Jack In The Box Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Jack in the Box Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

Jack in the Box is one of the few places that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If that isn’t enough, they’re serving breakfast for that long too!

Known for their internationally infused foods, Jack in the Box offers everything from tacos to egg rolls, as well as waffle sandwiches and burritos.

Jack In the Box Breakfast Hours & Days

  • Sunday – Saturday: 24/7

Jack in the Box Breakfast Menu Items

The Jack in the Box menu offers a complex breakfast menu equivalent to a sampler around the world. With southern style chicken and bold Spanish flavors, breakfast lovers can enjoy a variety of tastes all on one menu.

Meaty burritos and jumbo platters are breakfast favorites among fans, but extreme sausage and waffle sandwiches are definitely dishes to try.

  • Breakfast Jack: $1.39, Combo = $3.39
  • Waffle Breakfast Sandwich: $2.69, Combo = $3.79
  • Grilled Breakfast Sandwich: $3.39, Combo = $4.49
  • Sausage Croissant: $2.89, Combo = $3.99
  • Supreme Croissant: $2.99, Combo = $4.09
  • Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Biscuit: $2.69, Combo = $3.79
  • Extreme Sausage: $3.19, Combo = $4.29
  • Steak & Egg Burrito: $3.49, Combo = $4.59
  • Meaty Burrito: $2.89, Combo = $3.99
  • Ultimate Breakfast: $3.19, Combo = $4.29
  • Jumbo Platter: $3.29, Combo = $4.29
  • Mini Pancakes: $1.00

Jack in the Box’s Favorite Breakfast Foods

Waffle Breakfast Sandwich: Didn’t you know that waffles make perfect sandwich bread? Whether you’re a fan of ham and cheese or bacon and eggs, Jack in the Box will make you want to replace all your sandwiches with syrup-filled waffles.

Ultimate Breakfast: This breakfast is one for the table. Jack in the Box serves up an ultimate breakfast that is nothing short of the word. Complete with pancakes, eggs, bacon, and toast, no one will ever go hungry with this breakfast meal.

Mini Pancakes: It’s a good thing these pancakes are mini, or else some might not be able to clear the plate. Jack in the Box serves eight mini pancakes piled high for fans to enjoy.

Extreme Sausage: For those who love their breakfast meat in the morning, the extreme sausage is just that. Accompanied by fans choice of eggs, bacon, or toast, the extreme sausage is so big that it’s a meal in itself.