce. There are those who have so enjoyed the lettuce-wrapped burger that they have turned their back on the bun forever, and if that isn’t a ringing endorsement of a gluten-free option, we don’t know what is.

Below you’ll find some favorite gluten-free options from Jack In The Box:

Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger

It’s right there in the name, the pathway to heaven contained in three little ingredients. Bacon, Cheese, and Burger. Those three items spell a story of unremitting beauty and taste in the world of burgers, and they’re available to those who have gluten allergies. Order your Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger free of the bun, and you’ll receive a delicious lettuce wrap or bowl of burger.

Get your Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger for $5.09

Chicken Club Salad w/ Grilled Chicken Strips

The Chicken Club Salad is a fantastic gluten-free option from the Jack In The Box menu, though you do have to specifically request that they don’t give you the breaded chicken strips. Along with the chicken, you’ll get an offering of delicious bacon bits, crisp lettuce, tangy tomatoes, and cucumber slices mixed in with their cheddar cheese and onion that will create the perfect salad.

Get your Chicken Club Salad for just $5.49

Hashbrown Sticks

It’s something of a relief to learn that these are available on their menu as a gluten-free option. Sadly their curly fries are off limits due to the breading used to hold their seasoning on, but when you can get a crispy, salty, warm order of hash browns instead there’s not much to be missed! On top of that, they’re remarkably inexpensive!

Get hash browns for $1.29 each

Grilled Chicken Strips

If there’s one thing that Jack In The Box does flawlessly, it’s their chicken. The grilled chicken option from Jack In The Box provides a delicious opportunity to indulge in their chicken without fearing the inclusion of gluten. Order these and pick up an order of their ranch sauce and you’ve got a dipping wonderland ahead.

Get your chicken strips for $4.69

Enjoy Jack In The Box’s Gluten Free Offering

The smiling face of Jack from Jack In The Box has been greeting customers for decades, promising delicious foods and freedom from the headaches of preparing dinner yourself. Every year Jack In The Box innovates more and more, finding new items to offer on their menu and new ways to preserve old offerings for future customers. One step in this direction was with their inclusion of gluten-free items on the menu, as well as the option to get your burger without the bun. If you’re hunting for a gluten-free fast food experience, there are worse options than Jack In The Box.